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CAA Chairman writes in Jewish Chronicle, Jewish News and Jewish Telegraph explaining our Antisemitism Barometer research

Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Chairman, Gideon Falter, has this week written articles in the Jewish Chronicle, Jewish News and Jewish Telegraph, explaining the results of our Antisemitism Barometer research, which were misrepresented by some who claimed that we were expecting almost a third of the UK’s 269,000 Jews to leave the country imminently. If you would like to voice […]


Annual Antisemitism Barometer Published

The Annual Antisemitism Barometer is the largest study of its kind. It reveals both the scale of antisemitic sentiment in Britain, and its effect on the increasingly-threatened British Jewish population. Whilst antisemitism in Britain is not yet at the levels seen in most of Europe, the results of our survey should be a wakeup call. […]


“The unresolved crisis of antisemitism nearly cost us our soul”, says Jewish former MP Ruth Smeeth of Labour in stinging rebuke of Jeremy Corbyn

The Jewish former Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, has declared of her Party that “the unresolved crisis of antisemitism nearly cost us our soul” in a stinging rebuke of the Party’s outgoing leader, Jeremy Corbyn, of whom she said: “his failure on anti-Jewish racism will rightly forever tarnish his reputation – and those around him in […]


Disappointment as Boris Johnson praises Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at his last PMQs without reference to the fear he instilled in British Jews

At yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, which was Jeremy Corbyn’s last as leader of the Labour Party, Boris Johnson praised the Leader of the Opposition without referencing his antisemitism and the fear he instilled in British Jews. The Prime Minister said: “I wish to pay tribute to [Mr Corbyn] for his service to party and country […]


Brighton and Hove Labour councillor apologises and resigns leadership role pending investigation over potentially antisemitic protest

A Labour councillor in Brighton and Hove has apologised for calling Israel a “racist” state and has resigned from her role as deputy housing chairwoman and rough sleeping chief pending an investigation. Pictures have emerged showing Nichole Brennan holding a sign calling Israel a “racist, apartheid state” in a protest two years ago at Hove […]


New Corbyn-backed chair of Labour’s disputes panel, Yasmine Dar, does not believe Labour has an institutional antisemitism problem, even as her brother is suspended

The new chair of the Labour Party’s disputes panel does not believe that the Party has a problem of institutional antisemitism, even as her brother is suspended over antisemitism allegations. Yasmine Dar, a councillor in Manchester and member of Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC), was elected this week to head up the Party’s disputes […]


Green Party co-leader and mayoral candidate Sian Berry expresses “frustration” that her party still hasn’t adopted International Definition of Antisemitism

The Green Party co-leader and mayoral candidate, Sian Berry, has expressed her “frustration” that her Party has still not adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism. Speaking at a campaign briefing for the Jewish community, Ms Berry observed that motions to adopt the Definition have been placed before the Party’s conference twice, but blamed the failure […]


Leading journalist Robert Peston says Labour antisemitism so “toxic” he feels the need to declare that he’s a Jew before reporting on it

A leading journalist has revealed that Labour’s antisemitism crisis is so “toxic” that he feels he must declare that he is Jewish before reporting on it. Robert Peston, ITV’s political editor, made the remark at the annual Cudlipp Lecture, saying that “in the current febrile political climate, it matters – and I say this with […]


Labour members dismiss antisemitism in new poll but it persists in the Party at national and local levels and on social media

An overwhelming majority of Labour members believe that the problem of antisemitism in the Party is either exaggerated or simply non-existent, according to a new poll. The survey, conducted by YouGov for The Mail on Sunday, showed that 53 percent of Labour members believe that the problem of antisemitism in the Party has been exaggerated […]


SNP readmits Neale Hanvey MP following sanction, training and apology to Jewish community, in positive example of rehabilitation

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is understood to be preparing to readmit Neale Hanvey, a candidate who was suspended by the Party during the General Election after his historic antisemitic social media posts came to light. Mr Hanvey was the SNP’s parliamentary candidate for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath in the 2019 General Election, but during the […]


