The Rt Hon. The Baron Ahmad of Wimbledon

Lord Ahmad is the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief. He is also the Minister for the Commonwealth and the United Nations at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He was formerly the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Countering Extremism at the Home Office. During his political career he has taken a particular interest in communities and integration, and has ensured that Home Office policy reflects the nexus between antisemitism and extremism.

Ian Austin MP

As the son of a Holocaust refugee whose entire family was slaughtered by the Nazis in Treblinka extermination camp, Ian Austin’s upbringing instilled in him a firm sense of justice and the determination to fight bigotry wherever he saw it. As an MP, he led a successful campaign to drive the far-right British National Party out of his Dudley North constituency, and he has been a leading figure in the fight against antisemitism that has taken hold in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn, and resigned from the Party in February 2019 over its antisemitism, saying: “I am appalled at the offence and distress Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have caused to Jewish people.”

Bob Blackman MP

Bob Blackman is the Member of Parliament for Harrow East. He has repeatedly spoken out against antisemitism in Parliament and tabled motions relating to antisemitism and the Holocaust. He is often sought out by the media to comment on antisemitism.

The Rt Rev. and Rt Hon. Dr The Lord Carey of Clifton PC RVC GBE FRSA

Both during his tenure as Archbishop of Canterbury and since, Lord Carey has spoken out firmly against antisemitism and worked tirelessly to strengthen bonds between Christians and Jews. Lord Carey led efforts to deepen the Church of England’s involvement in Holocaust commemoration, and has devoted many addresses to discussion of the lessons of the Holocaust. He is Honorary President of the International Council of Christians and Jews and in 2016 he delivered the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s important Dorothy Gardner Adler State of Antisemitism Lecture.

The Baroness Deech of Cumnor DBE

Baroness Deech’s career has been one of distinguished public service. She has served as chair of the Bar Standards Board, Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education, Principal of St Anne’s College, Oxford, and chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. She has also been a Governor of the BBC, and the Gresham Professor of Law. Hers is a staunch voice against antisemitism in the House of Lords and she has taken a prominent stance in calling out antisemitism at universities.

Mike Freer MP

Mike Freer is the Member of Parliament for Finchley and Golders Green. He has repeatedly spoken out against antisemitism in Parliament and the media. He first worked with Campaign Against Antisemitism to prevent neo-Nazis from demonstrating against Jews in Golders Green.

Jonathan Goldberg QC

Jonathan Goldberg is a formidable Queen’s Counsel whose career has included many landmark criminal trials, most recently securing the release of Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman. He is a fierce opponent of antisemitism and has personally seen to it that an antisemitic barrister was disbarred. He is a staunch supporter of Campaign Against Antisemitism and led our first private prosecution, pro bono.

Dame Margaret Hodge MP

Dame Margaret Hodge was born in Egypt to parents who had been rendered stateless by Germany and Austria, only to then have to leave Egypt too due to rising antisemitism. Dame Margaret grew up acutely aware of the peril posed by antisemitism, and of its power to transform even advanced civilised societies into societies capable of the most  appalling barbarism. As an MP she successfully vanquished the far-right British National Party in her Barking constituency. She has also been a prominent figure in denouncing antisemitism in the Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

Colonel Richard Kemp CBE

Colonel Kemp served in the British Army from 1977 to 2006. He was commander of British forces in Afghanistan and completed fourteen operational tours of duty around the world, including in Iraq, the Balkans and Northern Ireland. His last years of service were spent in the Cabinet Office where he headed the international terrorism intelligence team and was chairman of the COBRA Intelligence Group. Having retired from the army, Colonel Kemp is now a writer whose expertise is frequently sought by national and international news media. He also consults companies on leadership, security, intelligence, counter-terrorism and defence and is a public speaker in each of these areas. Having taken a professional interest in extremism, Colonel Kemp recognised the links between extremism and antisemitism, and the threat that antisemitism therefore poses to society. He has been giving his time to campaigns to raise awareness about antisemitism since his retirement and is well known as a staunch friend of the Jewish people.

Brian Kennelly QC

Brian Kennelly is an award-winning Queen’s Counsel who has argued cases at the Supreme Court and various international courts. Prior to taking silk he was on the Attorney General’s ‘A’ Panel of Counsel to the Crown. He is sought after for his expertise in public administrative law and regulatory law, including sanctions against extremist organisations. He is a staunch supporter of Campaign Against Antisemitism and led our first judicial review, pro bono, resulting in the quashing of a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute a neo-Nazi.

Dr Mark Lewis

Dr Lewis began advising Campaign Against Antisemitism pro bono two weeks after it was established, contributing substantially to its successes from behind the scenes, without recognition. He is one of the foremost libel and privacy lawyers in the country and has been responsible for landmark legal victories, including the voicemail hacking claims which led to the demise of News of the World and the Leveson Inquiry. He devised a strategy for bringing libel actions which he and Campaign Against Antisemitism have begun to successfully use to force antisemites into either apologising in court, or paying substantial damages.

The Baron Mitchell of Hampstead

Lord Mitchell has led a distinguished career in business and politics, during which he has always fought against antisemitism. For five years he chaired the Coexistence Trust, whose mission is to encourage dialogue between Muslim and Jewish students at British universities. As a prominent member of the Labour Party, he was highly critical of a report into antisemitism by Shami Chakrabarti which whitewashed severe and ongoing problems in the Party, and condemned her elevation to the peerage following the publication of the report (she remains the only peer ever nominated by Jeremy Corbyn). Upon Mr Corbyn’s re-election as leader of the Party, Lord Mitchell resigned from the Party on principle, telling a television audience that Mr Corbyn had failed to tackle antisemitism in the Party and had surrounded himself with people who are hostile to Jews.

Dr Matthew Offord MP

Dr Offord is the Member of Parliament for Hendon. Since becoming an MP in 2010, he has campaigned against antisemitism, including by highlighting the permissive attitude of the authorities towards supporters of genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisation Hizballah.

The Rt Hon. The Lord Pickles Kt PC

Lord Pickles has devoted himself to fighting antisemitism throughout his political career. He has been instrumental in securing the widespread adoption of the International Definition of Antisemitism. He is the United Kingdom’s Special Envoy for post-Holocaust issues, is the co-chair of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation’s advisory board, and has formerly served as the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. He was the Member of Parliament for Brentwood and Ongar for 25 years and used his last speech in the House prior to retiring to highlight the selection of disgraced former MP David Ward by the Liberal Democrats, resulting in Ward being sacked as a candidate within hours. He now sits in the House of Lords.

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