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SoundCloud rejects CAA complaint, refusing to act over Kelechi Okafor’s defence of antisemitic stereotyping in podcast

Responding to a complaint made by Campaign Against Antisemitism, SoundCloud, the popular music streaming service, has stated that it can see no problem with the antisemitic comments made by actress and fitness studio owner Kelechi Okafor during an episode of her podcast series, “Say Your Mind”. Ms Okafor caused outrage when she defended recent comments about Jews made by […]


Alleged thief with prior conviction for antisemitism remains at liberty despite reportedly targeting three synagogues in Stamford Hill in under three months

A burglar who has allegedly targeted multiple synagogues allegedly struck again on Saturday, according to Stamford Hill Shomrim, a Jewish community volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol. The man, who Stamford Hill Shomrim says has committed burglary and theft at three synagogues in Stamford Hill, remains at liberty although he is known to the police and has […]


Witnesses sought after orthodox Jewish children aged 11, 12 and 14 threatened with kidnap and being run over on their way home from school in London

Three orthodox charedi Jewish children, aged 11, 12 and 14, have been threatened and verbally abused whilst returning from school by the driver and two passengers of a white mini-delivery van. The incident occurred at approximately 12:55 on Friday 17th November at the junction of Spring Hill and Clapton Common in Stamford Hill. The driver was […]


CAA calls on Manchester United to cancel antisemitic hate-preacher David Icke’s secretive event at Old Trafford

At the eleventh hour, it has emerged that tomorrow, Friday 17th November, Manchester United will welcome antisemitic conspiracy-theorist David Icke. The location for “An evening with David Icke” had been a closely guarded secret until two tickets with a face value of £85 each were spotted on eBay and reported to Campaign Against Antisemitism by actor […]


Fake EU body allegedly demands that Jews are gassed, calls for a “final solution” for Israel and vows to “hunt down” members of British Council for Countering Antisemitism

The European Forum for Ethnic Minority Individuals, Communities and Organizations (EFEMICO) is ostensibly an EU body that claims to represent all minority “migrant settlers to the EU” but which, at its launch, explicitly excluded Jews. An investigation by Campaign Against Antisemitism last December revealed that EFEMICO is, in fact a bedroom-based operation run by Jason […]


Police investigating antisemitic abuse after passenger repeatedly swore at Rabbi and accused him of “murdering Muslims” while on a bus in north London

A rabbi from north London’s orthodox charedi Jewish community has been subjected to a barrage of antisemitic abuse while travelling through Stamford Hill on the 253 bus service. At 20:40 on Wednesday evening, a middle-aged man of Middle Eastern appearance boarded the bus, sat immediately behind him and began to swear at him under his breath. When, on arrival […]


Police downgrade targeting of Jewish men in London by bicycle gang that squirted liquid over one victim

On Tuesday evening, in separate incidents, a gang of three young men riding Transport for London’s public hire bicycles targeted two orthodox charedi members of the Jewish community in Stamford Hill. In the first incident, which occurred close to Morrisons supermarket, they snatched and rode away with the victim’s hat. Later that evening, at approximately […]


Corbyn’s hypocrisy exposed yet again by Labour’s latest stealthy readmission of suspended antisemite

Three weeks ago, on 12th December, Jeremy Corbyn publicly stated that he and the Labour Party accepted the International Definition of Antisemitism, as adopted by the government. Yet it has now been reported that Labour has quietly allowed the virulently antisemitic Labour councillor Ilyas Aziz back into the Labour Party after gross breaches of that […]


LBC and the Daily Mail must deal firmly with Katie Hopkins for her latest publicity-craving ‘provocation’

Katie Hopkins has built her career as a publicity-craving ‘provocateur’ but yesterday she crossed a line. Some celebrities who thrive on outrage make genuine mistakes, but often they will deliberately wound and then apologise just to generate headlines. We cannot imagine that her latest move is a mistake. Ms Hopkins has retweeted an American neo-Nazi […]

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