Campaign Against Antisemitism

Baroness Tonge resigns at last from Liberal Democrats but remains in House of Lords

Following her suspension from the Liberal Democrat party pending investigation, Baroness Tonge has resigned from the Party. She had already had the Party whip withdrawn in 2012 over antisemitic comments that Israel should be destroyed.

Her resignation is the culmination of a long history of baiting Jews.

We are pleased that she is no longer a member of the Liberal Democrat party, but it shames the Party that she was allowed to remain a member for so long, despite her comments.

Attention will now turn to Baroness Tonge’s ongoing membership of the House of Lords, which she used on Tuesday to host an event at which attendees compared Israel to ISIS and claimed that Jews “provoked” their own genocide in the Holocaust.

It is high time that Baroness Tonge was stripped of her peerage.