Antisemitism on campus


Far-left antisemitism often casts Jews as greedy, conniving and exploitative. Conspiracy theories are increasingly common, for example that the Rothschild family known for banking and philanthropy secretly controls the government. Debate about Israel can also descend into antisemitism, for example when people call for the destruction of Israel or refer to Jews as ‘Zios’.


Far-right antisemitism admires the Nazis and ultra-nationalist movements based especially on race, claiming Jews are traitors and racially inferior. Once thought to be a spent force, far-right antisemitism is increasingly resurgent, with new pseudo-intellectual groups such as National Action seeking to appeal to students. These movements cast Jews and others as the cause of Britain’s problems and are increasingly present on campuses despite no-platform policies intended to bar them from campus life.


Islamist antisemitism interprets religious texts to cast Jews as enemies of Islam. This can be traced back to the historic unwillingness of Jews to embrace Islam. Jews are seen to be the enemies of Islam and of humanity, this is often coupled with classical European antisemitic myths about Jewish conspiracies and even mediaeval blood libels. Many of the world’s most dangerous terrorist groups, such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic State, adopt Islamist antisemitism as a core doctrine, seeking to murder Jews around the world.

What you can do


Everyday antisemitism used to go unnoticed around the world, allowing some to question whether antisemitism is a real problem. We’re changing that one post at a time. We blog about every antisemitic incident we hear about, and we need your help! If you are a budding blogger or you are good with languages, graphics or video editing, why not join our volunteer team?


Racism thrives on ignorance and prejudice. We believe that education is the key to dissolving antisemitic hatred, and that is why we train students like you to educate others about antisemitism and what they can do to fight it. We will show you how to actively engage with groups on campus and beyond, to forge a positive conversation.


Without evidence, we cannot beat antisemitism. Our monitors attend events where extremism, racism and fascism are suspected. If antisemitic comments are made we will take it up with the university, students’ union or even the police. You can help us by joining our monitoring team where you will be at the forefront of recording antisemitic behaviour and helping to drive it off campus.

Together we can beat antisemitism

Join the team!

Justice, justice, you shall pursue - צדק צדק תרדף
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