London Labour Councillor demands removal of zero-tolerance clause in antisemitism motion as Livingstone defender narrowly loses selection vote

Antisemitism problems are persisting in the Labour Party, including in the capital, as a Haringey Labour Councillor has told Tottenham’s Constituency Labour Party to drop a “zero-tolerance” clause from an antisemitism motion it was debating. Meanwhile in Brent and Harrow, a defender of Ken Livingstone missed out on being selected as its candidate for the […]


Frontrunner for BAME representative on Labour’s ruling NEC reportedly suspended for antisemitic social media post

The frontrunner for the position of BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) representative on the Labour Party’s ruling body has reportedly been suspended for posting an allegedly antisemitic cartoon on social media. Mehmood Mirza, the vice chair of the West Ham branch of the Labour Party, was considered the favourite for election to the post on […]


Conspiracy theorist group showcases convergence of far-left, including former Labour members, with far-right to promote antisemitism

Infiltration of a conspiracy theorist group has revealed a convergence of the far-left, including former Labour members, with the far-right, which come together to promote antisemitism. Among those who have reportedly attended meetings of the Keep Talking group are: notorious antisemite and Holocaust denier Alison Chabloz, who became a Labour Party supporter in 2015 and […]


Fifth of Europeans think “Jews exploit Holocaust victimhood for their own needs” and that a Jewish cabal rules the world

A new survey has found that a fifth of Europeans think that “Jews exploit Holocaust victimhood for their own needs” and that a Jewish cabal rules the world. The survey was conducted by the European Jewish Association in December 2019 and presented at the organisation’s conference in Paris this week, at which Campaign Against Antisemitism […]


Former Labour activist to be prosecuted over alleged “rid the Jews” comments is named, but prosecutors reduced charges on other offenders so that it is now too late to prosecute

The former Labour activist who has been charged by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) after Campaign Against Antisemitism reported a leaked secret Labour dossier to the Metropolitan Police live on LBC has been named. According to a source, Mohson Rasool, a 60-year-old from Hollybank Road, Birmingham, commented on Facebook that “We shall rid the Jews […]


CAA considering private prosecution and judicial review after CPS refuses to charge four Labour activists over incitement to racial hatred and says it will now only prosecute one

The Metropolitan Police Service has informed Campaign Against Antisemitism that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will only charge one of the Labour Party activists reported by Campaign Against Antisemitism over antisemitism. The decision comes well over a year after Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Chief Executive, Gideon Falter, referred an 86-page secret internal Labour Party dossier of […]


John McDonnell shamefully downplays Dreyfus Trial antisemitism in comparison with Julian Assange’s legal woes

The Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, has shamefully downplayed the antisemitism at the heart of the Dreyfus Trial in his advocacy of the controversial activist Julian Assange. Mr Assange, who heads the Wikileaks website, is facing extradition proceedings to the United States after spending years in refuge at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Referring to the […]


Largest Facebook group supporting Labour leadership candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey reportedly replete with antisemitic material

The largest Facebook group supporting the Labour leadership candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey is reportedly replete with antisemitic material. The We Support Rebecca Long-Bailey group currently has 6,683 members, apparently including the new Labour MP, Tahir Ali, who is one of only three sitting MPs not to have signed up to the International Definition of Antisemitism; three […]


Labour Party expels councillor who said “Jewish leaders are worse than Nazis” after brief suspension

The Labour Party has expelled a councillor who said that “Jewish leaders are worse than Nazis” after suspending him last month. Andy Kay, who has also referenced “Zionists’ attempts to influence our political processes” and added for good measure that those supposed efforts were “racist”, had been serving as a cabinet member for finance and […]


“Jew process” Labour councillor Jo Bird has second suspension lifted within days, clearing way for her to run for Party’s ruling body

The controversial Labour councillor, Jo Bird, has had her second suspension from the Party lifted within days, clearing the way for her to run for the Party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC). She is apparently considered to be a frontrunner in the race to become a Constituency Labour Party representative on the NEC. This was […]


Anticipating EHRC report, Labour moves to expel 25 members in one day, while news also emerges of yet another troubling figure vying to join Party’s ruling body

