“Victory to the intifada” chanted by protesters blocking anti-racism march in Glasgow

“Victory to the intifada” was chanted by protesters at the annual Stand up to Racism march in Glasgow on Saturday. One of the stated aims of the march was to oppose antisemitism and the Confederation of Friends of Israel in Scotland (COFIS) joined the march to rally against antisemitism holding stating that “Antisemitism is racism” and “Antisemitism is a crime.”

The march quickly descended into an anti-Israel demonstration though, according to the Herald Scotland, which reported that a far-left direct action group took action to block COFIS from participating, by marching in front of them extremely slowly. The direct action group known as Red Front Republic boasted that it was their balaclava-clad members who blocked the COFIS marchers.

Footage, with commentary by Mick Napier, posted on the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign Facebook page shows demonstrators chanting: “Victory to the intifada” 14 minutes into the video, referring to violent Palestinian campaign of terrorism which included suicide bombings at Israeli Jewish civilians. Protesters also reportedly chanted “From Glasgow to Gaza, intifada.”

Two minutes into another video, demonstrators can be heard chanting: “From the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea, Palestine will be free”, a chant that only makes sense as a call for the destruction of the Jewish state and its replacement with a Palestinian state. Under the International Definition of Antisemitism adopted by the UK Government, “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination” is antisemitic.

Some vicious comments were posted on the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Facebook page regarding the march, including: “Zionists are racists, pure and simple, and their policy regarding the Palestinians consists of ethnic cleansing, genocide and eventual extermination.” Another comment compared the Zionist marchers to the Ku Klux Klan: “We might as well have the Ku Klux Klan taking part in the march. Same thing.”

The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign has previously been exposed over many of its supporters’ extremely antisemitic views. Mick Napier has a conviction for aggravated trespass over his protests against Israel. We commend the brave demonstrators who marched against racism. It is disgraceful that they were blocked at all, and even more so that some of those blocking their path lauded terrorist attacks against Jews.


Jeremy Corbyn alleged to still be a member of a second Facebook group in which “vast amount of extremely antisemitic content regularly posted”

Jeremy Corbyn is a current member of a second antisemitic Facebook group, according to political blog Guido Fawkes, which posted screenshots showing some of the material posted in the group, including a claim that Jews are kidnapping Syrians so that they can harvest their internal organs.

The allegation follows the recent news that Mr Corbyn was an active member of another antisemitic Facebook group, claiming that he had not seen antisemitic content and was added to the group by an “acquaintance”, even though he posted comments under antisemitic material and was an intimate friend of Elleanne Green who founded the group. Campaign Against Antisemitism is filing a disciplinary complaint with the Labour Party over the matter.

The Labour Party’s rules state: “We encourage the reporting of abusive behaviour to the Labour Party, administrators of the relevant website or social media platform, and where appropriate, to the police. This is a collective responsibility and should not be limited to those who have been subjected to abuse.”

Gideon Falter, Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “We have remarked that we find the scant attention given to such revelations by the majority of the British public, politicians and journalists to be utterly chilling. It is extremely telling that we are expecting a very muted reaction to this latest revelation, despite the fact that Mr Corbyn’s alleged membership of this group would mean that he has been seeing and ignoring even more vile antisemitic material in his Facebook timeline than was previously thought. The message that this silence sends to British Jews is increasingly clear.”


Chris Williamson’s latest act of support for Jackie Walker met with “utterly chilling” silence from Labour MPs and media

Chris Williamson, a Labour MP and a member of the Shadow Cabinet until January, has appeared as the warm-up act for disgraced Labour activist Jackie Walker, who has twice been suspended from the Labour Party over allegations of antisemitism.

Mr Williamson gave a lengthy speech before the performance of Ms Walker’s show, The Lynching, during which he said it was a “real pleasure and a privilege” to be sharing a platform with Ms Walker. He said that he would be “absolutely delighted” were she reinstated within the Party, and that both Ms Walker and Ken Livingstone had been unfairly accused of antisemitism, claiming: “We’ve got these ridiculous suspensions and expulsions from the Party…in the most grotesque and unfair way.”

The Lynching is Ms Walker’s attempt to put across her side of the story, explaining her views and justifying the comments that have led to her becoming such a controversial figure, such as her appalling lie that Jews were the “chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade”. The show’s tagline is “To oppose Israel is not to be antisemitic”, despite the fact that Israel is not mentioned in any of the comments that led to her being suspended by Labour twice.

The Labour MP for Peterborough, Fiona Onasanya, had also been billed as a support act, but she pulled out, tweeting: “I am vehemently opposed to antisemitism and was invited to speak out against racism, but will not be attending.”

Mr Williamson has previously said that Mr Walker’s suspension was “disgraceful”, and he recently attended another event with her and her fellow suspended Labour member Marc Wadsworth. Various social media posts suggest that they are close. In 2016 we called on the Labour Party to investigate his comments appearing to suggest that “brutal” Israelis were responsible for antisemitism in the UK, but instead he was selected to run for parliament and Jeremy Corbyn has appointed him to the Shadow Cabinet. He has since referredto allegations of antisemitism within the Labour Party as “proxy wars and bulls***”, saying the allegations were just a smear campaign against Mr Corbyn. Campaign Against Antisemitism called on Mr Williamson to apologise for his comments however to date we have not received a response. He has also endorsed an attack on a Labour Councillor who took action against antisemitism.

It is damning that in 2018 in Britain, Mr Williamson, who until recently was a minister in the Shadow Cabinet, has gone all of the way to Peterborough to declare that it is his “privilege” to share a platform with Ms Walker, who is currently suspended by the Labour Party over antisemitism allegations. The event is all the more disturbing for having been discussed with Mr Williamson within the antisemitic ‘Palestine Live’ Facebook group by its founder, a woman who repeatedly shares extreme antisemitic material. Mr Williamson’s boldness and lack of inhibition in publicly endorsing Ms Walker and his calls for Ken Livingstone to be reinstated are symptoms of the new phase in British politics, enabled by Jeremy Corbyn, in which a British MP may publicly applaud those figures like Ms Walker and Mr Livingstone without fear of punishment. The silence in the ranks of Labour MPs in response, and among the journalists and community leaders of this country who allow such a significant moment to pass with no more than a shrug is utterly chilling.


Administrator of antisemitic “Palestine Live” Facebook group was not an “acquaintance” of Jeremy Corbyn but a close friend who repeatedly propagated extreme antisemitism

Last week, Jeremy Corbyn was exposed as being a member of a deeply antisemitic Facebook group in which he participated for two years. Now, damning new evidence made available to Campaign Against Antisemitism proves that Mr Corbyn or his team were demonstrably lying when, as was reported in The Guardian they had said that his relationship with the founder and key administrator of the Facebook group “Palestine Live” was that of a mere “acquaintance”. Research and documents in our possession indicate that he had an intimate relationship with Elleanne Green, a woman who has expressed antisemitic beliefs and who has prolifically disseminated extreme antisemitic material, including neo-Nazi articles. They shared a love of the same poetry and of various common causes even before he joined the Facebook group, almost certainly at her invitation, despite Mr Corbyn implying that he was added against his wishes. They organised events together, and she proudly noted the two years he spent in the group with her.

Those familiar with Mr Corbyn know well that he was not – before becoming Party Leader – someone who posted frequently on social media, so when he bothers to pay attention to someone publicly, it is noticeable. Mr Corbyn has paid Ms Green a lot of attention, and that attention has been returned. In fact, Mr Corbyn and Ms Green could be described as sharing a personal bond. As early as January 2014, he approved when she spoke of Caroline Kennedy’s poetry; when she publicly posted a favourite poem by Rose Milligan, he confessed to her that it contains a sentiment meaningful for him; when she professed her fears for the future of the rhinoceros, he agreed; similarly when she backed an African water charity; they have shared a little joke together online; and when she was off on her travels to Cuba he wished her a “wonderful time”.

Wherever Ms Green was to be found at live events, so too was Mr Corbyn, and because of the particular place she clearly holds in his esteem and his awareness of her presence, he chose her Facebook account to thank all those who attended. Whether he was commenting on her posts at a Ukrainian Stop The War event; an alternative economics conference; another Stop the War event, this time marking World War I; at a testimonial evening for Tony Benn or even a demonstration or two about Guantanamo – she was there, and he was using her social media feed to thank everyone.

In short, there is not much about Ms Green’s tastes and opinions that Mr Corbyn does not seem to know or approve of, and he singles her out to use when he wishes to thank others. She is clearly not just an acquaintance or friend, she is ‘special’.

However, this is all without their mutually shared passion, even above poetry and rhinos, namely: the Palestinians. So it is no surprise that Ms Green, whose social media Mr Corbyn  invited and then signed Mr Corbyn up to her “Palestine Live” group, of which, at that time, it appears that she was the only administrator and Mr Corbyn can be seen, for example, approving two of her Palestine-themed posts in August 2014, and again in October 2014) There is evidence that Mr Corbyn joined in late 2013, participated in online conversations, and remained a member for two years.

With regard to “Palestine Live” and other so-called ‘pro-Palestinian’ forums, Ms Green and Mr Corbyn don’t just interact online, but in person (she is also on chatting terms with MPs such as Chris Williamson and John McDonnell when she sees them). Finally, her involvement with him is deep enough that at one point they jointly organised a talk to be given by the controversial Max Blumenthal at Mr Corbyn’s own office, using Mr Corbyn’s staff, as chronicled in detail by David Collier in his report into the “Palestine Live” Facebook group. Again, the talk having taken place at this venue, Mr Corbyn thanked those who attended on the “Palestine Live” Facebook group in a thread with Ms Green.

But what of Ms Green’s views?

Ms Green is a prolific and obsessive poster of conspiracy theories. A list of those to which she subscribes constitutes an A to Z of the genre: on more than one occasion she promoted the theory that the Israeli intelligence services were secretly behind the 9/11 terrorist atrocities, as well as the terrorist massacres in Paris, able to boast when the celebrated conspiracy theorist who had written the article became a member of the group. She shared a post that suggested the wife of a witness to 9/11 was deliberately killed six days after meeting former President Obama; shared a post suggesting that the BBC is deliberately employing “obnoxious Jews” in order to encourage antisemitism and suggests it “could even be true”; claimed that Israel bombed its own embassy in a ‘false flag’ operation; shared a link to an article claiming that ISIS leaders were trained by Israel; supported the idea that the London Bridge terrorist attacks may have been a stunt to throw the general election off track; and posted a claim that the BBC is “completely controlled” by Rothschild influence.

Similarly, the people she supports, and has invited to be members in the group, are a Who’s Who of Britain’s most infamous antisemites. She participates in conversations with Holocaust denier Paul Eisen (a friend of Mr Corbyn’s whose work he used to help fund, but with whom he claims to no longer associate) in one of which, Mr Eisen says to Baroness Tonge and Ms Green: “You’ll continue feeling depressed, dismal and let down until you start standing up to the Jews – not the Israelis, not the Zionists, the Jews” to which Ms Green responds asking: “What do you suggest?”. In another thread, after she encouraged him to ask for comment, Mr Eisen asked of another member “but what do you you find so unsavoury about Dr Duke?” (Dr Duke is the former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan). She defended disgraced Baroness Jenny Tonge, who resigned from her party over antisemitism allegations, claiming that the notion that her remarks might be antisemitic is “appalling”. She shared posts by David Icke. She is personally friendly with and supports Gilad Atzmon, who has allegedly said that “the burning down of a synagogue is a rational act”, whose ideas are better described as far-right than far-left, and whose book The Wandering Who has been described as “probably the most antisemitic book published in this country in recent years”. She posts his work on the group, and praises his “truth” when, ironically, Gilad Atzmon is considered so antisemitic that ‘anti-Zionist’ Palestinian groups and activists have taken care to distance themselves from him. Ms Green also appears to be friendly with and supportive of Jackie Walker who is touring the country describing how she was “lynched” for claiming that Jews were the “chief financiers of the slave trade”.

It is difficult to give an account of every example of antisemitic discourse in which Ms Green has participated. She has shared a post claiming “Zionists” are “killing children and stealing children to sell them on the black market”. She promotes the London Forum, described as “a secret neo-Nazi society”. She has posted an article by an author convicted in a Canadian court for promoting hatred against Jews, a piece that appeared on the Radical Press website that promotes the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Adolf Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf. Bearing in mind that the overwhelming majority of British Jews are Zionists, her assertion that “The time must surely come” when no “friend of Israel” can stand as an MP is chilling. She describes Ruth Smeeth MP’s distress at being accused of orchestrating a media conspiracy as “disgust[ing]..amateur theatrics”. She adored Gerald Kaufman, who claimed that “Jewish money…bias[es] the Tory Party”. She likes social media posts that suggest Jewish influence in Britain is “dangerously close to being treasonable.” She shared a post and endorses the author of a raw antisemitic diatribe describing Jewish values as “massacre, rape…torture, sex-trafficking and child abuse”, describing the author as a “great man”. She refers to “zios”, which even Labour’s Baroness Chakrabarti accepts is an unacceptable term of abuse. She was proud to be among those who yelled and intimidated when Haringey Council adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism.

