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Join our community of volunteers who give their time, commitment and talent to make Campaign Against Antisemitism the success that it is. Everything we have accomplished has been done by volunteers. We are truly a grassroots campaign and we look forward to welcoming you to the team! We will invite you to meet us so that we can get to know you before you join one of our eight teamsPlease fill in your details to volunteer.

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Campaign Against Antisemitism always has vacancies for talented, committed volunteers. If you apply to volunteer with us, we will find the right role for you. Sometimes volunteers approach us concerned that they do not have relevant experience, but experience is not everything: the most important traits are commitment, precision, discretion, working well with others, discipline and initiative. Some roles do require certain skills, such as public speaking experience or legal expertise, but as we have learned over time, skills can be taught, but personality cannot!

If one of the roles below interests you, please apply!

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Campaign Against Antisemitism is a volunteer-led charity dedicated to exposing and countering antisemitism through education and zero-tolerance enforcement of the law. Everything that we do is done by people who volunteer their time, using donations contributed by members of the public. Join the fight against antisemitism by subscribing to our updates, volunteering, or donating.

Justice, justice, you shall pursue - צדק צדק תרדף
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