The Labour Party has reportedly expelled 25 members in a single day, as it tries to compensate for years of lacklustre disciplinary enforcement before the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) publishes its report later this year. The EHRC launched a full statutory investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party on 28th May 2019 following […]


Labour leadership hustings for Jewish community sheds light on candidates’ records and positions on antisemitism

The issue of antisemitism dominated the Labour leadership hustings in London yesterday, which was organised by the Party’s Jewish affiliate and moderated by the Jewish journalist Robert Peston. In her introductory remarks, Dame Margaret Hodge MP, who is Jewish, said that antisemitism “hasn’t just penetrated the Labour Party but has chronically infected our Labour Party,” […]


Exposed: Show Racism The Red Card CEO Ged Grebby’s persistent dismissal of Labour Party antisemitism despite his role heading charity meant to fight racism

The CEO of the charity Show Racism the Red Card is revealed to have a troubling social media history of belittling antisemitism in the Labour Party, whose antisemitic leader, Jeremy Corbyn, he openly backs. Ged Grebby’s Twitter history includes the following posts, demonstrating a pattern of downplaying anti-Jewish racism — precisely the opposite sentiment that […]


Recent developments in Labour’s leadership primary provide insight into how candidates might approach Party’s antisemitism crisis

Recent developments in Labour’s leadership primary provide some insight into how candidates might approach the Party’s antisemitism crisis. Rebecca Long-Bailey’s candidacy has polarised her colleagues, with some defenders of Jeremy Corbyn’s record, such as John McDonnell and Ian Lavery, endorsing her, while others are concerned at the prospect of her assuming the Party’s top job. […]


Lord Mann says Jeremy Corbyn’s inaction led to growth of antisemitism and not enough people are challenging it

Lord Mann has opined that “Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of action as Labour leader led to a growth of antisemitism on the Left,” adding that “there’s also virulent antisemitism on the Right.” Lord Mann, who serves as the Government’s independent advisor on antisemitism, lamented that “not enough people are challenging antisemitism. We need to be more […]


“You did nothing” on antisemitism, says former MP Ruth Smeeth to Labour’s deputy leadership candidates in blistering attack at hustings

The Jewish former Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, delivered a blistering rebuke to candidates for the Party’s deputy leadership post at a hustings, telling them that when it came to antisemitism, “you did nothing”. In fact, she even claimed that some of the candidates “shouted at me for raising” the scandal of antisemitism in the Party, […]


Poll shows nearly three quarters of Labour members think antisemitism in the Party was invented or wildly exaggerated but still thought leadership should have handled it better

Nearly three quarters of Labour members said that the issue of antisemitism in the Party was “invented or wildly exaggerated by the right-wing media and opponents of Jeremy Corbyn”, according to a new poll by Lord Ashcroft. That number rose to over 90% among members of the pro-Corbyn Momentum group. Nevertheless, most of those Labour […]


Labour councillor suspended for claiming George Michael’s music career was damaged by his opposition to “illegal wars by the Zionists”

A Labour councillor has reportedly been suspended for claiming on social media that George Michael’s music career was damaged by his opposition to “illegal wars by the Zionists”. Lyn Boyd, who serves on the Durham County Council and is the cabinet support member for finance, was accused of promoting a “wide range of antisemitic tropes […]


John McDonnell’s Labour Representation Committee supporting formerly suspended councillor who talked about “Jew process” for seat on party’s ruling body

A controversial councillor is reportedly being backed to join Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee by the far-left group, the Labour Representation Committee. Jo Bird, Labour and Co-operative Councillor for the Bromborough Ward on Wirral Council has previously been suspended from the Labour Party and given a formal warning, apparently after joking about renaming ‘due process’ […]


Labour Party expels member who claimed Jewish TV personality Rachel Riley “prostituted your religion” and was “poisoning the memory of your ancestors”

The Labour Party has expelled a member who claimed that the Jewish TV personality and anti-extremism campaigner, Rachel Riley, “prostituted your religion” and was “poisoning the memory of your ancestors”. Bob James, a Labour member from Wales, was suspended in March 2019 in connection with tweets about Ms Riley, including that “Judaism is a religion […]