So much of what she posts is simply raw Jew-hatred that she seems to have forgotten that she is supposed to be maintaining the fiction of being a mere critic of Israeli policy. However, at one point in the “Palestine Live” Facebook group she admits that the ideas behind Holocaust denial are “true and clearly the questions are legitimate…but not HERE” – a cynical admission that while she has sympathies with Holocaust deniers she is, on the group at least, trying to draw a virtuous skein over the views aired. In the end, by commenting positively on a link to the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website, all pretence disappears.

Elleanne Green is a member of the Labour Party in the Cities of London and Westminster, who enthusiastically backs the Reverend Steven Saxby – also a member of Palestine Live – as a future Parliamentary candidate; is a representative of Momentum, and a member of the so-called Jewish Voice for Labour. Evidence held by Campaign Against Antisemitism shows that she was reported to the Labour party on 4th September 2017 yet clearly no action has been taken. Instead she is on friendly personal terms with Mr Corbyn, Chris Williamson MP, John McDonnell MP, Clive Lewis MP (who even blows her virtual kisses), journalist Paul Mason and others.

Elleanne Green is not the only individual propagating extreme antisemitism on “Palestine Live”. As David Collier’s research demonstrates, using a sample period to analyse posters and their postings from 1st to 15th February 2018, antisemitic postings on the site were ubiquitous and unmissable. Furthermore, witness reports bear testimony to the level of antisemitism a member would have been subjected to during the summer of 2014, when Mr Corbyn was an actively posting member of the group.

Members of “Palestine Live” comprise a roll call of many of the UK’s leading so-called ‘anti-Zionists’, either posting or tolerating nakedly antisemitic material that hardly requires the International Definition of Antisemitism to assist in its identification. The naked truth laid bare by Mr Collier’s report is that in the current culture of the UK’s far-left, anti-Zionism and antisemitism are indistinguishable. The very notion that anti-Zionism on the British left is, in practice, an historical and intellectual debating point that honourably takes up a political position regarding the State of Israel, is now shattered.

For Mr Corbyn to suggest that Ms Green is a mere “acquaintance”, as he or Labour’s press officers have communicated, is demonstrably a lie. Given both their intimacy and the fact that she prolifically posts hardcore antisemitic material, to say that he had no knowledge of her antisemitism stretches credulity. Further, to claim that in two years as a member and close friend of Ms Green’s he saw no antisemitism posted by her or others on the site itself would be like standing in an open field during a rainstorm and claiming that the raindrops missed you.

Perhaps another explanation lies in two posts, in which Ms Green says: “Am disgusted [to be under investigation] but suppose it is inevitable if one speaks up for justice for the Palestinians” and “I am NOT antisemitic”. Ultimately, people like Ms Green are perhaps blinded to their own racism, however extreme, by cloaking it within the virtue of a ‘pro-Palestinian’ position, both externally for others, but also for themselves. If Mr Corbyn is similarly blind, it is perhaps because he is so similar to his friend, Ms Green.

Joseph D. Glasman, Head of Political and Government Investigations at Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “Jeremy Corbyn said he did not see antisemitism in the Palestine Live Facebook group but he wrote comments on antisemitic posts during his two-year membership of the group. He said he was added to the group by an ‘acquaintance’ but in fact it was his intimate friend Elleanne Green, a prolific disseminator of extreme antisemitic material. By lying about their relationship and pretending that he saw no antisemitism on Palestine Live, he takes the British public for fools, drags the Labour Party into further disrepute and causes yet more fear and anguish for British Jews. But what is most frightening by far is the lack of public outrage. Where are the cries of ‘Not in my name’? Through their silence these past weeks, British politicians are allowing our society to descend deeper into a dark place where antisemitism is tolerated, and history shows us where that path leads.”

We are grateful to Labour Party members for contributing some of the material used in this article, as well as to David Collier for providing additional material and for allowing us to reproduce screenshots from his report.

Ms Green did not respond to a request for comment.


Macedonia commemorates 75th anniversary of deportation of Jews by adopting International Definition of Antisemitism

The Macedonian government has formally adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the deportation of 7,144 Jews from Macedonia to the concentration camp at Treblinka.

The anniversary was marked by addresses from the President of Macedonia, Gjorgje Ivanov, and the local Jewish community. The next day, a march was held along the route where Jews were gathered and then taken to the train station. The Prime Ministers of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina took park, along with the Romanian Deputy Prime Minister, and the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said: “We must never forget what happened here 75 year ago. History is repeated only by those who are blind to the past. We will not become blind and we will continue to remember.”

The International Definition of Antisemitism is clear and detailed, leaving no doubt as to what antisemitism is. In particular, the definition tackles the full spectrum of antisemitism, from ancient slurs to conspiracy myths to antisemitism in discourse about Israel.

Britain was the first country in the world to adopt the definition, something for which Campaign Against Antisemitism, Sir Eric Pickles and others worked hard over many meetings. Austria became the next national government to adopt the definition, followed by the Romanian government, then the German government, then the Bulgarian government and now the Macedonian government has done the same.


The Independent denies it was wrong for Robert Fisk to suggest that Jewish State Department envoys have dual loyalties

The Independent has claimed that it was perfectly acceptable for one of its most senior correspondents to suggest that American Jewish diplomats cannot be trusted to be even-handed in discussions with the Palestinians.

Mr Fisk, who has been The Independent’s controversial Beirut-based Middle East correspondent since 1989, suggested in an opinion piece on 11th January that it was relevant to discuss the fact that peace envoys sent by the United States to negotiate with Israel and the Palestinians have often been Jewish, and that might impact their performance.

Mr Fisk wrote: “There was a time when we all went along with the myth that American peacemaking in the Middle East was even-handed, neutral, uninfluenced by the religion or political background or business activities of the peacemakers. Even when, during the Clinton administration, the four principle US ‘peacemakers’ were all Jewish Americans – their lead negotiator, Dennis Ross, a former prominent staff member of the most powerful Israeli lobby group, Aipac (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) – the Western press scarcely mentioned this.”

Whilst Mr Fisk is very welcome to remark on the personal politics of any of the United States’ envoys, he absolutely should not remark on their religion, according at least to The Independent’s Code of Conduct which states: “Care should be taken not to discriminate against people on the basis of, for instance, their sexual orientation, religion or race (or by virtue of an illness or disability). This means avoiding pejorative references to those aspects of their lives; but it also means not referring to them at all unless relevant to story.”

Though Israel is the Jewish State, that surely cannot mean that nations will be subjected to adverse scrutiny if some of the diplomats whom they dispatch there are Jewish. Indeed the only plausible explanation for Mr Fisk’s reference to the Jewish envoys’ religion would appear to be that he considers it unlikely that Jewish envoys could really be “even-handed [and] neutral”. That would seem to amount to a charge of dual loyalty by suggesting that Jewish envoys are more loyal to the interests of Israel than of the government of the United States which they serve.

In the words of the International Definition of Antisemitism, “Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations” is antisemitic.

It is therefore with consternation that we learned from UK Media Watch that its complaint to The Independent’s Deputy Managing Editor, Will Gore, had been rejected.

Unlike most publications in Britain, which submit to the oversight of organisations such as the Independent Press Standards Organisation, The Independent regulates itself and judges complaints made against it. That means that if the newspaper decides to do nothing about Mr Fisk’s article, only the Managing Editor can overturn the decision.

Campaign Against Antisemitism has seen that pressure can work. Last year, two months after publishing a claim that we were stifling criticism of Israel rather than acting against genuine Jew-hatred, The Independent bowed to pressure and published a letter from Campaign Against Antisemitism addressing the smear.

Public pressure may work again now. Please consider writing about this to The Independent’s Group Managing Editor, Doug Wills at managingeditor@independent.co.uk and copy in regulation@antisemitism.uk so that we can see how you get along.

Campaign Against Antisemitism will be submitting a complaint of our own to supplement the rejected complaint from UK Media Watch. We are grateful to UK Media Watch for bringing this matter to our attention.


Billboard advertising annual pro-Hizballah “Al Quds Day” parade through London removed following intervention by Luton Borough Council

A billboard advertising “Al Quds Day”, the annual pro-Hizballah parade through some of London”s most iconic streets, has been removed following an intervention by Luton Borough Council.

A Jewish member of the public received a photograph from a friend of a billboard advertising the procession in Luton and immediately contacted the Council. The billboard claimed that the procession, at which organisers hand out placards saying “We are all Hizballah” and Hizballah flags, would be a “rally in support of Palestine”. The billboard, which bore no logos, also featured a prominent photograph of antisemitic hate preacher and former supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, beneath a photograph of Nelson Mandela.

The member of the public wrote an eloquent complaint, informing the Council that the billboard was “inciting and inflaming tensions between the Muslim and Jewish communities”. In response, the Council said that it had contacted colleagues from Bedfordshire Police who “were in agreement that it [the billboard] has the potential to be divisive and stir up emotions which could damage the cohesive nature of our communities.” The letter continued: “Following discussions with the parties concerned with the operation of the billboard, the posters have now been removed.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism wishes to thank the members of the public, who wish to remain anonymous, for their actions, and we commend Bedfordshire Police and Luton Borough Council for swiftly acting to remove the billboard.

The “Al Quds Day” march is nothing more than a celebration of genocidal antisemitic terrorist group Hizballah under the auspices of registered charities which we have reported to the Charity Commission.

Nazim Ali, the leader of last year’s march is currently standing trial after Campaign Against Antisemitism launched a private prosecution. We allege that during the march, Mr Ali used a portable public address system to say: “Some of the biggest corporations who are supporting the Conservative Party are Zionists. They are responsible for the murder of the people in Grenfell, in those towers in Grenfell. The Zionist supporters of the Tory Party. Free, Free, Palestine…It is the Zionists who give money to the Tory Party to kill people in high-rise blocks. Free, Free, Palestine. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” We also allege that he said: “Careful of those Rabbis who belong to the Board of Deputies, who have got blood on their hands, who agree with the killing of British soldiers. Do not allow them in your centres.” The trial continues.

Whilst the British government has proscribed the “military wing” of Hizballah under the Terrorism Act 2000, the “political wing” is not proscribed, something that even Hizballah finds ridiculous. In October 2012, Hizballah Deputy Secretary-General, Naim Qassem, said: “We don’t have a military wing and a political one; we don’t have Hizballah on one hand and the resistance party on the other…Every element of Hizballah, from commanders to members as well as our various capabilities, are in the service of the resistance, and we have nothing but the resistance as a priority.” Hizballah’s Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, who is the leader of any fictitious “wing” of Hizballah that the government may wish to imagine, said: “If Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” We continue to campaign for Hizballah to be proscribed as a terrorist organisation in its entirety, and we are discussing our proposals with the government.


George Galloway says he has received “political advice” and now will not sue Jon Lansman for accusing him of antisemitism

George Galloway has announced in a four-page statement that he will not be suing Momentum chief Jon Lansman after all, having said he would sue Mr Lansman for accusing him of antisemitism. Mr Galloway insisted that his claim would have been perfectly valid but said: “Acting upon political advice I have concluded that the depth of my knowledge about Jon Lansman, going back nearly 40 years, was more valuably employed in the political attack on him which I shall now make.”

The case had promised to be quite the spectacle, with Mr Galloway claiming that he would call Jeremy Corbyn as a witness. Mr Galloway and Mr Corbyn used to sit together as Labour backbenchers.

In a fiery exchange on Twitter, Mr Galloway, the former Labour and Respect MP had said he would sue Momentum Chair and Labour National Executive Committee member Jon Lansman for calling him out over a now-deleted tweet aimed at Jewish comedian David Baddiel. Mr Galloway had initially tweeted at Mr Baddiel that “There will be no supporter of the Palestinian people marching behind vile Israel-fanatic ‘comedian’ David Baddiel. There will be no opponent of Imperialist wars marching behind Stella Creasy [Labour MP for Walthamstow]. #JustSaying.” This appears to be in reference to a planned protest of Donald Trump’s visit to the UK later this year, which Mr Baddiel and Ms Creasy have both shown support for.

Mr Baddiel took issue with this, pointing out that he has not shown much sympathy for Israel, and that the targeting of him as a Zionist could be based on his Jewish identity, firing back: “Since I’ve always made it entirely clear that my attitude to that country [Israel] is entirely meh, I think we can only conclude that by ‘Israel-fanatic’ George just means Jew. Vile Jew. And that therefore he is an antisemite. Now let him come at me with his stupid f***ing lawyers.”

“Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations” is antisemitic under the International Definition.

Mr Baddiel received a plethora of support, including from The Sun when it reported on the row, at which point Mr Galloway accused Mr Baddiel of defaming him: “Badiel has repeatedly defamed me as an antisemite on Twitter and Facebook long before The Sun reported his vile falsehood today. Such slander or the violence it can encourage (I could show you my scars) will not silence me. The last word on my lips – G-d willing – will be Palestine”.

It was then that Jon Lansman waded into the fray, tweeting: “Solidarity with Baddiel – since he’s a Jew who’s talked about being non-Zionist, there’s no possible reason to call him a ‘vile Israel-fanatic’ other than antisemitism”, adding that there should be no place for Mr Galloway within the Labour Party or on Talk Radio, where Mr Galloway hosts a weekly show.

