Management Board

The day-to-day activities of Campaign Against Antisemitism are overseen by our Management Board, which is accountable to the Board of Trustees. Both the Board of Trustees and the Management Board are comprised entirely of volunteers.

Gideon Falter


Gideon studied law at the University of Warwick where he became heavily involved in Jewish causes as President of the Jewish Society. He was elected Anti-Racism Officer for the student body and appointed to advise the two nearby police forces on hate crime. He graduated and returned to London in 2005.

In the summer of 2014, as fighting flared between Hamas and Israel and antisemitism surged in Britain, he joined Campaign Against Antisemitism. He was the principal organiser of Campaign Against Antisemitism’s major rally outside the Royal Courts of Justice calling for zero tolerance law enforcement against antisemitism. Gideon was elected Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism in autumn 2014, a duty which he performs as a volunteer.

Gideon has spoken at the House of Commons and given evidence to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee. His work for Campaign Against Antisemitism has been publicly praised by Theresa May. The Algemeiner awarded him as one of the “top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life”, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center hailed him as a “Jewish hero who proves that there are still powerful ways to leverage democratic rules to serve justice and protect Jewish community”.

Gideon has worked in high-tech, commercial real estate and management consultancy. In addition to his charitable work for Campaign Against Antisemitism, he also serves on the board of the Jewish National Fund UK.


Director of Organisation and Finance

The Director of Organisation and Finance originally joined Campaign Against Antisemitism in late 2015. Prior to being appointed as Director of Organisation and Finance, they were Head of Online Monitoring and Investigations. They have extensive experience in organisational strategy, systems, compliance and building processes to support the growth of a volunteer-led organisation.


Director of Mobilisation

M. joined Campaign Against Antisemitism in early 2015. She has led efforts to expand Campaign Against Antisemitism’s work by inducting large number of volunteers into the charity.

Stephen Silverman

Director of Investigations and Enforcement

Stephen is a former IT and business consultant who specialised in effecting cultural change and improved business performance within multi-national corporations. During 2014 he became increasingly concerned by something he never expected to see in Britain: a surge in openly expressed hatred towards the Jewish community on the streets, on social media and even in certain branches of political discourse. Alarmed by the prospect of antisemitism becoming normalised in public life and by the failure of the authorities to address the problem, he joined Campaign Against Antisemitism in the summer of 2015.

Please note that the persons listed on this page may or may not have been appointed to the Board of Trustees.

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