Jeremy Corbyn’s Chief of Staff Karie Murphy deemed “completely unfit” for peerage, but over allegations of bullying rather than Labour antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn’s Chief of Staff, Karie Murphy, has been deemed “completely unfit” for a peerage by the House of Lords Appointments Commission, which considers appointments to the upper chamber, after Mr Corbyn nominated her. However, the Commission’s conclusion was reportedly based on accusations of bullying rather than Labour antisemitism. Ms Murphy is accused by staff […]


Labour suspends councillor who said “Jewish leaders are worse than Nazis” and referenced “Zionists’ attempts to influence our political processes”

The Labour Party has suspended a councillor who said that “Jewish leaders are worse than Nazis” and referenced “Zionists’ attempts to influence our political processes”, adding for good measure that those supposed efforts were “racist”. Andy Kay, who had been serving as a cabinet member for finance and governance on Darwen Council in Lancashire, has […]


Labour’s Afzal Khan claimed he was “mortified” for “accidentally” sharing antisemitic social media post but didn’t remove it for six months after apologising

The Labour MP, Afzal Khan, who claimed that he was “mortified” for “accidentally” sharing an antisemitic social media post, nonetheless did not remove the post for six months after apologising. Mr Khan, who serves as the Shadow Immigration Minister, said that he was “sincerely sorry about this genuine accident” when it was revealed last year […]


Unite’s Len McCluskey continues to claim that Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents used antisemitism to undermine him

Len McCluskey, the head of the powerful Unite union, has claimed that antisemitism allegations were used to “undermine” the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, Mr McCluskey, who is a major backer of Mr Corbyn, called Mr Corbyn’s critics who supposedly exploited antisemitism to undermine the Labour leader “despicable”.  He said: […]


Sheffield branch of University and College Union under fire from Holocaust survivor for inappropriate Holocaust Memorial Day event

The Sheffield branch of the University and College Union (UCU) has been criticised for holding an event to mark Holocaust Memorial Day featuring a controversial Jewish academic who holds unrepresentative views regarding the International Definition of Antisemitism. The event was in fact billed as an evaluation of the Definition. The speaker was Brian Klug, a […]


The Holocaust “makes us see how quickly political rhetoric and posturing can become murder,” says independent London Mayoral candidate Rory Stewart

Rory Stewart has described the significance of Holocaust Memorial Day as “eternal”, and that the Holocaust “shines a light on how even in perceived metropolis liberal cities…scapegoating, racism and prejudice can result in the greatest of human horrors. It makes us see how seemingly ordinary people can evolve into an evil kind. It makes us […]


All MPs sign up to International Definition of Antisemitism, except Labour’s Graham Stringer, Tahir Ali, Andy McDonald and Grahame Morris

All Members of Parliament have reportedly signed up to the International Definition of Antisemitism, with the exception of Labour’s Graham Stringer, Tahir Ali, Andy McDonald and Grahame Morris, apparently “despite repeated attempts to contact them,” according to the All Party Group Against Antisemitism, which organised the campaign. Sinn Fein’s seven MPs, who do not take […]


Andrew Percy, leader of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Antisemitism, faults both major parties for “disgusting rise in antisemitic tropes”

Andrew Percy, the MP who leads the All Party Parliamentary Group on Antisemitism, has criticised both major parties for tolerating a “disgusting rise in antisemitism tropes”. Speaking last week during the Holocaust Memorial Day debate in the House of Commons, Mr Percy warned the Conservatives, of which he is a member, against engaging in conspiracies involving the […]


Scandal erupts at pro-Corbyn MP Sam Tarry’s local branch, where senior JVL members who originally nominated him as Labour candidate submit an antisemitic motion which he fails to condemn

A scandal has erupted at the Party branch of the new pro-Corbyn MP, Sam Tarry. Last week, at the Cranbrook and Valentines branch of the Labour Party in Mr Tarry’s Ilford South constituency, a motion was carried declaring that there was “no antisemitism in the Labour Party” and attacking the Board of Deputies of British […]


Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives impassioned condemnation of the endurance of antisemitism in our time

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has given an impassioned condemnation of antisemitism in comments to Parliament. Responding to a question in the House of Commons about marking Holocaust Memorial Day with action rather than mere signatures in books, Mr Johnson expressed his desire to do “absolutely everything we can to stamp out the resurgence of […]


Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy pledges to implement all EHRC recommendations and calls for suspension of activist Rachael Cousins

Lisa Nandy, a candidate for the Labour leadership, has pledged to implement any and all recommendations made in due course by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in its full statutory investigation into the antisemitism in the Labour Party. The EHRC launched the investigation on 28th May 2019, following a formal referral and detailed […]


Labour withdraws Ofcom complaint about Panorama expose of Party’s antisemitism

The Labour Party has apparently withdrawn its complaint to Ofcom over the Panorama investigation into antisemitism in the Party, which Labour had claimed was a “one-sided authored polemic”. Ofcom has also dismissed all other bias complaints made over the programme. In the episode, which was titled “Is Labour Antisemitic?” and televised in July, former Labour […]


Pressure builds on CPS to decide whether to charge arrested Labour activists following referral of case to the Met by CAA and LBC

Pressure is building on the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to come to a charging decision in the cases of the Labour activists arrested by police in connection with antisemitism in the Party. The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, recently revealed that six arrests were made in connection with a secret dossier compiled by […]


Jewish Voice for Labour activist who described Jewish organisations as being “in the gutter” to address Holocaust Memorial Day event organised by Socialist Workers Party

Glyn Secker, who said that Jewish organisations are “in the gutter” and “part of the problem”, will reportedly be addressing a Holocaust Memorial Day event organised by the Socialist Workers Party. Mr Secker, who is the Secretary of the the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, Jewish Voice for Labour, is one of three […]


Lord Mann praises British electorate for rejecting “the extremism of antisemitism” in debut speech in House of Lords

Lord Mann, the Government’s independent advisor on antisemitism, has praised the innate decency of the British people after they rejected “the extremism of antisemitism” in the general election. He observed that the “true face of this country and the true story of the election is this: in Derby North, Christopher Williamson [the disgraced former Labour […]


Labour MP Bridget Phillipson says she felt “compromised” by staying in the party despite antisemitism, yet incidents of Jew-baiting among Labour activists continue

A Labour MP has described the Party’s antisemitism scandal as a “terrible stain” and admitted that it made her “feel compromised in staying at times”. Bridget Phillipson, the MP for Houghton and Sunderland South, disclosed to the The House magazine that “it was very difficult and it’s a source of immense regret to me that […]


Local Labour branch accused of bullying Luciana Berger will now debate affiliation to the antisemitism-denial group, Jewish Voice for Labour

The local Labour branch in Liverpool Wavertree, which has been accused of bullying its former Jewish MP, Luciana Berger, is to debate affiliating to Jewish Voice for Labour. The motion to be debated reads: “Wavertree CLP [Constituency Labour Party] agrees to affiliate to the socialist and anti-racist organisation Jewish Voice For Labour at the earliest […]


Former Labour councillor and parliamentary candidate accuses Jewish MP Margaret Hodge of trading on the Holocaust and suggests former deputy leader Tom Watson was in the pay of Israel’s Likud Party

It has been revealed that a former Labour councillor and parliamentary candidate has published numerous social media comments accusing Jewish Labour MP Margaret Hodge of trading on the Holocaust and suggesting former deputy leader Tom Watson and principled Labour defector Ian Austin were in the pay of Israel’s Likud Party. Bob Pandy, who is still […]


Rebecca Long Bailey showed “very little awareness” of issues important to Jewish community and defended Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism claims

It has emerged that the Labour frontbencher and leadership hopeful Rebecca Long Bailey addressed an event in Manchester just months after her election as an MP in 2015 in which she showed “very little awareness” of issues important to the Jewish community, dismissed claims that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and promised to […]


CAA’s Gideon Falter confronts Labour MP Afzal Khan at Chanukah party over historic antisemitic social media posts