The next morning, Mr Galloway reached for his lawyers, tweeting: “I have never said an antisemitic word in my life. I have to the contrary fought fascism and antisemitism as adjudged by Justice Eady in the High Court. I will prove this again in my legal action against Jon Lansman, owner of Momentum, and will call Jeremy Corbyn as my witness.” Minutes later he returned to tweet: “The use of the defamatory smear of antisemitism against supporters of the Palestinian people has at least for me gone far enough. I have instructed solicitors to bring a case for defamation against Jon Lansman owner of Momentum. I will be calling Jeremy Corbyn as a witness.”

Mr Galloway, who blocks Campaign Against Antisemitism on Twitter, was back an hour later to recognise his own error in targeting David Baddiel, although he did not apologise for the tweet.


Arsenal Football Club investigating after fan sings “G-d bless Adolf Hitler, ‘cos he tried his best, he gassed six million, now we’ll gas the rest”

Arsenal Football Club is investigating after a fan was caught on video singing an antisemitic song whilst walking to the team’s match against AC Milan last Thursday.

The incident was recorded by a fellow fan who uploaded it to Twitter.

In the shocking video, the perpetrator can be heard singing: “Gas them all, gas them all. The [indistinct]. G-d bless Adolf Hitler, ‘cos he tried his best, he gassed six million, now we’ll gas the rest. Gas them all, gas them all.”

Arsenal Football Club confirmed on Monday that they are investigating the incident, which is just one of many recent antisemitic incidents within football.

Last week we reported on how the Chief Executive of the Football Association, Martin Glenn, issued a weak apology for comparing the Star of David to the swastika, and Robert Peston recently tweeted he was “Ashamed to be [an] Arsenal supporter” after witnessing antisemitism at a match.


Labour’s Chris Williamson MP looks set to be support act for suspended activist Jackie Walker’s show denying her antisemitism, in defiance of Fiona Onasanya MP who pulled out

Two Labour MPs are currently billed as support acts for a political show by disgraced former Momentum Vice-Chair Jackie Walker, who is currently suspended by the Labour Party over antisemitism allegations. However, one of the MPs has now said that they will not appear.

Ms Walker’s show, The Lynching, is her attempt to put across her side of the story, explaining her views and justifying the comments that have led to her becoming such a controversial figure, such as her appalling lie that Jews were the “chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade”. The show’s tagline is “To oppose Israel is not to be antisemitic”, despite the fact that Israel is not mentioned in any of the comments that led to her being suspended by Labour twice.

According to flyers advertising the show at Peterborough’s Afro Caribbean Millennium Centre, Labour MPs Chris Williamson and Fiona Onasanya were due to speak, but Ms Onasanya has now tweeted: “There have been concerns pertaining to an event in Peterborough on Saturday. For the avoidance of doubt, I am vehemently opposed to antisemitism and was invited to speak out against racism, but will not be attending.”

The other MP, Chris Williamson, is seems more likely to speak though. According to Ms Walker, Mr Williamson has said that Mr Walker’s suspension was “disgraceful”, and he recently attended another event with her and her fellow suspended Labour member Marc Wadsworth. Various social media posts suggest that they are close.

In 2016 we called on the Labour Party to investigate his comments appearing to suggest that “brutal” Israelis were responsible for antisemitism in the UK, but instead he was selected to run for parliament and Jeremy Corbyn has appointed him to the Shadow Cabinet. He has since referred to allegations of antisemitism within the Labour Party as “proxy wars and bulls***”, saying the allegations were just a smear campaign against Mr Corbyn. Campaign Against Antisemitism called on Mr Williamson to apologise for his comments however to date we have not received a response. He has also endorsed an attack on a Labour Councillor who took action against antisemitism.

Mr Williamson is an enduring disgrace whose conduct speaks for itself, but Ms Onasanya also has questions to answer about whether she withdrew from the event when she was caught out, or whether she had been added to the programme through some kind of unfortunate misunderstanding.

Support for someone like Ms Walker should be beyond the pale for Labour MPs in particular, but in the modern Labour Party it seems that anything goes where antisemitism is concerned.

In defiance of Ms Onasanya, who is Peterborough’s MP, it appears that the shameless Mr Williamson will defiantly give Ms Walker his support, knowing that he will suffer no consequences from his Party.


BBC Three produces video about “Things not to say to Jewish people” in which Jews are filmed playing down aspects of Judaism

The BBC’s online-only channel, BBC Three, has produced a new video in its series of “Things not to say” clips, this time focusing on things not to say to Jewish people. The video is part of a series which has dealt with a variety of issues including Brexit and gender, seeking to challenge and address stereotypes.

However, its video about Jews, which has been watched by almost a quarter of a million people on Facebook alone, is in parts patronising, cringe-worthy and a dire trivialisation of Jewish culture.

In the video, a number of British Jews were asked various questions about their Judaism, but some of them were rather ignorant about Judaism and some responses were the opposite of helpful. For example, when asked “You must be really stingy?”, one respondent answered “I think we like value for money, don’t we?”, to which another replied, “We love a deal.”

Though it seems that the video was well-intentioned, some of the answers were just confusing, with Jews shown playing down aspects of their religion, perhaps to appear more like non-Jews. For example when asked “So you hate bacon?” some of the respondents sounded apologetic or claimed that most Jews do eat bacon, with one of the respondents answering: “Some people might be kosher in front of their boyfriend but when they’re not with their boyfriend eat prawns.” That may well be the case for some, but it is hard to see how the BBC thought that such answers would help their audience to understand Judaism better, especially when the video’s producers don’t appear to have thought of asking many orthodox Jews to participate.

It seems that the video was commissioned with the intention of demystifying Judaism for a non-Jewish audience in a humorous and accessible way, but we question the editorial judgement behind the video which saw a selection of Jews, some of whom seemed incredibly ignorant of Judaism and apparently selected from a narrow part of the denominational spectrum, giving very confusing responses to questions that actually did not reflect many of the more common stereotypes about Jews.

Sadly, the comments beneath the video on BBC Three’s Facebook page highlight some of the very antisemitic tropes and misconceptions that the video is supposed to combat. One Facebook user commented: “I like jews [sic] people as long as they don’t [sic] religious” whilst another wrote: “How does it feel to know that your parents mutilated your penis without your informed consent?” Despite not mentioning Israel in the video at all, another Facebook user chimed in: “I wonder how they feel when Israel occupied Palestine?”

The irony of antisemitic comments following a video dealing with antisemitism was not lost on another user who observed that “the video about things not to say to Jews is filled with antisemitism in the comments”.

Whilst we do commend any efforts to counter antisemitism and explain Judaism to the public, we have to question whether the people involved in producing this publicly-funded video applied the level of respect and diligence deserved by the sensitive subject matter. We think that they did not.

With this video, the BBC had the opportunity to dispel stereotypes about Jewish people. Instead, they reinforced them.


Marcin Zych banned from driving, fined £250 and ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid work for shouting “You f***ing Jew” at another motorist

Marcin Zych has pleaded guilty to three driving offences and two charges of causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm and distress for shouting “You f***ing Jew” at another motorist following a road accident in Craven Park Road in North London in January.

On 14th February, Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court fined Mr Zych £250, ordered him to pay court costs and £50 in compensation to his victim, sentenced him to 100 hours of compulsory unpaid community work and disqualified him from holding or obtaining a driving licence for 18 months, but offered him a 4-month reduction in the period of disqualification if he satisfactorily completes a government-approved course.

In January, Mr Zych was seen driving erratically before turning down a cul-de-sac where he crashed his car and shouted “You f***ing Jew” at another motorist. He was prevented from leaving the scene by Stamford Hill Shomrim, a Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, until police officers arrived to arrest him on suspicion of drunk driving and antisemitic abuse.

We welcome this sentence and commend the courageous volunteers of Stamford Hill Shomrim and the Metropolitan Police Service for their intervention and extremely swift response to this disturbing incident. We also wish to thank the brave witness who testified in the case.


Athena in Leicester becomes latest venue to cancel David Icke event following contact from CAA, Leicestershire Police and Leicester City Council

The Athena in Leicester has cancelled a show by David Icke following contact from Campaign Against Antisemitism, Leicestershire Police and Leicester City Council. He has now made a terribly dull 17-minute video haranguing us, the venue, a local counter-terrorism police officer and the Council.

Mr Icke preaches to large audiences that the world is run by an evil group mostly consisting of prominent Jews whom he calls “Rothschild Zionists”. He tells his disciples that these “Rothschild Zionists” are in fact inhuman “reptilians” conspiring to cheat all of humanity, with governments, media and banks in their grasp.

We contacted the Athena in Leicester in August last year to alert them to Mr Icke’s views. Subsequently, representatives from Leicestershire Police and Leicester City Council approached the venue and made their views clear.

A Leicestershire Police spokesman told the Leicester Mercury: “Leicestershire Police and Leicester City Council were made aware of an event due to be held by David Icke and that a number of letters and e-mails from concerned members of the public had already been received by the venue in Leicester. Representatives from both organisations met with the venue’s owners to discuss these public concerns and to ensure the owners of the premises were aware of their obligations under licensing legislation. The venue subsequently decided to cancel the event.”

We commend Leicestershire Police and Leicester City Council for stepping in, and the management of the Athena for making the right decision.

The Athena joins a long list of venues which have recently cancelled Mr Icke’s bookings, including Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium, Central Hall in Southampton, St Andrew’s Hall in Norwich, the Lowry Hotel in Salford, Sheffield City Hall and the Gladstone Theatre in Wirral.

The last time Mr Icke’s event was cancelled at Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium, he was forced to cram his followers into a strange half-built cellar.

However other shamelessly help Mr Icke to reach a wider audience, such as viral social media video company Unilad which made a special ten-minute video in which Mr Icke spoke about his views, albeit not his invective about “Rothschild Zionists”.

Mr Icke uses social media, his books and his stage performances to incite hatred. His preaching is so absurd that since the 1990s he has been dismissed as a crank, but because he is dismissed there has been no major opposition to him and he has built up a following of thousands upon thousands of disciples whom he has persuaded to adamantly believe that the world is in the grip of a conspiracy run by the “Rothschild Zionists”. His repertoire includes conspiracy myths and tropes classified as antisemitic according to the International Definition of Antisemitism, adopted by the British Government.

You may wish to join Campaign Against Antisemitism by sending thanks to the Athena by e-mailing contact@athenacb.co.uk, and also thanking Leicestershire Police using their website and Leicester City Council by e-mailing customer.services@leicester.gov.uk.


John McDonnell and Labour implausibly attempt to explain away Jeremy Corbyn’s membership of antisemitic Facebook group

Since the publication by blogger David Collier of screenshots showing that Jeremy Corbyn was a participating member in a secret Facebook group in which vehement antisemitism was posted, Mr Corbyn and the Labour Party have attempted to claim that he saw no antisemitism in the group.

However, Mr Corbyn repeatedly joined in discussions within the group, even stooping to personally comment in threads that include the term “Zio”, which even Baroness Chakrabarti’s whitewash report into antisemitism in the Labour Party condemned as an unacceptable term of abuse.

The Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, implausibly claimed on Sky News that Mr Corbyn left as soon as he became aware of the group’s antisemitic content, but Corbyn’s team even more impausibly claimed that Mr McDonnell was “not right” and that Mr Corbyn had not seen any antisemitic content in the group prior to leaving it.

The screenshots from the group catalogue exchanges between a veritable Who’s Who of antisemites, showing members of the group discussing whether they prefer the term “ZioNazi” to “JewNazi’, and even neo-Nazi comments such as one member’s comment: “am reading Mein Kampf [by Adolf Hitler]…everybody should be forced to read it, especially Jews who have their own agenda as to why they were not liked”. Mr Corbyn, Clive Lewis MP, Mr Corbyn’s son Seb, Jack Bond and other key figures within the Labour Party were all members.

Mr Corbyn’s statements create the impression that he did not know what was happening in the secret Facebook group of which he was a member. That was always implausible, not least because he himself commented on antisemitic posts. But today, John McDonnell told Sky News that Mr Corbyn left the group ‘when he discovered…that there were some people in it who were expressing antisemitic views’. This means that Mr Corbyn knew exactly what was going on but chose not to report it, and in doing so, knowingly protected the antisemites in the group (some of whom the Labour Party has now suspended pending investigation).

The reality is that Mr Corbyn will likely have seen all manner of antisemitic filth from this group in his Facebook feed and sometimes he posted comments on it, so it is probably that he knew exactly what was going on in that group, legitimised it by his participation, and never once stood up to it, in breach of the social media guidelines that his Party has now adopted. Not for the first time we are filing a disciplinary complaint. If Mr Corbyn had any decency he would resign, but as we well know, when it comes to antisemitism he has no decency or credibility whatsoever, and under his leadership neither does the Labour Party.


CAA files fresh disciplinary complaint against Jeremy Corbyn over allegations that he actively participated in a secret Facebook group where antisemitism was on brazen display

A document issued today contains screenshots allegedly showing that Jeremy Corbyn was a participating member in a secret Facebook group called “Palestine Live” in which vehement antisemitism was posted, right up until his first weeks as Leader of the Labour Party.

