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Comment: Ken Livingstone’s indefinite suspension by the Labour Party reveal a litany of lies and broken promises to the Jewish community

It is now nearly two years since Ken Livingstone’s infamous remarks alleging that Hitler “was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing 6,000,000 Jews”, as a result of which, a full year later, on 4th April 2017, he was tapped only lightly on the wrist at a hearing before the Labour Party’s National […]


Tony Greenstein is expelled by the Labour Party, but hundreds of cases are long overdue

Labour activist and Palestine Solidarity Campaign founder Tony Greenstein has been expelled from the Labour Party following a lengthy disciplinary process. Mr Greenstein has been expelled from the Party once before but he was allowed to rejoin. A Labour Party spokesperson said: “The National Constitutional Committee (NCC) of the Labour Party has today found that […]


The Labour Party’s double standard in suspending Jennifer James establishes a new benchmark for its response to allegations of antisemitism

Last week, Campaign Against Antisemitism further exposed the Labour Party’s claims that it “takes all forms of antisemitism seriously” as a lie. We revealed that prominent Labour activist Jennifer James had been suspended by the Party thirteen days after finding herself on one particular side of an ongoing debate concerning the rights of self-defining trans women […]


CAA reveals author and Labour Party activist Daniel Waterman said wearing a Jewish skullcap or star of David is like waving a Nazi flag

We can reveal that author, locksmith, Labour Party member and Momentum activist Daniel Waterman has, for a number of years, been making extensive use of Facebook, posting under the pseudonym “Dolong B Blavats”. As long ago as August 2014, Mr Waterman claimed that “compulsive” behaviour related to the Holocaust was “causing Israelis to behave like […]


Labour Party takes days to suspend Jennifer James for comments on transgender issues, having ignored antisemitism complaint for months

Last Thursday, Jennifer James, a Labour Party member, Jeremy Corbyn enthusiast and Labour Party Conference delegate, who was once nominated for selection as a councillor for Allerton Hunts Cross ward in Garston and Halewood, was sent a letter informing her of her suspension from the Labour Party. Her suspension was for allegedly opposing self-defining transgender women […]


Labour Party’s shortlisted parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye dropped over Facebook posts claiming Holocaust victims “died with dignity” and Palestine is new Warsaw Ghetto

The Labour Party’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye, Michelle Harris, has been dropped from the local Labour Party’s shortlist of candidates following a furore on Twitter about her social media posts. Ms Harris, who is a barrister at London-based law firm One Pump Court, is said to have shared a number of offensive […]


Labour’s Emily Thornberry thinks British Jews need to show “a bit of movement” on antisemitism in the Labour Party

Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry, has said that “We need a bit of movement on both sides”, while attempting to reach out to the Jewish community to counter antisemitism in the Labour Party. In a wide-ranging interview with the Times of Israel during her visit to Israel last week, she said that: “There is clearly […]


Queen’s Park branch of the Labour Party debates whether supporters of genocidal antisemitic terrorist group Hizballah should be allowed in the Party

The Queen’s Park branch of the Labour Party has reportedly heard arguments that members of Hizballah, the genocidal antisemitic terrorist group that seeks the extermination of all Jews worldwide, should be allowed to remain as members of the Party. According to a Labour Party member who tweeted about the debate, the branch was discussing whether Labour […]


Andrew Neil forced to tell former Labour Party Leader Harriet Harman to “be quiet” after she repeats disgusting Holocaust joke live on air

Veteran BBC presenter Andrew Neil was forced to tell former Labour Party Leader Harriet Harman to “be quiet” after she repeated a disgusting Holocaust ‘joke’ live on air. Mr Neil was discussing offensive jokes with his guests on the BBC’s This Week, and the troubles of Michael Gove who apologised for joking about sexual abuse by […]


Scott Nelson who was “removed” from the Labour Party following tweets about “Jewish companies” tells CAA he can apply to rejoin “whether you like it or not”

Scott Nelson, a Labour Party activist with almost 50,000 followers on Twitter, was reportedly “removed” from the Labour Party over a series of tweets about “Jewish companies” in 2015, but he has now told Campaign Against Antisemitism that he can apply to rejoin the Party “whether you like it or not”. In a conversation on Twitter […]