Afzal Khan has been confronted at a Chanukah party over his historic antisemitic social media posts. Gideon Falter, the chief executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, asked the Labour MP for Manchester Gorton why he had shared a post in 2015, when he was an MEP, that referred to “mass murdering Rothschilds israeli Mafia Criminal Liars” […]


Poll shows 39% of Brits believe Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and 47% believe Labour has an antisemitism problem

A representative poll of the British population conducted prior to the general election showed that 39% of respondents believe that Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and that 47% believe that the Labour Party has an antisemitism problem. The poll of 12,147 was commissioned from Deltapoll by a Jewish charity and conducted between 29th November and […]


Chris Williamson says “manufactured antisemitism allegations” are part of “assault on our democracy” by a “hostile foreign government” to “normalise Zionism”

The disgraced former Labour MP, Chris Williamson, described his erstwhile Party’s institutional antisemitism as “manufactured” and part of an “assault on our democracy” by a “hostile foreign government” to “normalise Zionism in the Labour Party”. Mr Williamson made the comments in a video explaining the outcome of his legal case regarding his three suspensions from […]


Over fifty Jewish Cambridge professors and students pen article describing the “social cost of speaking out” against antisemitism after Jewish students inundated with Labour leaflets

Fifty Jewish professors and students at the University of Cambridge have written an article protesting the political Left’s belittling of antisemitism and dismissal of their concerns. The endorsers of the article include Prof. Simon Sebag Montefiore, Prof. David Abulafia and Daniel Janner QC. The intervention was prompted by a campaign event featuring the (successful) Labour […]


Ken Loach says claims about Jeremy Corbyn’s antisemitism are “lies” and defers to apparent JVL claim that antisemitism was “weaponised”

The controversial filmmaker, Ken Loach, has suggested that Jeremy Corbyn was subjected to a “torrent of abuse” and that regardless of what he did, the “campaign” of antisemitism accusations was “going to run and run”. Mr Loach made the remarks in an interview on the BBC in the wake of Labour’s election defeat. Asked how […]


France’s leading left-wing politician, Jean-Luc Melenchon, calls Labour antisemitism claims “baseless” and suggests “Likud networks” were behind Jeremy Corbyn’s election defeat

France’s leading left-wing politician, Jean-Luc Melenchon, has weighed in on the UK’s general election, claiming that one of the reasons that Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn lost the election was “baseless accusations of antisemitism” and “the various influence networks of the Likud”, Israel’s ruling party. Mr Melenchon published his analysis in French on Facebook, where it caused […]


CAA joins eighty-eight Lords in calling for Jenny Tonge to withdraw her disgraceful claim that the “pro-Israel lobby won our General Election by lying about Jeremy Corbyn”

Eighty-eight members of the House of Lords have published a letter in The Daily Telegraph condemning remarks on Facebook by the disgraced peer, Jenny Tonge, following the general election. Baroness Tonge posted on Facebook an article detailing the Simon Wiesenthal’s labelling of Jeremy Corbyn as the world’s worst antisemite and commented, alluding also to the […]


Watch Michael Gove tell Jewish community “You should never have to live in fear again” as Britain rejects of politics of hate

Relief in the Jewish community is palpable after the country resoundingly rejected the politics of hate. Conservative frontbencher Michael Gove gave a powerful reassurance to the Jewish community this morning, declaring that Britain has “comprehensively rejected Jeremy Corbyn’s politics of division, extremism and antisemitism”, adding that “I also want to say something to a very […]


CAA statement as British public resoundingly decides to stand with its Jewish community and reject antisemites

Over the past several years, the Jewish community has watched the descent of the Labour Party into abject racism with horror. The Party twice elected an antisemitic leader and subjected the nation to a racist Leader of the Opposition. Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Labour has become institutionally antisemitic, defending antisemites and victimising those who stood […]


Diehard supporters of Jeremy Corbyn turn their attention to the world’s oldest scapegoat

Britain has resoundingly rejected the politics of hate, albeit that millions still backed an institutionally antisemitic political party. However, the Jewish community must now brace itself for a potential backlash. Campaign Against Antisemitism has urged the Jewish community to be vigilant in case, as has happened so often in Jewish history and as the last […]