The screenshots, gathered by blogger David Collier, catalogue exchanges which apparently took place within the Facebook group, including discussion of conspiracy myths about the Rothschild family and supposed Israeli involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as well as links to material produced by neo-Nazi groups.

The Facebook group’s membership reportedly includes numerous antisemites and Jew-baiters, including Paul Eisen, Baroness Jenny Tonge and Gilad Atzmon. Some users are said to have shared articles by conspiracy theorist David Icke and David Duke, former grand wizard of the KKK. Other members of the group allegedly include Thomas Suarez and the journalist, Paul Mason.

Among many chilling posts, the screenshots show members of the group discussing whether they prefer the term “ZioNazi” to “JewNazi’. One member is shown commenting: “am reading Mein Kampf [by Adolf Hitler]…everybody should be forced to read it, especially Jews who have their own agenda as to why they were not liked”. The Labour Party’s logo is also proudly displayed in the group, alongside exhortations to join the Party, even as links to articles from far-right websites such as the Daily Stormer and Veterans Today are circulated by group users.

The Facebook group appears to link those responsible for disseminating extreme antisemitism with a host of current supporters and members of Mr Corbyn’s team, as well as sitting members of the House of Lords and the Labour Party’s leadership team. Clive Lewis MP appears to be a member, as does Mr Corbyn’s son, Seb, as well as a key member of his inner team, Jack Bond. Former Labour councillor Terry Couchman and members of so-called Jewish Voice for Labour also appear to have been present.

Mr Corbyn allegedly stooped to personally comment in threads that include the term “Zio”, which even Baroness Chakrabarti’s whitewash report into antisemitism in the Labour Party condemned as an unacceptable term of abuse. He also collaborated with group members to organise an anti-Israel event that took place in his own office. Following the meeting on 3rd October 2017, in a thread contributed to by activists who overtly disseminate antisemitism, Mr Corbyn acknowledges those who organised the event, and apologises for his absence. In one comment he aligns himself with a group member who declares that “Israel is illegitimate” and in another he praises the controversial Dr Mads Gilbert, who has said of the 9/11 attacks: “the oppressed also have a moral right to attack the USA with any weapon they can come up with.”

Joseph D. Glasman, Head of Political and Government Investigations at Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “There is no conceivable justification for Jeremy Corbyn’s participation in this group. One of Mr Corbyn’s slogans is ‘standing up, not standing by’, but in this case he has not stood up but instead he actively joined in. As a result of these allegations, we will be filing a disciplinary complaint to the Labour Party against Jeremy Corbyn, Clive Lewis, Sebastian Corbyn and Jack Bond, submitting that participation in such a Facebook group is “grossly detrimental” to the Party under Chapter 2, Clause I (8) of the Party’s rule book, as well as breaching the Labour Party Social Media Policy agreed by the National Executive Committee in 2016, which requires that Party members report “hateful language” by other Labour Party members.

“We will also be reviving our disciplinary complaint against Mr Corbyn from September 2016 which the Labour Party has ignored until now. We further call on all MPs of all parties to condemn the alleged participation of Mr Corbyn and others within the group.”


Comment: Ken Livingstone’s indefinite suspension by the Labour Party reveal a litany of lies and broken promises to the Jewish community

It is now nearly two years since Ken Livingstone’s infamous remarks alleging that Hitler “was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing 6,000,000 Jews”, as a result of which, a full year later, on 4th April 2017, he was tapped only lightly on the wrist at a hearing before the Labour Party’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC), which merely suspended his right to hold office in the Party – but not his membership – for one further year, a decision that resulted in dismay and some disbelief in the UK and worldwide. The very next day, on 5th April 2017 Jeremy Corbyn announced a new inquiry into fresh “offensive remarks” Ken Livingstone made following the hearing. Mr Corbyn said: “Since initiating the disciplinary process, I have not interfered with it and respect the independence of the Party’s disciplinary bodies. But Ken’s subsequent comments and actions will now be considered by the National Executive Committee [NEC]”. On the same day, 107 Labour MPs signed a statement deploring the Party’s failure to expel him, deeming Mr Livingstone’s statements to be “Holocaust revisionism”, “insidious racism” and pledging that “we will not allow it  to go unchecked”.

However, events in recent weeks suggest that both Mr Corbyn and those MPs have backed down, further betraying the UK’s Jewish Community.

During early 2017, the Labour party informed at least two senior journalists that Ken Livingstone was to be readmitted to the Labour party once his suspension ended on April 27th 2018.

One of those journalists was Toby Helm, The Observer’s political editor. As a result, Mr Helm published an article in The Guardian on 24th February 2017, headlined: “Ken Livingstone: Ex-London mayor to rejoin Labour as suspension over Hitler remarks ends”. However, later that day he tweeted: “Five hours after I reported that no further action was planned against him, there is such a row that party about turns and says hey ho….new investigation. Shambles.” A few shocked minutes later he tweeted: “Astonishing is the word. they now say the NEC is opening an inquiry into what Livingstone said ten months ago, after his hearing, JC [Jeremy Corbyn] having said they would at the time and then done nothing since!”

Possibly in order to save the Labour Party’s and its journalists’ blushes, The Guardian removed the story and, unusually, substituted a new piece on the same link, with only this surviving tweet remaining to bear witness to the volte face.

Further, The Guardian’s re-written piece reported that ten months after Mr Corbyn’s explicit promise of an inquiry, that inquiry had not even begun, with their journalists being told “in repeated exchanges that no further action was in the pipeline and that the former London mayor was likely be allowed back in as a full member”.

Two days later, a second senior journalist, Jack Blanchard of Politico, who was the Daily Mirror’s former political  editor, was part of a discussion about Ken Livingstone on BBC2’s Daily Politics. 42 minutes into the programme he revealed: “I was told by…Labour HQ some weeks ago they had no doubt that Ken Livingstone was coming back into the Party”. A day later, on February 27th 2017, a Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) meeting witnessed a backlash from some MPs, with the PLP Chair Jon Cryer reportedly saying “There’s a real risk of resignations.”

While we do not know if that threat had any effect on the leadership’s position, on 1st March 2018, the outgoing General Secretary of the Party, Iain McNicol, used his remaining powers to impose a surprise “indefinite”  ‘administrative suspension’ on  Ken Livingstone’s membership of the Party. The move was tactical and reversible, but the timing of it rendered it politically difficult for the NEC to immediately countermand.

Paul Waugh, the Executive Editor of the Huffington Post, was next to brave the murky waters of the Labour Party’s position. In an article he confirmed that “no formal investigation has taken place in the 10 months since the incident.” As part of their furious back-tracking to find excuses for the Party’s lies about a further inquiry, they told him: “work on a formal inquiry was delayed by the avalanche of separate sexual harassment claims last autumn” while Labour employees maintained “the preliminary work had not been acted on by the NEC and staff were baffled by the delay.”

The various excuses from the Labour Party for not executing the enquiry damn them further, as though ten months were not enough, or as though racist antisemitism and misogyny are in a hierarchy of hate, in which Jews or any other group must come second to discrimination against others.

The key facts that apparently emerge are: that the leadership of the Party wishes to protect and return Ken Livingstone to full Party membership; that Jeremy Corbyn personally lied when he said a new enquiry was underway; and that in those ten months after his statement there was no serious proactive attempt, no checks nor prompting by moderate MPs to keep their vow to not let the issue “go unchecked”. For how could they be so shocked and surprised by the decision, if they had in any way kept their promise?

Ken Livingstone has shamelessly revived and disseminated a particular form of Holocaust narrative first used by Soviet propagandists against Jews during the cold war, a tale which was then taken up by the extreme far-right. His tales of collaboration between Zionists and Hitler are a disgusting distortion that attempt to make Jews complicit in their own annihilation: and yet the leadership of the Party, NEC officers and thousands of Labour members support him and those ideas. Keeping the proponent of such a distortion inside the Party for years has enabled antisemites, publicised Labour’s institutionalised antisemitism on the world stage, and brought condemnation from around the world. The now-institutionalised antisemitism of the Labour Party will continue to expose ever more cases and negative reports, but the story of Ken Livingstone’s unashamed twisting of history is the the most telling, and the Party’s largest test: one that it terminally failed long ago, and is further away than ever from resolving.

Iain McNicol’s parting shot in using his powers to indefinitely suspend Mr Livingstone is the final action of the departing ancien regime, one that merely makes it more awkward for the Party to readmit him ‘without fuss’, but which disguises nothing. It is merely a farewell two-fingered salute by the defeated outgoing leadership to those who now run the Party and who clearly wish to protect Mr Livingstone.

To pile insult onto injury, those senior members of the Labour Party briefing journalists that Mr Livingstone would return to the Labour fold did so in the immediate aftermath of Mr Livingstone’s appearance on Iranian state television, where he used the propaganda arm of an Holocaust-denying regime to retell his narrative in a special show for Holocaust Memorial Day itself, an event that resulted in fresh calls for his expulsion.

Campaign Against Antisemitism acknowledges the handful of Labour MPs who have worked heroically to free Labour of antisemitism, but the time has now come for the Jewish community to face the fact that the 107 ‘moderate’ MPs who swore to act are culpable alongside Jeremy Corbyn and his so-called ‘hard-left’ colleagues. Words ceased to be enough two years ago: the entire Party has failed us.

Whatever happens now, when the history of the Labour Party is written, there will be a chapter dedicated to the determined protection of Ken Livingstone, whose Jew-baiting has spanned three decades, but it only became an existential crisis for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, which, by hiding behind protocol, remaining silent and then brazenly lying, has been guilty of defending the indefensible. It will be an unprecedented chapter in the history of the Party, for as one of its own MPs mooted, it could morally condemn it to oblivion. It damns the Labour Party, and corrupts the notion of ‘progressive’ politics associated with it.

Joseph D. Glasman is Head of Political and Government Investigations at Campaign Against Antisemitism


Martin Glenn, Chief Executive of the Football Association, offers weak apology after equating the Star of David with the swastika

Martin Glenn, the Chief Executive Officer of the Football Association, has issued an apology “for any offence caused” after he equated the Star of David with the Nazi swastika and images of the brutal former Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe. The Star of David is a symbol of Jewish pride and Judaism.

Speaking about rules that prohibit the wearing of political symbols at football matches, Mr Glenn cited a number of “highly divisive” symbols, saying: “it could be the Star of David, it could the hammer and sickle, it could be a swastika, anything like Robert Mugabe on your shirt – these are the things we don’t want.” Mr Glenn was responding to the wearing of a yellow ribbon in support of Catalan independence by the manager of Manchester City Football Club.

We find Mr Glenn’s weak apology “for any offence caused” to be unacceptable. However, even a mealy mouthed apology is a start and an acknowledgement. He must now commit to undertaking education and training on antisemitism. Unless he does so we consider this incident to remain unresolved.

CAA calls for Football Association Chief Executive Martin Glenn to apologise and undergo training after equating Star of David with swastika and Robert Mugabe

Campaign Against Antisemitism calls upon Martin Glenn, Chief Executive of the Football Association, to immediately apologise and undergo training after he equated the Star of David with the swastika and images of Robert Mugabe.

Speaking about rules that prohibit the wearing of political symbols at football matches, Mr Glenn cited a number of “highly divisive” symbols, saying: “it could be the Star of David, it could the hammer and sickle, it could be a swastika, anything like Robert Mugabe on your shirt – these are the things we don’t want.” Mr Glenn was responding to the wearing of a yellow ribbon in support of Catalan independence by the manager of Manchester City Football Club.

The only people who consider the Star of David to be a “highly divisive” symbol are antisemites. Mr Glenn must apologise immediately for his appalling comparison of the Star of David with the swastika and images of Robert Mugabe. He should also commit to undergoing training to understand the Jewish religion and its symbols. We cannot recall ever having come across something like this before.


Unilad should remove and apologise for promoting its David Icke video monologue to over a million people

The controversial viral social media site Unilad has produced a propaganda video for conspiracy theorist David Icke, whom Campaign against Antisemitism exposed in our own video last year.

The video, entitled “David Icke: Conspiracy, Illuminati & Lizards” is a ten-minute long monologue documentary which Unilad has promoted hailing Mr Icke as “the man whose life mission is to expose the nature of reality, inform on what is really happening behind the news headlines and who is really running the world. Full of conspiracy, the illuminati and lizards, we talk to him about his theories and incredible life story.”

The fact is that Mr Icke’s conspiracy theories are not harmless nonsense: they preach a world view in which the world is in the grip of a conspiracy run by the “Rothschild Zionists” who are the product of an alien “reptilian” bloodline. Mr Icke cites many prominent Jews around the world as evidence of “Rothschild Zionist” infiltration of global power structures.

His disciples believe his antisemitic theories about Jews and when we have drawn respectable venues’ attention to his views they have cancelled his appearances, but Unilad decided that he was worthy of a special video documentary.

Unilad’s video has been viewed 1.2 millions times on Facebook alone. It is atrocious that Unilad has decided to broadcast the repugnant views of Mr Icke to an even wider audience.

Complaints should be sent to enquiries@unilad.co.uk.


After reading online reviews, Campaign Against Antisemitism will improve inclusivity by rebranding as Campaign About Antisemitism

Campaign Against Antisemitism is proud to be a grassroots organisation that listens to its supporters, many of whom volunteer or donate to support our work. That is why each year we pay careful attention to the reviews left for us on Facebook, especially those that are critical.