Antisemitic conspiracy theorist Tapash Abu Shaim ran stall at Labour Party Conference and given tour of Parliament by Jeremy Corbyn

The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, reportedly gave a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament to Labour Party member Tapash Abu Shaim, who has a history of allegedly promoting antisemitic conspiracies. Representatives from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) were also reportedly on the tour, which took place on 17th May 2012. In […]


We welcome new rules passed by Labour Party Conference to make it easier to expel antisemites, but now the Party must walk the walk, not just talk the talk

With great reluctance, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has just passed a motion allowing greater sanctions against antisemites in its ranks. However, this welcome change will prove meaningless unless the Party rejects those parts of the whitewash Chakrabarti report that allow for a veil of secrecy to be drawn over all disciplinary proceedings: at present, the Labour […]


Tense scenes and dismay from Jewish delegates at Labour Party Conference as vote awaited on new rules making it easier to expel antisemites from the Party

The atmosphere is tense after an at times raucous debate at the Labour Party Conference on whether to adopt new rules which would make it easier to expel antisemites. Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, of the Jewish Voices for Labour group, said those seeking changes should “be careful”. She also claimed that those promoting the rule change had been […]


“Labour Party Marxists” allege Nazi-Zionist collaboration and urge “counterattack” against allegations of antisemitism in article distributed at Labour Party Conference

Labour Party Marxists have published an article titled “Anti-Zionism does not equal antisemitism” in which they defend Ken Livingstone arguing that “the point he was making about the Nazi regime and Zionism is basically correct”, dedicating an entire section to “Nazi collaboration”. They have reportedly been handing out this article at their stall at the […]


Labour Party Conference will reportedly include a session on the supposed antisemitism “witch hunt”

The Labour Party Conference later this month is reportedly due to include a session labelling the Labour Party’s chronic antisemitism scandal as a “witch hunt”. According to political blog, Guido Fawkes, the session will be entitled “Free speech on Israel – why we oppose the witch hunt” and will be chaired by the notorious Vice Chair of the […]


Ken Livingstone reportedly facing a new investigation by the Labour Party after his claims that “Hitler was supporting Zionism” only resulted in suspension

Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London, is reportedly facing a new disciplinary investigation by the Labour Party over comments he has made since he was suspended from the Party for claiming that Hitler supported Zionism. According to the JC, Labour sources have confirmed to them “that another probe into the former Mayor of London […]


Haringey Council adopts International Definition of Antisemitism amid threats and heckling from “Labour Party members”

<a href=”″>Full Council – Mon, 24th Jul 2017 – 7:30 pm – Haringey Council Webcasting</a> Haringey Council has adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism amid threats and heckling from the public gallery. Council Leader Claire Kober, a Labour Party councillor, proposed a motion to adopt the definition, and the motion was seconded by Gail Engert of […]


Labour Party members and their Nazi beliefs

The antisemitism of the far-left often appears to be a distinct phenomenon — starting with the antisemitism of early Marxists, it later absorbed the antisemitism of Stalin’s Russia. From the 1980s onward, far-left antisemitism has been established as part of a supposedly anti-imperialist position. Elements of the far-left have embraced genocidally antisemitic Islamist movements, and under the cover of so-called identity politics have […]


Racist Labour councillor resigns from Council to avoid CAA disciplinary complaint, but not a single word uttered by the Labour Party

John Clarke, a Labour Councillor and Chairman of Black Notley Parish Council in Essex, who was a parliamentary candidate for Labour in 2015, has tendered his resignation as a councillor after Campaign Against Antisemitism exposed him as a vicious and vile antisemite and instigated disciplinary proceedings with the District Council. Mr Clarke had written a comment on Facebook berating Holocaust victims for ‘not […]


The Labour Party’s antisemitism is laid bare by its decision to drop its investigation into Oxford University Labour Club

As if attempting to inflict more public wounds on its tattered reputation, the once anti-racist Labour Party has today dropped its investigation into the rampant antisemitism at the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC), clearing the two members under investigation. This verdict is an insult to the intelligence of the Jewish community, and adds that insult to the […]


The Labour Party will now keep the outcome of disciplinary cases secret, including the case of Jackie Walker