Poll says 16% of 2017 Labour voters wavered this time because of antisemitism as another poll claims Labour’s leadership was the main issue driving ‘defection’

A Deltapoll commissioned shortly before the election found that 16 percent of 2017 Labour voters were wavering about voting for the Labour Party again because of antisemitism. The fieldwork, with a very large sample size of 12,147 in England, Scotland and Wales, was carried out by Deltapoll from 29th November to 2nd December. Among all […]


Jewish students face torrent of antisemitic abuse at Labour rally in Bristol, with one student violently assaulted

A Jewish student has told Campaign Against Antisemitism of how he was violently assaulted at a Labour Party rally. The student attended a Labour Party rally yesterday in Bristol carrying a placard stating that Jeremy Corbyn is a racist, in order to highlight the issue of Labour antisemitism and Mr Corbyn’s culpability in the Party’s […]


“Let’s annihilate them all”: Leaked documents show rampant antisemitism in Labour and disciplinary processes unfit for purpose

Leaked documents show that antisemitism is rampant in the Labour Party and that its disciplinary processes are unfit for purpose. Notwithstanding Jeremy Corbyn’s claims to the contrary, many cases have resulted in lenient sanctions, if any. Several newspapers have highlighted a handful of alarming cases, a selection of which are summarised below. One Labour Party […]


Some antisemitic Labour members got “lesser sanctions”, according to Channel 4, as it again disputes Corbyn’s claims about how the Party has dealt with antisemitism

Channel 4’s fact checker has again disputed Jeremy Corbyn’s claims about Labour’s disciplinary processes, claiming that some members were reportedly given “lesser sanctions” for expressions of antisemitism. Channel 4 suggests that this contradicts Mr Corbyn’s insistence that “where anyone has committed any antisemitic acts or made any antisemitic statements, they are either suspended or expelled […]


Over one hundred Liverpudlians sign letter condemning antisemitism and the abandonment of the city’s two Jewish MPs

Over one hundred Liverpudlians have signed a letter condemning antisemitism and the abandonment of the city’s two Jewish MPs, Luciana Berger and Dame Louise Ellman. The letter reads: “Liverpool has a proud history of mobilising against racism and a proud history of solidarity with the victims of racism. Over the past few years we have […]


New Statesman declines to endorse Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism

The leading left-wing political journal, the New Statesman, has, unusually, declined to endorse the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism. In an editorial the magazine read: “the essential judgement that must be made is on Mr Corbyn himself. His reluctance to apologise for the antisemitism in Labour and to take a stance […]


Labour’s Barry Gardiner denies Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic, merely critical of Israel’s politics

Labour frontbencher Barry Gardiner has said that Jeremy Corbyn and the Party have been wrongly accused of antisemitism, and that the Labour leader is merely “critical of the politics of Israel”. Mr Gardiner, who is the Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade, said that it was “important” to have “clarity” on Mr Corbyn’s record, […]


CAA releases case files showing Jeremy Corbyn personally responsible for 24 antisemitic incidents, four times more than all candidates for other major parties combined

Campaign Against Antisemitism is today publishing the 29 case files from our database of more than 300 entries. The research, which is available now on our website examines involvement in antisemitic discourse by all parliamentary candidates and party leaders. The research shows that Jeremy Corbyn is personally responsible for 24 incidents, which is equal to […]


SNP official tasked with investigating candidate who was suspended over antisemitism now resigns herself after calling Israel a “Nazi state”

An SNP official tasked with investigating an SNP candidate recently suspended by the Party over antisemitism has herself been forced to resign after she described Israel as a “Nazi state”. Denise Findlay has resigned from the SNP’s Conduct Committee after it was revealed that she had written on social media: “Israel with its treatment of […]


Swastika scrawled on campaign board outside Jewish home in Golders Green

A swastika and messages comparing the Prime Minister to Hitler were scrawled on a campaign board in Golders Green. The offensive messages were graffitied onto material promoting the local Conservative candidate outside a Jewish home. The incident was reported by Shomrim North West London, a Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol. It is understood that this followed […]