Upon reflecting on this year’s reviews, we saw how excluded antisemites feel from our campaign. We have therefore decided that it is time for Campaign Against Antisemitism to become more inclusive, making space for antisemites in our campaign.

“Not enough respect for Hizballah”

Reading online reviews of our work has opened our eyes. For example, Facebook user Nathan Hull was scathing of our one-sidedness when it comes to antisemitism, leaving a one-star review with the comment: “Not enough respect for Hizballah. Too much anti-Corbyn propaganda.” Mr Hull made us stop to think. We will be changing our editorial policy to refer to Hizballah not merely as a “genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisation”, instead referring to it as “one of the world’s most hardworking and renowned genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisations”. Subtle changes like this can go a long way to making Hizballah supporters feel more welcome in our campaign.

Hizballah was not on everyone’s minds though. A common theme was that we have been quite beastly to antisemites. Facebook user Ryan Carr, had plenty to say in his one-star review, denouncing us as “Just a ‘victim playing’ group who claim to be the ‘victim’ of ‘persecution’ when in reality they are the ‘persecutors’.” Mr Carr made us realise that we have indeed been persecuting antisemites relentlessly in a way that might be considered a bit much. Stephen Bartrup, was even blunter in his one-star review with a simple demand that we: “Respect our British culture and laws” which we understood as a clear call to stop misusing British anti-racism laws to persecute racists who have traditionally been permitted to practise their craft unmolested. We have therefore decided to find ways to encourage and support antisemites who feel unfairly hounded. Suggestions from our supporters would be welcomed.

“Not a charity but a Zionist front”

Others worried about our branding. Author, Labour Party activist, locksmith and Facebook reviewer Daniel Waterman had such a strong point that he repeated it five times in his review: “Not a charity but a Zionist front. Not a charity but a Zionist front. Not a charity but a Zionist front. Not a charity but a Zionist front. Not a charity but a Zionist front.” Alfonso Capazoli also felt we misrepresented ourselves, suggesting in his review that we rename ourselves “Campaign Against Africans”. We are investigating rebranding options, however we are concerned that they might not meet with the approval of traditionalists at the Charity Commission.

Some reviewers did not feel excluded but had valuable feedback. Expert Facebook reviewer Roger Christian left us a cryptic review demanding: “Ask me why you have missed the mark.” We could not resist, and we were glad that we contacted Mr Christian who told us that we would be considered dismal failures until we succeeded in convincing Eton College to close for Yom Kippur.

“Let’s be an inclusive Campaign About Antisemitism, not against it!”

It is time for Campaign Against Antisemitism to be honest about this feedback and take it to heart. Antisemites are usually deeply devoted to their cause, and rather than excluding and persecuting them, we should be making them feel welcome within our campaign.

Campaign Against Antisemitism’s newly-appointed Director of Inclusivity, said: “Antisemites and Jews should not have separate organisations working against each other: let’s listen and be an inclusive Campaign About Antisemitism, not against it! There is too much strife in the world already.”

The announcement appropriately comes during the Jewish festival of Purim, a celebration of the thwarting of a genocidal antisemitic plot, when it is also traditional to write serious, non-satirical, introspective treatises called “Purim spiels”.

We know we have a way to go before we earn five-star reviews from antisemites, but from everyone else, your feedback has been generously five-star and we urge you to continue by leaving a review of your own.

And to all of our Jewish supporters, Purim Sameach!


Arsenal must act after Robert Peston tweets he is “ashamed to be Arsenal supporter” after witnessing antisemitism at match

ITV news reporter, Robert Peston, has tweeted that he feels ashamed to support Arsenal after attending the club’s Carabao Cup Final match against Manchester City at Wembley on Sunday.

Mr Peston tweeted: “One of those moments when I am ashamed to be Arsenal supporter on way to Wembley because moron gooners [Arsenal fans] singing antisemitic song about how they have foreskins & Spurs fans don’t. Well many of us truer supporters are circumcised as is their/our hero Ozil (I assume). Shut the f up”.

Spurs, the nickname for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, has traditionally enjoyed the support of a large number of Jewish football fans and Campaign Against Antisemitism has reported previously about clubs such as Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham using antisemitic chants against Spurs fans. The song that Mr Peston is referring to includes the lyrics: “I’ve got a foreskin, haven’t you? F***ing Jew!”

In another tweet, Mr Peston wrote that he felt “racially abused by alleged fellow supporters”.

A spokesperson for Arsenal said: “We absolutely condemn any form of antisemitism at the club. We work hard to encourage diversity and inclusion through The Arsenal for Everyone programme and will continue to drive forward this campaign to our supporters.”

Though Arsenal’s opposition to antisemitism is very welcome, the club must now endeavour to identify and punish the individuals involved. We commend Mr Peston for exposing this disgraceful behaviour by Arsenal fans.


After Unite chief Len McCluskey calls on his followers to mass report it, Twitter suspends account which highlights antisemitism in Labour for using Nazi-era yellow star, calling it “hateful imagery”, then restores it

A Twitter account which highlights antisemitism in the Labour Party was suspended by Twitter, reportedly for using an image of a Holocaust-era yellow star.

The suspension of the @GnasherJew account followed an appeal by Unite the Union chief Len McCluskey to report the account to Twitter. Despite this account never previously having been censored by Twitter, it was taken down within 24 hours of Mr McCluskey’s request, referring to it as an account that is “spreading hatred”.

While it cannot be confirmed that the suspension was directly caused by Mr McCluskey’s appeal, we find it odd that as a so-called ‘anti-racist’ and a leading figure within a party with a serious problem with antisemitism, he would choose to pour oil on the fire by attempting to censor those pointing out the racism in its own ranks, or why he would characterise their posts as hateful. Mr McCluskey has previously disputed that Labour has an antisemitism problem at all, claiming allegations of antisemitism were just “mood music” to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and declaring that antisemitism is being exaggerated by the “right-wing media”.

Perhaps Mr McCluskey just could not stand to see the evidence posted day in day out by the @GnasherJew activists on Twitter who prove him wrong.

The account was suspended because Twitter claimed that it breached its rules over hateful imagery. In Nazi Germany, Jews were dehumanised by being forced to wear a yellow star in order to render them easily identifiable by the rest of the population. The activists behind @GnasherJew were told by Twitter that the account was suspended “Specifically for: 1. Violating our rules against posting hateful imagery. You may not use hateful images or symbols in your profile image or profile header.” Twitter added that “To unlock your account, you must do the following: Delete the Profile Field that violates our rules.”

Twitter allows extreme antisemitism to go unchecked on a regular basis, and has demonstrably allowed antisemitic comment that has formed part of prosecutions for hate crime in the UK. It was therefore extraordinary that it would censor an account run by an activist who exposes, with evidence, those who break Twitter’s own rules, but against whom they are unwilling to act.


Labour MPs Naz Shah, Chris Williamson and Clive Lewis must explain why they attended event organised by members suspended over antisemitism claims

Three Labour MPs, including the Shadow Treasury Minister, have attended an event in Westminster organised by suspended party members accused of antisemitism, the JC has reported.

The event was the launch of the Grassroots Black Left (GBL) group, aimed at revitalising black and ethnic minority participation in left wing politics, however the launch was organised by Labour Against the Witch Hunt, a group set up to protest what it says are false claims of antisemitism within the Labour party.

Labour Against the Witch Hunt has been going through its own internal identity crisis after members were expelled over antisemitism claims, leading to the establishment of a splinter group opposing what it called a witch hunt within Labour Against the Witch Hunt.

Labour MPs Naz Shah, Chris Williamson and Clive Lewis all attended the event, apparently happy to rub shoulders with Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth, both of whom are currently suspended from the Labour Party pending disciplinary hearings.

In an article written in The Morning Star, Deborah Hobson, a chair of GBL, wrote: “Black party members, including disproportionately Muslims, have faced false charges of antisemitism yet the Chakrabarti Report told us that this form of prejudice is not rife in our party.” She went on to claim: “Islamophobia and anti-black racism are much more prevalent but those twin evils have been ignored by Labour. We demand the party leadership publicly defend its supporters who have been purged.”

Another chair of GBL, Hassan Ahmed is reported to have said “Black party members, including GBL’s Marc Wadsworth and Jackie Walker, have faced suspensions in a witch hunt against Jeremy Corbyn supporters, but we remain firm in our support for the Labour leader and his progressive politics.”

Naz Shah and Chris Williamson are no strangers to controversy, both having been strongly criticised, Naz Shah for comments she admitted were antisemitic, and Chris Williamson for claiming that antisemitism allegations within the Party were “proxy wars and bulls***”.

Naz Shah, Chris Williamson and Clive Lewis must urgently explain why they felt comfortable attending and legitimising this event.


Plumber Jason Galvin convicted and ordered to pay £515 over antisemitic tirade against Jewish customer

Jason Galvin, a 46-year-old plumber from Oxford, has been convicted of using a public communication network to cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety under section 127 of the Communication Act 2003 after sending a torrent of antisemitic abuse to a Jewish man whom he incorrectly believed had failed to pay for his services.

On 21st April 2017, after making a repair at the Jewish man’s flat, Mr Galvin said he would give the customer a quote but would be charging a £50 call out fee in the meantime. Although the customer paid the bill immediately by bank transfer, Mr Galvin did not check his bank account and sent him messages such as “you Jewish f***ing c***” and “all you people are the same”, continuing to harass the customer with two threatening calls and e-mails too, telling the man that he wanted to murder him. He later realised that he had been paid and sent an e-mail saying he was “extremely sorry”. The Jewish man reported the matter to the police who arrested Mr Galvin in the early hours of 22nd April 2017.

Mr Galvin was found to have a violent past, having already been charged with racially aggravated public disorder over an incident involving a traffic warden in 2004 and with battery for domestic abuse in 2012.

Mr Galvin pleaded guilty at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on 11th January, saying that he had been drinking at the time and was very sorry and ashamed. He was ordered to pay a fine of £300, costs of £85, compensation of £100 and a victim surcharge £30. He was also referred to a restorative justice programme to facilitate an apology.

The victim told CST, which had provided him with assistance during the case: “I was completely thrown by the vehemence and volume of his attack on me. I was frightened for my wife. We are two elderly people in our flat and he knew how to get to us. It was a horrible experience.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism commends the victim, CST, Thames Valley Police and the Crown Prosecution Service for their parts in this case.

Sadly, prosecutions for antisemitic crime are few and far between. Campaign Against Antisemitism helps victims of antisemitic crime to ensure that crimes against them are prosecuted. If you have been the victim of an antisemitic crime or you have witnessed an antisemitic crime, please contact investigations@antisemitism.uk. You can also read our guide to the law on antisemitism at antisemitism.uk/law.

Image credit: Steve Daniels


CAA contacts university Jewish Societies to offer assistance during ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’

Every year at universities across the country, ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ sees a flurry of antisemitic speakers and demonstrations on British campuses. Each year, we are contacted by Jewish students who are unsure of their rights, what they can do, and how we can help them.

Following a great deal of work by Campaign Against Antisemitism, Sir Eric Pickles and others, the British government became the first in the world to formally adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism in 2016, following which the then Minister of State for Universities reminded all universities of the definition and their obligation to protect their Jewish students. Although it offered no new measures, his call was backed by the Prime Minister.

Some universities such as the University of Exeter and the University of Central Lancashire showed principled leadership and banned ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ events, whereas others, like the University of Sussex, rolled out the red carpet.

Last year, by the end of ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’, which often runs for more than one week, students were making videos complaining about problematic events being cancelled. We hope that there might be similar successes in stopping extremist, antisemitic or abusive events this year, despite unhelpful comments by the former Minister of State for Universities in December 2017.

Universities and students’ unions are governed by complex rules and laws, including the government’s Prevent counter-extremism strategy, the public sector equality duty, charity law and numerous other requirements. It can be complicated to enforce the law, but we are here to help. Today we have sent a simple guide to students explaining how we can help them to enforce their rights. The guide has been sent to Jewish Societies directly but it can also be downloaded by anybody from our website.


To be perfectly clear, Campaign Against Antisemitism has no objection to robust political discourse about Israel, but there must be zero tolerance for antisemitic discourse disguised as political criticism. We call on universities to abide by their moral and legal obligation to protect Jewish students. We are keen to hear from students who are experiencing antisemitism on campus, or who are aware of recent and future events of concern via e-mail at campus@antisemitism.uk.


Tony Greenstein is expelled by the Labour Party, but hundreds of cases are long overdue

Labour activist and Palestine Solidarity Campaign founder Tony Greenstein has been expelled from the Labour Party following a lengthy disciplinary process. Mr Greenstein has been expelled from the Party once before but he was allowed to rejoin.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “The National Constitutional Committee (NCC) of the Labour Party has today found that all three charges of a breach of the Labour Party’s rule 2.1.8 by Tony Greenstein have been found proved. The NCC consequently determined that the sanction for the breach of Labour Party rules will be expelled from membership. The Labour Party will make no further comment on this matter.”