The Labour Party will no longer reveal the outcomes of disciplinary cases, and will keep the public guessing as to whether Party members such as Jackie Walker are suspended, expelled or even punished at all. The revelation came as Labour began responding to questions about Jackie Walker with the line: “We don’t comment on individuals’ membership […]


Reaction to the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as the Leader of the Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn was today re-elected by Labour members to lead the Labour Party. Yesterday, Campaign Against Antisemitism instigated disciplinary proceedings against Jeremy Corbyn over his promotion of the lie that accusations of antisemitism are dishonest and nefarious. Reacting to the election result, Gideon Falter, Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “The evidence shows that Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly […]


Labour Party refuses to discipline MEP over “Nazi” tweet

Investigators from Campaign Against Antisemitism have discovered an antisemitic tweet by British Labour politician Afzal Khan. On 2nd August 2014, Khan tweeted a link to an article from which he quoted, “The Israeli Government are [sic] acting like Nazi’s [sic] in Gaza.” "The Israeli Government are acting like Nazi's in Gaza." via @wordpressdotcom — Afzal […]


Accusing Jews of plotting against the Labour Party is antisemitic

Over the last few weeks, Jews and non-Jews alike, of all political persuasions, have stepped forward to highlight that the Labour Party has a problem with antisemitism. Jews know what antisemitism is and rightly expect reports of our concerns to be taken seriously. But several individual Labour Party members, including senior figures, have dismissed Jewish […]


Labour Party suspends member who said Holocaust is used as “financial racket”

The Labour Party has reportedly suspended a party member who called the Holocaust a “financial racket” and “a useful political tool”. John McAuliffe, a self-described “foreign affairs heavyweight” who is believed to be based in Dublin, was suspended after posting on his Facebook page: “The Holocaust has been the most useful political tool of the Zionist government in […]


The Labour Party’s antisemitism problem is festering: treat the disease, not just the symptoms, or the patient is doomed

Allegations in today’s Sunday Times and Thursday’s Telegraph have confirmed what we already suspected about the Labour Party’s response to allegations of antisemitism: the party is refusing to deal with the disease. Instead, allegations of antisemitism are ignored, or covered up. Take the case of Sir Gerald Kaufman MP, for example. On 27th October 2015, […]


Labour Party Middle East group cancels event to have been chaired by “Jewish lobby” journalist

Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East has reportedly cancelled an event due to be chaired by Abdel Bari Atwan, who has allegedly made antisemitic comments in the past about Israel and “the Jewish lobby”. Joan Ryan MP, who had campaigned to stop the event told Jewish News: “We welcome LFPME’s recognition of the legitimate concerns about Mr […]


Labour Party fails to confirm whether it will initiate disciplinary proceedings over Sir Gerald Kaufman’s antisemitic speech

Following the antisemitic speech reportedly made by Sir Gerald Kaufman, Campaign Against Antisemitism has contacted the Opposition Chief Whip and the Labour Party Press Office. Additionally our Chairman has made a formal complaint (which must be made in a personal capacity under Parliamentary rules) to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. In its response to CAA, […]


Critics of Jeremy Corbyn dismissed as “extreme Zionists”, Labour Party to “investigate”

Critics of Jeremy Corbyn, who is frontrunner to lead the Labour Party, are being smeared as extremists who are trying to stifle criticism of Israel. Mainstream Jewry’s concerns are neither “extreme” nor anything to do with Israel. As we have written before, we are concerned both by Corbyn’s associations and his many supporters’ apparent indifference […]


UK Equality and Human Rights Commission CEO says Labour antisemitism is so bad that the Party must now prove it is not racist

In an astonishing intervention, the CEO of the United Kingdom’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, Rebecca Hilsenrath, has demanded that the Labour Party prove “that it is not a racist party”. The Equality and Human Rights Commission, whose role was established by the Equality Act 2006, is independent of the Government and is responsible for […]


New CAA research shows antisemitism amongst officials in Labour is eight times worse than any other party

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism has published the initial findings of a comprehensive ongoing research project to track antisemitism amongst office holders in political parties, comprising MPs, peers, councillors, party officers and candidates selected to contest any public election. The International Definition of Antisemitism adopted by the British Government and the College of Policing, and the […]