‘Leading campaigner against racism’ disgracefully quits Church of England body because Archbishop stood up to anti-Jewish racism

An academic described as a ‘leading campaigner against racism’ has resigned from a Church of England advisory body in protest at the intervention of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, in support of the Chief Rabbi’s editorial warning that Jeremy Corbyn is “unfit for office” and that “the very soul of our nation is at […]


Watch the Labour election advertisement that says every British minority is “worthy of equality” except the Jews

The Labour Party has released an advertisement for the general election that presents a montage of images accompanied by a speech by the Shadow Minister Dawn Butler as the narration. In the narration, almost every conceivable minority is mentioned, including religious minorities by reference to those who “wear a hijab, turban, cross”. All of the […]


Labour candidate tells Jewish audience her Party has failed on antisemitism and doesn’t deserve their vote

A Labour Party general election candidate has told a Jewish audience that her Party does not deserve their vote because it had “totally failed” to tackle antisemitism. Carolann Davidson made the admission at the Jewish hustings in Glasgow’s East Renfrewshire, which is the constituency with the highest proportion of Jewish voters in Scotland. Ms Davidson […]


Watch as Matt Hancock heckled at hustings for raising Labour antisemitism

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, was heckled at a general election hustings for raising Labour’s institutional antisemitism in the debate. The event, in his constituency of West Suffolk, elicited cries of “shame on you” and “racist” when Mr Hancock said that he was passionate about ridding antisemitism from our politics. The audience’s outburst comes as […]


CAA and KCL study finds far-left Jew-hatred has now overtaken far-right in Britain and two-thirds of Corbyn’s vanguard of strongest supporters hold antisemitic views

Today, Campaign Against Antisemitism is releasing the results of our Antisemitism Barometer research, a multiyear study by Campaign Against Antisemitism which was designed and analysed by one of the foremost academics in his field from King’s College London. The study makes shocking findings about antisemitism in the Labour Party and British society, and how Jews […]


Famed Soviet human rights campaigner Natan Sharansky says antisemitism in Corbyn’s Labour Party reminds him of USSR

The famous Soviet “refusnik” and human rights campaigner, Natan Sharansky, has said that the antisemitism in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is reminiscent of the USSR. Mr Sharansky, who became famous for being refused the right to emigrate to Israel by Soviet authorities but eventually rose to become Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister, expressed concern […]


John Mann warns against risk of understating problem of antisemitism

The Government’s new antisemitism adviser has warned that between overstatement and understatement of antisemitism, “the biggest danger is that we will understate the problem.” Speaking after his first public engagement in his new job, John Mann MP, who has resigned from the Labour Party and will become a crossbench peer in the House of Lords, […]


Citing CAA research, Judicial College adds International Definition of Antisemitism and section on use of ‘Zionist’ as a slur to its handbook for the judiciary

The UK’s Judicial College, which provides the training for the judiciary in England and Wales, has added the International Definition of Antisemitism and a section on the use of the word ‘Zionist’ as a slur to the latest edition of its Equal Treatment Bench Book. The handbook provides guidance for members of the judiciary in […]


Crown Court upholds Chabloz conviction, first UK conviction over Holocaust denial, calling her “manifestly antisemitic” and a “Holocaust denier”

Moments ago, Judge Christopher Hehir, sitting with a lay magistrate, Ms M Rego, upheld the conviction of Holocaust denier Alison Chabloz over her Holocaust denial on social media. The decision sets a new precedent in British law. The case effectively delivered a landmark precedent verdict on incitement on social media and on whether the law […]


Alison Chabloz sentenced to 20 weeks in prison, suspended for two years, 180 hours of unpaid community service and a social media ban

District Judge John Zani has sentenced Alison Chabloz to a 20-week prison sentence suspended for two years, 180 hours of unpaid community service, an indefinite restraining order against contacting two leaders of Campaign Against Antisemitism, as well as issuing an order banning her from social media for 12 months. She was also ordered to pay […]

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