According to a copy of the Labour Party’s legal arguments linked to by Mr Greenstein, the three charges all related to comments made by Mr Greenstein on social media and his blog. The first charge related to “repeatedly using ‘zio’ as a term of derision, stating ‘Gay zionists make me want to puke’ and referring to others as ‘Zionist scum’”, the second charge related to abuse including calling Labour MP Louise Ellman a “supporter of child abuse” and the third charge relates to an e-mail sent by Mr Greenstein to the General Secretary of the Labour Party in which he appeared to make a distasteful joke about the Nazis’ so-called “final solution”, their plan to annihilate European Jewry.

The Labour Party’s rule 2.1.8, which was used to expel Mr Greenstein, states: “No member of the party shall engage in conduct which in the opinion of the NEC [National Executive Committee] is prejudicial, or in any act which in the opinion of the NEC is grossly detrimental to the party.”

The case has taken a long time to reach its conclusion and Mr Greenstein has attacked the process itself, taking legal action to delay the hearing and also suing the Labour Party over its decision not to tell him the names of his accusers, leading Brighton County Court to rule on 9th January that Mr Greenstein is “intense and combative” and “Whilst he claims to be viewed out of context he has within document repeatedly used language which is offensive in any context — ‘racist Zios’ ‘fascist scum’ to give two small examples.”

In response to Mr Greenstein’s expulsion, Joe Glasman, Head of Political and Government Investigations at Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “Even following the verdict, Tony Greenstein has continued to shamelessly call people ‘Zios’ on social media as he had done with impunity until this decision. We are pleased that the Labour Party has at long last begun to expel those it finds guilty of abusive conduct, but its action is more than two years overdue. It must end Baroness Chakrabarti’s practice of secret hearings and urgently and transparently hear the hundreds of stalled cases awaiting decisions. We must not forget that this is still a party that counts Jackie Walker, Ken Livingstone and hundreds of others like them among its members.”


Polish author who partly blamed Jews for Holocaust deaths cancels talks in UK following calls for Home Office to block entry

A far-right hate speaker from Poland has cancelled a planned UK visit following a public outcry and pleas to the Home Office to get his entry blocked.

Rafał Ziemkiewicz, an author and journalist in his native Poland was due to give talks at events in Bristol, Cambridge and Slough, according to The Guardian but following concerns from MPs and campaigners about hate speech, the appearances have reportedly been cancelled.

Recently, Mr Ziemkiewicz expressed revolting views on Polish television following the Polish government’s controversial Holocaust bill. Whilst appearing as a guest on Polish channel TVP, the host and Mr Ziemkiewicz mocked critics of the Polish government’s Holocaust bill, joking that death camps should be referred to as “Jewish death camps” and Jews had a part to play in their own slaughter during the Holocaust. The TVP host later apologised for his comments, however Mr Ziemkiewicz said he didn’t regret using the term “Jewish death camps.”

Mr Ziemkiewicz has also been accused of describing Muslims as “invaders” and “barbarians” and saying that “gays should be fought against” in an article featured in the weekly Polish news magazine Newsweek Polska.

Campaign Against Antisemitism commends those whose work resulted in Mr Ziemkiewicz cancelling his speaking tour.

Image credit: Adrian Grycuk


YouTube star David Vujanic, fêted by Jeremy Corbyn for opposing racism, apologises for years of antisemitic tweets

YouTube star David Vujanic, who was fêted by Jeremy Corbyn for his anti-racist work following an interview last week, has apologised for years of antisemitic tweets. Last week he interviewed Mr Corbyn who praised him, and was photographed clasping hands with him. The interview has now been deleted and so have the tweets.

Political blog Guido Fawkes discovered a number of antisemitic tweets, following which Campaign Against Antisemitism has unearthed even more.

Mr Vujanic had tweeted in 2012 that “Hitler was playing the Jew challenge game”.

In another message that year, he had said that “Jew goals are my specialty on FIFA”, a computer game. Some players of the game have taken to referring to a goal scored by one player who did very little on the back of skilful play by another player as a “Jew goal”, the implication being that Jews are lazy parasites benefitting from the work of others.

We also found evidence that Mr Vujanic subscribed to the stereotype of Jews as wealthy and miserly. In 2011 he tweeted: “#YouKnowSomeonesRich if they’re Jewish”. In 2012 he wrote: “My Jewish boy that has 15k in the bank asked for his 10p back that he borrowed me”. The same year he also wrote: “How can my friend @smythe92 PAINT his [tyre] rims black instead of getting new ones…..pains me to say he’s Jewish too.”

However some of Mr Vujanic’s comments are more recent. In 2014 he wrote: “As long as the USA is funded by the Zionist lobby. Violence outbreaks will remain. It’s all about the £££”.

Having been caught, Mr Vujanic has now apologised and deleted the tweets, writing: “Hi everyone, some of my old tweets have been unearthed and they’re absolutely vile. I want to apologise sincerely. My younger self was completely ignorant, unaware and stupid. These tweets do not represent my beliefs and views. Discrimination is NEVER acceptable. Love, David”

A spokesperson for Mr Corbyn said: “David Vujanic’s old tweets were absolutely vile and he is right to apologise for them and recognise that hate and discrimination have no place in our society.”

Mr Vujanic’s apology notwithstanding, questions remain over how Mr Corbyn’s team could possibly have set up an interview in which he fêted someone who had expressed clear antisemitic views as a leading light against racism. It is not the first time.


Julian Assange accused of antisemitism again over leaked Wikileaks messages calling reporter “rat” and “Jewish”

Leaked Twitter messages reportedly written by Julian Assange, the controversial founder of Wikileaks, included a disturbing attack on a journalist.

In August 2016, Associated Press journalist Raphael Satter had helped to write a story about the damage done to individuals by Wikileaks’ unredacted disclosures, and when he tweeted about it, Mr Assange reportedly wrote a message in a private Twitter messaging group using the Wikileaks verified Twitter account: “He’s always been a rat. But he’s Jewish and engaged with the ((()))) issue.”

The round brackets refer to a neo-Nazi device called “echoes” whereby they placed Jewish people’s names between three sets of round brackets in order to identify them for targeting. In response, many prominent figures decided to appropriate the device by using it in their own name on Twitter.

Wikileaks previously referred to the round brackets, tweeting in July 2016: “Tribalist symbol for establishment climbers? Most of our critics have 3 (((brackets around their names))) & have black-rim glasses. Bizarre.” Jews are often accused of tribal collusion by neo-Nazis. The tweet was later deleted.

In 2013, a Wikileaks employee said that he had left the organisation because he said that Mr Assange had close links to notorious antisemite Israel Shamir.

In 2011, Andrew O’Hagan, who had hoped to ghostwrite Mr Assange’s autobiography, claimed that Mr Assange had “uttered, late at night, many casual libels, many sexist or antisemitic remarks”.

Mr Assange currently lives in the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he has claimed political asylum.

He has previously denied being antisemitic, saying: “We treasure our strong Jewish support and staff, just as we treasure the support from pan-Arab democracy activists and others who share our hope for a just world.”


Senior GMB union official Neil Smith reportedly under investigation for retweeting suggestion that “Blairites weaponise antisemitism”

A senior official in the GMB union, Neil Smith, is reportedly under investigation for allegedly retweeting a tweet by a conspiracy theorist which claimed that the Rothschild banking and philanthropic family “own 80% of Israel” and asked: “Do Blairites weaponise antisemitism against Corbyn supporters?”

It has repeatedly been claimed by supporters of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn that allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party have been trumped up or used by enemies of Mr Corbyn to undermine him.

Mr Smith is GMB’s regional political officer for the North West of England and Ireland.

Campaign Against Antisemitism has approached Mr Smith and GMB for their comments.


Christian O’Connell sends CAA apology for his “Diarrhoea of Anne Frank” Holocaust joke on Absolute Radio, but will he broadcast it?

Christian O’Connell has issued an apology for his distasteful Holocaust joke about “The Diarrhoea of Anne Frank”.

Campaign Against Antisemitism received complaints from listeners who heard Mr O’Connell’s show on Absolute Radio on 8th February. During the show, Mr O’Connell introduced a segment called “Update a classic” in which Mr O’Connell and his guests changed a word in the title of a classic book to comedically bring it up to date. Mr O’Connell’s suggestion was to rename the Diary of Anne Frank: “The Diarrhoea of Anne Frank”, to tittering from his guests, Richie Firth, Emma Jones and Glenn Moore. Mr O’Connell explained: “Diarrhea! She daren’t let go in case the Germans heard her.”

Whilst in hiding, Anne Frank and her family did indeed have to avoid flushing the toilet to avoid the noise giving away their hiding place. They were eventually discovered and all but Anne Frank’s father died of disease in concentration camps or were murdered.

Anne Frank died during a typhus outbreak in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp not long before it was liberated by British soldiers. She had been described as bald and shivering, and caring for her sister Margot who was in an even worse condition. Her sister fell from a bunk and died. Anne Frank died days later.

It is unsurprising that many people were upset by Mr O’Connell’s distasteful Holocaust joke.

Campaign Against Antisemitism approached Mr O’Connell through his agent and Mr O’Connell issued the following apology to us: “I do a live show for four hours a day and sometimes, one says something and one instantly regrets it. This was that. As soon as I’d said it I knew it wasn’t acceptable. I genuinely apologise to everyone who was upset by my comments. I was wrong. My show is national across the UK and I go out of my way to make it an inclusive show for all, which is why this is so regrettable. I hope this apology can be taken in the manner it is truly meant.”

Whilst we are pleased that Mr O’Connell has apologised unreservedly, we are disappointed that when we asked when the apology would be broadcast, we received no reply.


Former Hull City manager Phil Brown issues heartfelt apology to CAA for “Holocaust of a game” comment on Talksport radio

Phil Brown, the football player turned manager has apologised for making a distasteful comment about the Holocaust on a radio show. Mr Brown, who managed Derby County, Hull City, Preston North End and Southend United, made the comment on Tuesday 6th February whilst a guest on Jim White’s show on Talksport Radio.

During the show, Mr Brown referred to Chelsea Football Club midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko as having had a “Holocaust of a game” during Chelsea’s recent match against Watford.

The radio station had removed the comment when they uploaded the show to their website after broadcast but Twitter users had already begun lambasting Mr Brown, as well as the host, Mr White, for failing to call Mr Brown out on air.

The Holocaust was the planned, brutal genocide of Jews and others in Europe and many British Jews are the descendants of Holocaust survivors or those who escaped to Britain, so it is unsurprising that many people were upset by Mr Brown’s distasteful Holocaust reference, and the failure of Mr White to call it out.

Campaign Against Antisemitism received complaints about Mr Brown’s comment, so we approached Mr Brown directly to discuss the matter. He issued the following heartfelt apology: “I am genuinely sorry for the hurt and distress I caused by what I said on Talksport last week. It was wrong, offensive and completely unacceptable. I am especially sorry for the significant offense I caused to every member of the Jewish community. I fully understand the meaning of the word I used and the horror it represents. I can’t believe I used that word. I was wrong to do so and I am profoundly and wholeheartedly sorry.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism will take no further action in relation to Mr Brown but we are disappointed not to have heard from Mr White, who hosted the programme and let the comment pass without challenging it.


Comment: Jeremy Corbyn is calling out antisemitism in football, but not on his own team

At a “Show Racism the Red Card” event last week, the Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, called on Tottenham Hotspur fans to stop chanting their traditional “Yid Army” chant, saying that it racialises footballing divides and stokes antisemitism.

Tottenham Hotspur has a longstanding, historic association with its local Jewish community and has been labelled as a “Jewish team” with players and fans often facing antisemitic abuse from opposition fans. Spurs fans began to calls themselves “Yid” in response to abuse shouted by Moseley supporters at matches, as a means of reclaiming the word and showing solidarity with Jewish fans.

The “Yid Army” chant has been the source of much controversy over the years, with activists, celebrities and organisations dedicated to combating hate crime, calling for Tottenham fans to make a change and address its impact, saying that it racialises already tribal divisions and fuels antisemitism. Comedian David Baddiel and his brother Ivor have campaigned against the term for years, gaining widespread support. Mr Baddiel collaborated with Kick it Out, the charity dedicated to fighting racism in football, to campaign for the term “Yid” to be recognised as a racist slur similar to other offensive terms no longer widely used in football stands.

Meanwhile, Tottenham fans have argued that by taking ownership of the term they have successfully neutralised it as a racist term, reducing its impact and taking pride in what they consider to be the defence of their fellow fans who are Jewish. Over the years, Tottenham fans have vociferously defended their right to make use of the term, taking pride in the title despite being largely, a non-Jewish fanbase.

This is an argument, however, that in the words of Mr Corbyn, “doesn’t really work.” Speaking to The Guardian, he said: “The idea of adopting a term to neutralise it doesn’t really work because it is identifying a club by an ethnic group or faith, whereas you should be identifying club [sic] through supporters. Calling Arsenal fans ‘Gooners’ or ‘Gunners’ is fine because that is what it is because of the origins or heritage of the club.”

The chant, however, has never been purely about Tottenham. Whilst it has been a defensive call to arms, leading to Tottenham becoming a safe and welcoming place for Jewish fans it has brought out the worst in rival and opposing fans. As recently as last Sunday Liverpool fans hurled antisemitic epithets at Tottenham players and fans, making particular use of the term “Yid”. It remains the primary responsibility of those clubs with fans engaging in antisemitic rhetoric to tackle it, ensuring that antisemitism is not tolerated and zero tolerance is applied, as Chelsea committed to doing last month.