Labour MP Tulip Siddiq demands “truly independent” inquiry into Party’s antisemitism problem

Newly re-elected Labour MP Tulip Siddiq has demanded a “truly independent” inquiry into the Labour Party’s antisemitism problem when Parliament reconvenes. She also said that she wants Ken Livingstone to be expelled from the Party over his comments that “Hitler was supporting Zionism”. The Labour Party held an infamous whitewash internal review into antisemitism in the […]


Diane Abbott suggests that Labour members accusing the Party of institutional antisemitism are traitors

As though to reinforce the sense of abject denial amongst Jeremy Corbyn’s allies over the Labour Party’s continuing descent into the grip of extreme-left antisemitic conspiracy theorists, Diane Abbott, the Shadow Home Secretary, has claimed that saying that the Party has an antisemitism problem is tantamount to an attack on the Party. Speaking towards the end of BBC […]


Labour Councillor resigns, citing Party’s failure to tackle antisemitism

Michael Inkpin-Leissner, a Labour Councillor who represents Hollingdean and Stanmer on Brighton and Hove City Council, has resigned from the Labour Party over the national leadership’s failure to confront antisemitism and its stance on Europe. Councillor Inkpin-Leissner told Brighton and Hove News: “When I joined the Labour Party it was a centre-left party like the […]


Just another day for racist Labour as antisemitic tweets of Party’s Chair in Hove, Brunswick and Adelaide revealed

Rebecca Massey, the newly-elected Interim Chair of Central Hove, Brunswick and Adelaide Labour Party, is an active user of Twitter. She uses her account, @beckycheabas, to propagate views familiar to those attempting to counter the strain  of antisemitism that masquerades as political discourse about Israel. Whilst most of her tweets are dedicated to the demonisation of […]


Labour Councillor leaves: “As a Jew, I can’t stay in a party that tolerates antisemitism”

The only Labour Councillor in Shepway, Claire Jeffrey, has left the Labour Party, saying: “As a Jew, I can’t stay in a party that tolerates antisemitism.” Shepway District Council leader David Monk added: “She finds the party she knew and loved is no longer there.” Later, writing on the Facebook page of Sussex Friends of Israel, Councillor Jeffrey, […]


Jewish Labour peer resigns, “devastated” by party leadership which “flirts with antisemitism”

Lord Parry Mitchell has announced his resignation from the Labour Party in an anguished article in the Huffington Post, saying that the Party “flirts with antisemitism”. Writing that he felt forced to “divorce” his party, Lord Mitchell said that he was “devastated”. Lord Mitchell cited the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as well as Shami Chakrabarti’s whitewash of a […]


Labour’s Chris Williamson MP looks set to be support act for suspended activist Jackie Walker’s show denying her antisemitism, in defiance of Fiona Onasanya MP who pulled out

Two Labour MPs are currently billed as support acts for a political show by disgraced former Momentum Vice-Chair Jackie Walker, who is currently suspended by the Labour Party over antisemitism allegations. However, one of the MPs has now said that they will not appear. Ms Walker’s show, The Lynching, is her attempt to put across […]


John McDonnell and Labour implausibly attempt to explain away Jeremy Corbyn’s membership of antisemitic Facebook group

Since the publication by blogger David Collier of screenshots showing that Jeremy Corbyn was a participating member in a secret Facebook group in which vehement antisemitism was posted, Mr Corbyn and the Labour Party have attempted to claim that he saw no antisemitism in the group. However, Mr Corbyn repeatedly joined in discussions within the group, even stooping to personally […]


After Unite chief Len McCluskey calls on his followers to mass report it, Twitter suspends account which highlights antisemitism in Labour for using Nazi-era yellow star, calling it “hateful imagery”, then restores it

A Twitter account which highlights antisemitism in the Labour Party was suspended by Twitter, reportedly for using an image of a Holocaust-era yellow star. The suspension of the @GnasherJew account followed an appeal by Unite the Union chief Len McCluskey to report the account to Twitter. Despite this account never previously having been censored by Twitter, […]


Labour MPs Naz Shah, Chris Williamson and Clive Lewis must explain why they attended event organised by members suspended over antisemitism claims