However the “Yid army” chant no longer plays the defensive, empowering role it arguably once did, and the time has now come for Tottenham fans to recognise that they could do more to combat antisemitism in football. This does not negate the responsibility of other clubs, whose racism is a major problem that we have regularly called out, but it is important that allies work constructively to oppose modern antisemitism.

There is a sense of irony in the position of Jeremy Corbyn on this point. Mr Corbyn has failed to root out and address antisemitism within the Labour Party since assuming its leadership in 2015. He himself has consorted for years with antisemites, and even rushed to the defense of figures such as the disgraced Reverend Stephen Sizer, whilst abjectly failing to stop abuse directed at Labour MP Ruth Smeeth at an event billed as drawing a line under antisemitism in the Labour Party. It is incumbent on us all to ensure that we address issues within our own sphere rather than focusing purely on the problems of others. Mr Corbyn has correctly called out a contentious and persistent cause of antisemitism in football, but in doing so he reminds us all of the continuing problems of antisemitism that he ignores.

Binyomin Gilbert is Programme Manager at Campaign Against Antisemitism


Chelsea Football Club promises to ban antisemitic fans as Hertfordshire Constabulary investigates incident at Watford match

Chelsea Football Club has vowed to ban any fans found to have used antisemitic slurs or behaviour at Monday’s match against Watford Football Club.

According to the BBC, Jewish Chelsea fan and anti-racism activist Jonathan Metliss, was left “disgusted” by the antisemitic chanting he heard at the match.  In an online post, Mr Metliss said: “They were singing…to the tune of Smoke gets in your eyes, about Martin Chivers being a Jew and being circumcised, along with the usual ‘yiddo’ chants.”

Mr Metliss said that he took photographs of the alleged perpetrators before raising awareness of the incident with stewards who moved him to a family area “for his own safety”. Mr Metliss reported the incident to Hertfordshire Constabulary and Watford Football Club, who are leading a joint investigation into the incident.

Chelsea Football Club issued a statement saying: “Antisemitism has no place in our club, football or wider society. Anyone found guilty of antisemitic language or behaviour will face action from the club, including bans, and will be asked to attend equality education courses. We welcome the fact that fans have reported this behaviour, which shames our club.”

Sadly, this incident took place shortly after Chelsea launched its “Say No to Antisemitism” campaign.

We commend Mr Metliss for reporting this matter and gathering evidence, and Chelsea Football Club for its clear statement, but we regret that Watford Football Club’s stewards did not act, giving brazen antisemites the opportunity to escape justice. We will follow the police investigation with interest.


Changing of the guard as Nathan Hopstein steps down after more than three years as CAA’s Director of Organisation and Finance

Nathan Hopstein, one of the original founders of Campaign Against Antisemitism is stepping down as Director of Organisation and Finance after three-and-a-half years ensuring that our charity has been soundly managed during a period of intense growth. At the end of last year, Nathan informed us of his decision to take a step back from the helm of the charity, and the search began for his successor.

Our new Director of Organisation and Finance will be our former Head of Online Monitoring and Investigations, who has extensive experience in organisational strategy, systems, compliance and building processes to support the growth of a volunteer-led organisation.

Gideon Falter, Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “Nathan has been a guiding hand from the foundation of Campaign Against Antisemitism. His wise and steady counsel has seen us through many challenges and a period of extremely intense growth as demand for our work has rapidly increased. He is a mensch of the first order and we all wish him great success in the future. We are also delighted to welcome Nathan’s successor to the board, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise that will help us to continue to build our charity over the coming years.”


Today’s article in the Daily Telegraph about George Soros’ intervention in British politics is not antisemitic, but editors chose their headline poorly

An innocuous article about George Soros’ supposed intervention in British politics has attracted claims of antisemitism because the headline chosen by the Daily Telegraph’s editors referred to him “backing a secret plot to thwart Brexit”.

It is indisputable that George Soros has, in recent years, been subjected to antisemitic campaigns around the world, painting him as a shadowy Jewish bogeyman. Mr Soros has been frequently targeted by, amongst others, the Hungarian government and several Eastern European advertising campaigns, which have been described as worryingly antisemitic, forming a narrative that the Daily Telegraph’s editors should have borne in mind when writing the headline for today’s article about his supposed intervention in British politics, however we do not consider the article to be antisemitic and it appears the headline, which was not written by the authors of the article, was only negligent.

The article, written by Nick Timothy, Kate McCann, Claire Newell and Luke Heighton, which reported on financial backing given by Mr Soros to the Best for Britain campaign, a campaign aiming to combat Brexit, has been noticed by several prominent activists and politicians on Twitter, who called the headline out for its close linguistic links to antisemitic conspiracy theories that have focused on Mr Soros for years.

Others, including Jonathan Portes, a senior lecturer at King’s College London, initially condemned Mr Timothy and the Daily Telegraph for analysis appearing alongside the article, before conceding that it was not Mr Timothy but the Daily Telegraph which was responsible for the analysis and it is they who should bear the burden of responsibility for this phrasing.

Mr Timothy himself staunchly denied the allegations against him personally.

Whist the Daily Telegraph is a newspaper that is correctly seen as philosemitic, we act without fear or favour when it falls foul of the standards that all newspapers should adhere to. For example, we are currently pursuing a complaint with the Independent Press Standards Organisation against the Daily Telegraph over an article published in September last year, in which the newspaper’s Digital Travel Editor, Oliver Smith, listed the last three countries in the world which he claimed “don’t have a central bank owned or controlled by the Rothschild family”. According to Mr Smith, and antisemites all over the world, the three countries are Cuba, North Korea and Iran. Mr Smith and the Daily Telegraph claimed that he did it by accident.

Campaign Against Antisemitism is apolitical and has no position on Brexit. We are rarely in the business of certifying that something is not antisemitic (the last time that we did so was in July 2015, when the Queen, as a young child, was suggested to have performed a Nazi salute), however from time to time we believe that it is important to speak out to avert an injustice.

Gideon Falter, Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “If Mr Soros intervenes in British politics it is legitimate for him to attract political scrutiny, which of course must not stray into antisemitism. We consider that today’s article was innocuous though its headline was poorly chosen by the Daily Telegraph’s editors. We do not believe that there are any grounds for accusing the authors of the article of antisemitism and we will not be submitting a complaint about the editors’ choice of headline. In particular, Nick Timothy is known to us as a firm friend of British Jewry, having strenuously supported our call for zero tolerance law enforcement against antisemitism during his time at the Home Office.”


Unapologetic Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey claims “right-wing media” is exaggerating Labour’s antisemitism problem

The leader of the UK’s largest trade union, Unite, has claimed that the Labour Party’s ongoing antisemitism crisis is only a problem due to “right-wing media” supposedly exaggerating the issue.

Mr McCluskey made the comments last week during a speech for the Resolution Foundation, according to the Daily Telegraph.

A major ally of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Mr McCluskey was reported to have said: “Let’s not kind of highlight too much division as though it’s a problem. It’s a problem because the right wing media try to make it a problem. That’s why we’ve had all the stuff flowing around about misogyny and antisemitism in the Labour Party to try and create an image that the Labour party is somehow a toxic party.”

Following the speech, Mr McCluskey tweeted: “The media try to create more of a division than there is in our movement. @UKLabour the biggest party in Europe. Of course, there will be a range of views. But we deal with each other in a respectful manner and accept the majority view #newpolitics @resfoundation”.

One of Mr McCluskey’s rivals within Unite was previously attacked as a traitor by Diane Abbott for stating that the Labour Party had a problem with antisemitism.

In September last year, soon after Campaign Against Antisemitism published  a database of antisemitism in political parties, which laid bare the disproportionate problem within the Labour Party, Mr McCluskey told the BBC that antisemitism in the Labour Party is merely “mood music” designed to “undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership” and that people who allege it have been “playing games”.

At the time we called upon Mr McCluskey to apologise or resign, but such is the atmosphere in the Labour Party that Mr McCluskey felt no pressure to do either.


Polish man remanded in custody over alleged arson, threats and antisemitic vandalism of house in Stamford Hill

A Polish man has been remanded in custody after being arrested on suspicion of two counts of arson and the antisemitic vandalism of a house owned by a Jewish family in Stamford Hill.

It is alleged that the man moved into the property as a squatter, refused to move out and procured chemicals and weapons before saying that he would stab members of the Jewish family that owned the property and setting fire to bins outside two homes where he believed that they lived at approximately 23:30 on Friday night.

Volunteers from Stamford Hill Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, operate a 24-hour response service and went to the scene of the incident to assist police in understanding the significance of the graffiti found there. There they found what appeared to be illegal drugs and deranged graffiti, including hundreds of Stars of David and the number 666, which in Christian numerology is used to refer to Satan.

Stamford Hill Shomrim is monitoring the trial, including the remand status of the defendant.

We commend Stamford Hill Shomrim and the Metropolitan Police Service for their extremely swift response to this disturbing incident and we will follow the case with interest.


The Labour Party’s double standard in suspending Jennifer James establishes a new benchmark for its response to allegations of antisemitism

Last week, Campaign Against Antisemitism further exposed the Labour Party’s claims that it “takes all forms of antisemitism seriously” as a lie. We revealed that prominent Labour activist Jennifer James had been suspended by the Party thirteen days after finding herself on one particular side of an ongoing debate concerning the rights of self-defining trans women within the Labour Party, yet the Party had taken no action when the same individual had been reported months earlier for straightforward breaches of Labour’s new rules and adopted definition regarding antisemitism.

When we asked the Labour Party to comment on this discrepancy, their spokesperson’s response, in full, was: “The Labour Party takes all allegations of antisemitism extremely seriously and is committed to challenging it in all its forms. All complaints are investigated and acted upon as quickly as possible in line with Labour’s rules and procedures.”

When the response to clear evidence that the Labour Party does not investigate and act on antisemitism seriously and quickly is to issue a cut-and-paste statement that they do the very thing we have proved they do not, one’s initial reaction might be to laugh at the self-satirising hypocrisy of the response. However, the shabby and dismissive nature of that response is significant in an atmosphere in which prominent figures in the Labour Party have pursued a policy of dismissing claims of antisemitism as baseless, implying that Jews who make such claims are liars with hidden motives.

The case of Jennifer James will now stand as a benchmark. It proves that when the Labour Party has a mind to, those who they believe have views inconsistent with membership of the Party can be suspended within two weeks. In the case of Ms James and in all future cases, any failure to act within two weeks of an allegation of antisemitism can and should be used to shame the Party.


Labour leader of Haringey Council to stand down partly in protest over refusal to discipline abuser who told Jewish Councillor “you will have more time to count money” after elections

The Labour leader of Haringey Council has announced her decision to stand down over rampant antisemitism and sexism in the local party. After ten years as leader of the Council, Claire Kober told The Times that she could no longer remain in her post due to the extreme hatred that had been subjected to and witnessed. Councillor Kober will stand down when local elections are held in May.

Councillor Kober, who is the most senior Labour woman in local government, cited a number of factors including the involvement of Labour’s Momentum faction in bullying, sexism and the decision to block a flagship housing project, but she said: “The levels of antisemitism I’ve seen in the Labour Party are just astonishing. The only thing I see that’s worse than sexism in the Labour Party is antisemitism.”

Recalling an incident in which Councillors were threatened for proposing to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism, Councillor Kober said: “I was met with this wall of sound. Many of them Labour Party members screaming, shouting, howling, trying to stop me speaking.” When the motion was passed, one voice was heard shouting: “We will see you at your Constituency Labour Party.” Labour Councillor Joe Goldberg tweeted that he was threatened by fellow Labour Party members.

Councillor Kober was particularly disgusted however when a Momentum-backed candidate told a Jewish Councillor that “you will have more time to count money” after the local elections in May. Councillor Kober’s attempts to have him disciplined or expelled were rejected by the hard-left faction.

Echoing the sentiments of other Labour Councillors who have resigned over antisemitism, Councillor Kober said: “Antisemitism is tolerated within the Labour Party. That Ken Livingstone is still in the Labour Party I find inexplicable.”

We commend Councillor Kober for her principled decision and for speaking out, however we find it utterly abhorrent that the Labour Party, Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition, has become a place where even senior figures who wish to see antisemitism punished are intimidated and hounded out of the Party.


Swastika graffiti outside London railway station left visible by Islington Council for days, opposite primary school

Islington Council has described a swastika graffitied outside Drayton Park Railway Station as “extremely offensive”. The graffiti was found sprayed onto a wall outside the station on Sunday last week and left there until Wednesday before being finally removed. In addition to the swastika, which was drawn the wrong way around, Nazi Germany’s iron cross was also found on another wall.

A Jewish man who reported the graffiti told the Islington Gazette: “I take no notice of it personally. There are so many bigger fish to fry in this world. But this is a hate crime and Nazi symbols shouldn’t be in the streets, across the road from a primary school, for three days.”