Three Labour MPs, including the Shadow Treasury Minister, have attended an event in Westminster organised by suspended party members accused of antisemitism, the JC has reported. The event was the launch of the Grassroots Black Left (GBL) group, aimed at revitalising black and ethnic minority participation in left wing politics, however the launch was organised by Labour Against […]


Unapologetic Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey claims “right-wing media” is exaggerating Labour’s antisemitism problem

The leader of the UK’s largest trade union, Unite, has claimed that the Labour Party’s ongoing antisemitism crisis is only a problem due to “right-wing media” supposedly exaggerating the issue. Mr McCluskey made the comments last week during a speech for the Resolution Foundation, according to the Daily Telegraph. A major ally of Labour leader […]


Labour leader of Haringey Council to stand down partly in protest over refusal to discipline abuser who told Jewish Councillor “you will have more time to count money” after elections

The Labour leader of Haringey Council has announced her decision to stand down over rampant antisemitism and sexism in the local party. After ten years as leader of the Council, Claire Kober told The Times that she could no longer remain in her post due to the extreme hatred that had been subjected to and witnessed. […]


Christine Shawcroft, Chair of Labour’s Disputes Panel, fails to recuse herself from sitting in judgement of antisemitic “friend”

Last week, Campaign Against Antisemitism was in direct contact with Christine Shawcroft, Momentum’s newly-appointed chair of the Party’s National Executive Committee’s Disputes Panel, requesting that she clarify her position with regard to the case of Tony Greenstein, a notorious antisemite previously expelled from Labour for antisemitism, inexplicably re-admitted, and now re-suspended for antisemitism once more. […]


Labour Against the Witch-Hunt expels member over antisemitism, prompting formation of group against antisemitism witch-hunt within Labour Against the Witch-Hunt

In a strange twist of events, a group set up to protest the expulsion of Labour members for alleged antisemitism has begun expelling members for, antisemitism. Labour Against the Witch-Hunt (LAW) was launched in October 2017 as a group protesting expulsion of Labour party members following antisemitism claims. It swiftly won the support of the […]


Jewish Voice for Labour activist Beverly Krell posts death threats to former Labour Friends of Israel Chair and threats of violence to Jews

Beverly Krell, a Labour Party member based in Cheadle, and a prolific anti-Israel activist, has threatened Jews she has described as “Zio Nazis” with violence, called Israel a “leisure park based on killing Palestinians” and described Zionists as Nazis in recent social media comments, however she has told the Mail on Sunday that her social media accounts were “hacked”. […]


Labour campaigner Daniel Harris reportedly suspended after posting video of councillors wearing Jewish prayer shawls and hats

Daniel Harris, a Labour Party housing campaigner in Brighton and Hove, has reportedly been suspended from the party pending an investigation after posting a Chanukah video on Facebook into which he allegedly added the faces of council leader Warren Morgan and his colleagues, Anne Meadows and Caroline Penn. They are seen wearing the tallit, the […]


Labour activist Laura Stuart reportedly suspended over posts attributed to her, including “Jews love money and are a bunch of crooks”

Labour Party activist, Laura Stuart, a member of the Hendon Labour Party in north west London, has reportedly been suspended from the party pending an investigation after a local councillor linked her to antisemitic posts on Twitter and Facebook, including “All Jews are above the law.” Adam Langleben, a Labour councillor for West Hendon, tweeted that […]


Labour reportedly deselects Nasreen Khan and Billy Wells following investigations into antisemitic comments

The Labour Party has reportedly barred Nasreen Khan and Billy Wells from standing as councillors, following investigations into antisemitic comments. Ms Khan has reportedly been barred from seeking office for the Labour Party following her comments that Hitler was not the “bad guy” and Jews are “playing victims”. She was shortlisted as one of two […]


Labour selects Billy Wells, who defends Ken Livingstone and says “it’s the super rich families of the Zionist lobby that control the world”, as Council candidate

Billy J Wells is an ex-Army musician from Swaffham, in Norfolk. On his Twitter profile he describes himself as a “Wedding and event clarinetist Democratic Socialist and writer Head of PR [at] Prolestar”. He has now expanded his repertoire further to add the role of Labour politician, having proudly announced on 2nd October that he had […]


Priti Patel wanted “to curry favour with Jewish Tory donors” according to unnamed Conservative MP, while Labour’s Lord Falconer suggests Prime Minister risks being “in hock” to foreign power

The resignation of Priti Patel as Secretary of State for International Development has unleashed some disturbing comments, including from politicians and journalists who have carelessly or deliberately evoked sinister stereotypes of powerful Jews. In one article in The Times, Policy Editor, Oliver Wright and Political Editor, Francis Elliott, cited an unnamed senior Conservative MP writing: […]


Attack on Labour councillor who took action against antisemitism receives social media endorsement from Shadow Cabinet Minister Chris Williamson

Shadow Minister Chris Williamson has tweeted a blog article entitled “Revealed: The Labour Party activists behind the ‘antisemitism’ smears”, which he commended as “really interesting”. Despite its grand use of terms such as “raw data” and “the power of weak links”, the article does little more than to insinuate – on the flimsiest of evidence […]


Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East apologises for post on social media proposing a “final solution”

Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East (LFPME) has apologised for an “extremely poor choice of words” after it posted on social media referring to a “final solution.” LFPME published posts on Facebook and Twitter on Monday about Labour’s support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The caption read: “The Labour party’s […]


University of Edinburgh refuses to stop event with Miko Peled, who told Labour event that delegates should be allowed to deny Holocaust

The University of Edinburgh has refused to cancel an event with American-Israeli activist, Miko Peled, who demanded that delegates at the Labour Party Conference this week should have the freedom to engage in debate as to whether the Holocaust actually happened. The event is scheduled for 19:30 today at 50 George Square at Edinburgh University, […]


Ken Livingstone emerges from suspension over antisemitism to say Labour antisemites are just going “over the top when they criticise Israel”

Ken Livingstone, the disgraced former MP and Mayor of London, has entered the furore over antisemitism at the Labour Party Conference. Mr Livingstone is currently serving a suspension from the Party over his repeated claims that “Hitler was supporting Zionism”, however he emerged to tell Talk Radio that claims of antisemitism are merely “distorted” by […]


Brent Council adopts diluted definition of antisemitism after Labour Councillor and fringe Jewish activists conflate antisemitism with criticism of Israel

Brent Council in London has voted in a lengthy meeting to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism, however councillors have overwhelmingly decided to water the definition down, as well as voting that Jewish rights to self-determination should only be recognised alongside Palestinian rights. The decision was strongly opposed by three Jewish residents who said that […]


Chris Williamson MP must apologise and withdraw his claim that antisemitism allegations against Labour are “bulls***” and “dirty tricks”

For some time, it has been undeniable that the Labour Party has lost its status as an anti-racist organisation. Following the Party’s failure to expel Ken Livingstone a full year after his statements claiming that Hitler supported Zionism, 107 of its MPs felt moved to sign a statement declaring: “We stand with the Jewish community […]


Labour selects Councillor Luke Cresswell, who tweeted “Moses must be proud” of supposed genocide, to run in by-election

Labour Councillor Luke Cresswell has been selected as the Labour candidate in the Sudbury South by-election. In the past, we have highlighted Councillor Creswell’s disturbing tweets, but rather than being disciplined by the Labour Party, it appears that Councillor Cresswell enjoys the Party’s continuing support. In one, he tweeted a blood-drenched Israeli flag accusing Israel of […]


Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour MP for Kemptown, reportedly defends Melanie Melvin’s claim that “Israeli lobby” faked Syrian sarin gas attack

The Argus, based in Brighton and Hove, in East Sussex, has revealed that newly-elected Labour MP for Kemptown, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, has allegedly called for Labour activist Melanie Melvin to be reinstated to the Labour Party despite her claim that the BBC faked footage of a Syrian gas attack at the behest of the “Israeli lobby”. On […]


Woman outside Borehamwood polling station filmed chanting “Vote Labour, let’s get the Jews out” at voters

A woman outside a Borehamwood polling station has been filmed chanting: “Vote Labour, let’s get the Jews out” as voters simply walk past her. The video has not been released publicly. Michelle Vince, the leader of the local Hertsmere Labour Group, has made a complaint to the police. She told the Borehamwood Times: “We are horrified and shocked that […]


Labour suspends blogger who allegedly demanded to know if BBC interviewer was a “Zionist” after Corbyn’s performance is ridiculed

Labour member Phillip Jones has reportedly been suspended by the Labour Party pending investigation over a tweet in which he allegedly demanded to know whether a BBC interviewer was a “Zionist”. BBC journalist Emma Barnett had just interviewed Jeremy Corbyn on Woman’s Hour, during which she repeatedly asked him to give the costs of the Labour Party’s childcare […]


Jeremy Corbyn adviser Tim Lezard questions whether security for British Jews should continue due to “Israel bombing Gaza”, Labour calls it a “staffing matter”

Political website Guido Fawkes has revealed a series of antisemitic tweets by Tim Lezard, a new advisor to Labour Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, on relations with trade unions. In one tweet, Lezard implies that Jews should be left to face rising antisemitism without security because he opposed an Israeli military operation in Gaza, asking: “When antisemitism rises as a result of Israel […]


Melanie Melvin leaves Labour after claiming “Sarin gassing was filmed by the BBC at Pinewood on the orders of Mrs May and the Israeli lobby”

Labour activist, Melanie Melvin, who was elected Women’s Officer of the Brighton Kemptown Constituency Labour Party earlier this year, has reportedly left the Labour Party after antisemitic tweets allegedly appeared on her Twitter account. According to a report in the JC, “Labour has confirmed that an activist who sent anti-Israel and anti-Jewish tweets is no […]


Labour candidate Terry Couchman reportedly suspended for posts attacking “ZioNazi Final Solution” and “Jewish Organisations”

Terry Couchman, a Labour Party candidate for the Lyneham Ward in Wiltshire, appears to have been suspended by the Party over alleged antisemitic tweets and Facebook posts, including repeated references to “ZioNazis”. Before setting his Twitter account to keep his tweets private temporarily, an account using his name tweeted: “Suspended by the Labour Party for criticisms of ZioNazis. To minimise […]


Labour Councillor Luke Cresswell defends tweets of blood-drenched Israeli flag captioned “Moses must be proud of you”, cartoon showing Israelis as Nazis

Labour Councillor Luke Cresswell has defended his decision to tweet antisemitic images, saying that “it is nothing to do with religion”, but his tweets contradict him. In one, he tweeted a blood-drenched Israeli flag accusing Israel of genocide, captioned “Moses must be proud of you”. In another tweet, he uses a cartoon to portray Israelis […]


Labour and Conservative candidates deselected in Birmingham after separately opining about Jewish conspiracies

Both the Labour and Conservative candidates in Birmingham’s Hall Green ward have been deselected by their parties after they both separately opined on social media about Jewish conspiracies. The Conservative Party’s candidate, Obaid Khan, hit out at “Jew agents” and accusing a “Jewish lobby” of paying Twitter users he disagreed with. A Conservative spokesman told […]


Labour candidate who shared antisemitic posts on Facebook says that scrutiny constitutes “intrusion and misrepresentation”

Alison Gove-Humphries, who has been selected to stand for Labour in Birmingham City Council’s Hall Green by-election in May, has been exposed for sharing antisemitic posts promoting conspiracy myths on her Facebook account. She shared articles putting forward the conspiracy myths that Israel is the “key link in exporting ISIS oil” and that the “Israel lobby manufactured […]


Jackie Walker referred to Labour’s National Consitutional Committee over Holocaust Memorial Day comments

Disgraced Labour activist, Jackie Walker, who is currently suspended from the Labour Party, has had her case referred to the party’s National Consitutional Committee (NCC). The 11-member NCC has the power to expel individuals from the party. Walker was suspended by Labour in September 2016 following comments she made about Holocaust Memorial Day at the […]


Councillor suspended by Labour after performing Nazi salute in budget debate

Councillor Jonny Morris, 49, a Labour Party Councillor on Plymouth City Council, has been suspended from the Labour Party after he was caught on camera giving a Nazi salute during a budget meeting in Devon. Councillor Tudor Evans, leader of the Plymouth Labour group, confirmed that Councillor Morris had been suspended while the matter was investigated. He said […]


Racist Labour’s Councillor Clarke found berating Holocaust victims for not fighting back

John Clarke, a Labour Councillor and Chairman of Black Notley Parish Council in Essex, who was a parliamentary candidate for Labour in 2015, has been found to have posted a comment on Facebook berating Holocaust victims for ‘not fighting back’. Despite being an unarmed civilian population facing the might of Nazi Germany’s genocidal forces, Jews famously did mount fierce rebellions and […]


Today in racist Labour, a Councillor tweets that “antisemite smear” is being used to “expand their power base”

John Clarke, a Labour Councillor and Chairman of Black Notley Parish Council in Essex, has tweeted an image claiming that the Rothschild family, a Jewish family of bankers and philanthropists, has “used usury alongside modern Israel as an imperial instrument to take over the world and all of its resources, including you and I”. The image […]


Another antisemite readmitted to Labour with a “warning” sparking angry response from local members

The Labour Party has readmitted Terence Flanagan to the Party with a “final warning” after he claimed that Israeli secret intelligence service Mossad was behind a plot to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, and sent a message to members in which he said supporters of Israel were “polluting” the Labour Party. The decision to readmit Flanagan was taken by the Labour Party […]


Corbyn’s hypocrisy exposed yet again by Labour’s latest stealthy readmission of suspended antisemite

Three weeks ago, on 12th December, Jeremy Corbyn publicly stated that he and the Labour Party accepted the International Definition of Antisemitism, as adopted by the government. Yet it has now been reported that Labour has quietly allowed the virulently antisemitic Labour councillor Ilyas Aziz back into the Labour Party after gross breaches of that […]


Senior Labour activist claims Israel has “inflicted” and “exploited” the Holocaust

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Vice Chair of the Chingford branch of the Chingford and Woodford Green Constituency Labour Party, and the founder of Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, has taken to the airwaves to say that Israel has “inflicted” the Holocaust on other people and “they use and exploit” the Holocaust for political ends. She said: “When it comes to the Holocaust, […]


Home Affairs Select Committee criticises Labour, Twitter, NUS, police and others in major report, and adopts CAA recommendations

The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee today publishes its report following its inquiry into the rise of antisemitism in Britain. We could not have said it better ourselves: we are pleased to see that the Select Committee has listened to Campaign Against Antisemitism and that the report firmly endorses measures we have been calling for for two years. […]


Labour activist reported for demanding ‘Jews’ apologise for slave trade

Self-described “Labour activist” Kevine Walcott has subjected a Channel 4 interviewer and the Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust to a tirade on Twitter, claiming that Jews should apologise for the slave trade. The incident took place as Channel 4’s Cathy Newman interviewed disgraced Corbyn ally Jackie Walker over remarks she had made about Jews and […]


Jackie Walker removed from post but remains Momentum and Labour member

Disgraced Labour Party activist Jackie Walker has been removed from her post as Vice-Chair of influential pro-Corbyn campaigning group Momentum following remarks in which she criticised Holocaust Memorial Day and counter-terrorism security at Jewish schools. In a statement, Momentum said that its Steering Committee had voted to remove Walker, but claimed that she had not […]


Labour MP fights back tears as activist accuses Jewish MP of staging antisemitic incident

Labour MP Alison McGovern became visibly emotional today when a senior Labour activist claimed that a Jewish Labour MP had staged an antisemitic incident as a means to attack Jeremy Corbyn. The activist who made the claim, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, is Vice Chair of the Chingford branch of the Chingford and Woodford Green Constituency Labour Party, and the founder of Jews […]


‘Let’s discuss it next year’: Labour Conference will not consider new antisemitism rules this year

The Labour Party’s National Executive Committee has decided that the Labour Party Conference should not vote on new rules that would enable the party to more easily expel antisemitic members. The Party has been plagued by an ongoing antisemitism crisis which is being excruciatingly badly handled by the Party’s institutions and leadership. Campaign Against Antisemitism […]


Flyers at Labour Conference demand expulsion of Jewish Labour Movement

Flyers distributed at the Labour Party Conference have called for the expulsion of the Jewish Labour Movement from the Party. The flyers charge that the Jewish affiliate of the Labour Party is using trumped up accusations of antisemitism as a cynical ploy to attack Jeremy Corbyn, motivated by an overriding loyalty to “a foreign power, Israel.” The flyers […]

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