When asked why it took them so long to remove the graffiti, which is directly opposite a primary school, Councillor Kaya Comer-Schwartz told the Islington Gazette: “We condemn all forms of hate crime, and are appalled at this extremely offensive and hateful graffiti. A team was sent to remove this graffiti as soon as it was reported to them, and we thank the Twitter user who brought this to our attention. We urge residents who see graffiti of this kind to report it to police as a hate crime. If residents also report hateful graffiti to the council we will remove it as soon as possible.”

The Metropolitan Police Service is also investigating the hate crime.


CAA complains to Channel 4 over failure to remove stream of abusive comments on its Facebook videos for Holocaust Memorial Day

The Labour MP for Leeds North West, Alex Sobel, has recieved a string of antisemitic abuse online following an impassioned speech last week in the House of Commons to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

In a candid and emotional speech to the House, Mr Sobel described how the events of the Holocaust had impacted his family and expressed concern that genocide and intolerance was still taking place around the world.

Shockingly, a Channel 4 Facebook video of Mr Sobel’s speech, which has been viewed over 130,000 times, attracted a stream of antisemitic abuse directed at the MP.

Mr Sobel’s heartfelt speech mentioned family members murdered and sterilised by the Nazi regime. He expressed his sorrow for family members that never even had a chance to live, and shared memories of his great aunt in Tel Aviv having numbers tattooed onto her arm and the confusion that caused him as a child.

However, Channel 4’s video of the speech was strewn with abuse such as: “Meanwhile, let’s forget the current Holocaust” and “…not one mention of the genocidal tyranny being inflicted upon the Palestinian people by the people ‘who suffered so much’. It must be due to his personally deep felt shame that he swept this ongoing tragic event under the carpet.” Another user posted “God in heaven. I’m bloody sick of hearing this. Politicians use the Holocaust like a royal flush in poker.”

In response to the shameful comments, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted: “Appalling that Alex Sobel has received a stream of antisemitic abuse online after Channel 4 posted a video of his speech to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. We must root out this disgusting prejudice from our society.” Twitter users responded by asking Mr Corbyn whether he would start with antisemites in his own Party.

Sadly, since the Alex Sobel video, another post on Channel 4’s Facebook page has also attracted a number of unsavoury antisemitic comments.

In a post commemorating the 73rd liberation of Auschwitz, Channel 4 posted a video showing the horrors found inside the camp. Some of the comments found alongside this include “Yet they are still doing it to the Palestinen’s [sic]”, “The Russians lost more millions and they never ever mention about it”. Another user added “So sad to see how the oppressed have become the oppressors. Free Palestine.”

Many of the comments breach the International Definition of Antisemitism which explicitly states that “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” is antisemitic, but Channel 4 has failed to remove these hateful comments on their posts.

Campaign Against Antisemitism is making a complaint to Channel 4.


Antisemitic graffiti found at children’s playground in Kent uses neo-Nazi codes

A father walking his young daughter to school was alarmed to find antisemitic and racist slogans alongside Nazi swastikas on playground equipment at Jackson’s playing field in Rochester, Kent, according to the JC.

Darren Kett, who discovered the graffiti, posted images of the graffiti on social media and called on Chatham Council to remove it, commenting: “You don’t expect to see this sort of thing anywhere let along a place where kids go to play.”

In addition to a swastika, the graffiti included the words “F*** Jews”, and another used a neo-Nazi code, “14/88 WPWW”, meaning “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, Heil Hitler, white pride worldwide.” Other offensive graffiti targeted black people.

The graffiti was removed by a group of local residents.


CAA reveals author and Labour Party activist Daniel Waterman said wearing a Jewish skullcap or star of David is like waving a Nazi flag

We can reveal that author, locksmith, Labour Party member and Momentum activist Daniel Waterman has, for a number of years, been making extensive use of Facebook, posting under the pseudonym “Dolong B Blavats”.

As long ago as August 2014, Mr Waterman claimed that “compulsive” behaviour related to the Holocaust was “causing Israelis to behave like Nazis”. It is a theme to which he regularly returned, asserting only last month, while referring to mandatory military service for young Israelis, that “Our young people are still mindlessly following orders just like the Nazis!”

The International Definition of Antisemitism clearly identifies “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” as a manifestation of antisemitism.

In November 2015, Mr Waterman condemned the wearing of a kippah or a star of David in public, comparing it to the waving of the Nazi flag during the Nazi ascent in Germany, and demanded that Jews eschew the practice in order to distance themselves from what he described as “Israel’s terrorism against Palestinians”. He went on to insist that failure to follow his advice would mark Jews as  “provocateurs” and “belligerent fools”, and render them responsible for any hostility they encountered.

In January 2017, he accused a Jewish journalist and “the entire rest of the pro-Israel pro-Zionist community” of being “the real self-hating Jews”, and made the assertion that their protests against the antisemitism that is now prevalent within Labour are a conspiracy to fear-monger and silence criticism of Israel.

In September 2017, he accused “other Jews” of “s***ting all over the Holocaust”, adding that he was “ready to give it up and ‘just’ be a human being”.

In the same month, he posted what was presumably intended to be a joke: “Hey I have a good idea! Why don’t we have another World War? I missed all the good bits at the end of the last one!” On being told this was not funny, he replied “Really, I thought WWII was a gas!”, in an apparent reference to gas chambers used by the Nazis to industrialise the genocide of European Jewry.

Mr Waterman has also given fulsome praise to Gilad Atzmon, who was disavowed by Palestinian activists because of the virulence of his antisemitism, and whose book, The Wandering Who, was described as “…quite probably the most antisemitic book published in this country in recent years.” Despite this, Mr Waterman appeared to be overjoyed that Mr Atzmon had agreed to review the drafts of his new book and at the possibility of his contributing a chapter.

These examples are just a small selection of comments representing views that have no place in our public life.

Matters took a turn for the worse when we contacted Mr Waterman for his comments on this article. Mr Waterman had previously written to Campaign Against Antisemitism to let us know that he considers our website to be a “s***rag” and that “I fart in your general direction”, however we approached him for his comments nonetheless.

In e-mails that ran to four pages, Mr Waterman claimed that “Jews are not above criticism merely for having ancestors who were persecuted”. In a first, he also said that: “In the course of rubbing shoulders with a great many strangers on Facebook one comes into contact with people making all kinds of statements and assertions and one sometimes quotes them or amplifies on what they are saying by repeating it.” However he did not offer any reason why his comments appeared to be his own work and not something he was quoting. He also claimed that “not one” of the comments we had quoted was in context, but when we asked what context was missing he retorted: “Since you are deliberately seeking to incriminate me, I have no intention of aiding you. Have a nice day you f***ing Hasbara bastards!” He then followed up: “By the way, not really interested in [Campaign Against Antisemitism], the only point of my replies was to post them on [Facebook] to expose you. Please do not contact me or troll me in any way anymore or I will file a complaint to the [Labour Party’s National Executive Committee] and the Charities commission [sic]”, and then published a series of odd posts on Facebook, appearing to seek to attract the attention of figures such as Jackie Walker and Gilad Atzmon.

The Labour Party and Momentum should now expel Mr Waterman.


Following complaint from CAA, UCL orders security to remove “deeply offensive and inflammatory” bloodthirsty Jewish dog posters from campus

Following a complaint from Campaign Against Antisemitism to University College London (UCL), UCL has instructed its security team to remove the extremely disturbing posters found around campus depicting the United States trying to restrain a bloodthirsty giant dog emblazoned with a Star of David, eating a smaller animal with the Palestinian flag painted on it.

UCL members of staff and students contacted Campaign Against Antisemitism about the posters and we wrote to the UCL administration within hours, calling for a disciplinary investigation. This highly-offensive and inappropriate poster was being used to promote a talk last night that was originally to be hosted by UCL Friends of Palestine Society and UCL Marxist Society on “Trump and Jerusalem: How to stop Imperialism.” UCL Friends of Palestine Society, however, pulled out as a host following publicity around the controversial posters, leaving UCL Marxist Society alone to run the event. Approximately fifteen people were in attendance.

In a response to a letter from Campaign Against Antisemitism, UCL said: “We immediately asked Security to remove copies of [the poster] and asked the Union to investigate who was responsible.”

UCL also made efforts to publicly condemn the incident on Twitter and Facebook, responding underneath our article link on both platforms. Their statement said that: “UCL condemns antisemitism in any form and without reservation. The poster is deeply offensive and inflammatory. The person responsible for it has withdrawn it and accepts that it was inappropriate and not a reflection of what is being discussed at the meetings it was advertising.”

Communication is ongoing and we have asked for UCL to confirm its timeframe for deciding whether to take disciplinary action.

The event was part of the so-called “Al-Aqsa Week”, an initiative at UCL which involves events from UCL Friends of Palestine, UCL Islamic Society and UCL Marxist Society. Other talks in the series include one tonight called “US Embassy in Jerusalem: What’s the big deal?” and another tomorrow called “Winning and losing Jerusalem.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism commends UCL for its transparency in dealing with the incident and the steps they are taking to prevent this happening again. We thank them for their strong and public condemnation of the inflammatory poster and the support they have shown to Jewish students on campus. We expect to see appropriate disciplinary action taken against the individual responsible for the posters.

Posters of giant bloodthirsty dog emblazoned with a Star of David posted around UCL campus to promote event

University College London (UCL) members of staff and students have contacted Campaign Against Antisemitism about an extremely disturbing poster depicting the United States trying to restrain a bloodthirsty giant dog emblazoned with a Star of David, eating a smaller animal with the Palestinian flag painted on it.

UCL Friends of Palestine SocietyUCL Islamic Society and UCL Marxist Society are hosting a series of events for so-called “Al-Aqsa Week”. This highly-offensive and inappropriate poster is being used to promote a talk hosted by UCL Friends of Palestine Society and UCL Marxist Society on“Trump and Jerusalem: How to stop Imperialism” at 19:00 tomorrow.

Other talks in the series include one called “US Embassy in Jerusalem: What’s the big deal?” on Wednesday and another called “Winning and losing Jerusalem” on Friday.

Campaign Against Antisemitism is writing to the UCL administration, calling for a disciplinary investigation.

An inquiry by UCL in January last year found serious problems in its previous performance, and since then speakers including Miko Peled and eugenicists have been invited to speak at the campus.


George Galloway says he will sue Momentum Chair Jon Lansman who accused him of antisemitism, and claims he will call his friend Jeremy Corbyn as a witness

In a fiery exchange on Twitter, George Galloway, the former Labour and Respect MP has threatened to sue Momentum Chair and Labour National Executive Committee member Jon Lansman for calling him out over a now-deleted tweet aimed at Jewish comedian David Baddiel. Mr Galloway had initially tweeted at Mr Baddiel that “There will be no supporter of the Palestinian people marching behind vile Israel-fanatic ‘comedian’ David Baddiel. There will be no opponent of Imperialist wars marching behind Stella Creasy [Labour MP for Walthamstow]. #JustSaying.” This appears to be in reference to a planned protest of Donald Trump’s visit to the UK later this year, which Mr Baddiel and Ms Creasy have both shown support for.

Mr Baddiel took issue with this, pointing out that he has not shown much sympathy for Israel, and that the targeting of him as a Zionist could be based on his Jewish identity, firing back: “Since I’ve always made it entirely clear that my attitude to that country [Israel] is entirely meh, I think we can only conclude that by ‘Israel-fanatic’ George just means Jew. Vile Jew. And that therefore he is an antisemite. Now let him come at me with his stupid f***ing lawyers.”

“Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations” is antisemitic under the International Definition.

Mr Baddiel received a plethora of support, including from The Sun when it reported on the row, at which point Mr Galloway accused Mr Baddiel of defaming him: “Badiel has repeatedly defamed me as an antisemite on Twitter and Facebook long before The Sun reported his vile falsehood today. Such slander or the violence it can encourage (I could show you my scars) will not silence me. The last word on my lips – G-d willing – will be Palestine”.

It was then that Jon Lansman waded into the fray, tweeting: “Solidarity with Baddiel – since he’s a Jew who’s talked about being non-Zionist, there’s no possible reason to call him a ‘vile Israel-fanatic’ other than antisemitism”, adding that there should be no place for Mr Galloway within the Labour Party or on Talk Radio, where Mr Galloway hosts a weekly show.

This morning, Mr Galloway reached for his lawyers, tweeting: “I have never said an antisemitic word in my life. I have to the contrary fought fascism and antisemitism as adjudged by Justice Eady in the High Court. I will prove this again in my legal action against Jon Lansman, owner of Momentum, and will call Jeremy Corbyn as my witness.” Mr Galloway and Mr Corbyn used to sit together as Labour backbenchers. Minutes later he returned to tweet: “The use of the defamatory smear of antisemitism against supporters of the Palestinian people has at least for me gone far enough. I have instructed solicitors to bring a case for defamation against Jon Lansman owner of Momentum. I will be calling Jeremy Corbyn as a witness.”

Mr Galloway was back an hour later to recognise his own error in targeting David Baddiel, although he did not apologise for the tweet.

Mr Galloway blocks Campaign Against Antisemitism on Twitter, but fortunately there are still ways for us to see his tweets so that we can keep up as this story develops.



Labour Party takes days to suspend Jennifer James for comments on transgender issues, having ignored antisemitism complaint for months

Last Thursday, Jennifer James, a Labour Party member, Jeremy Corbyn enthusiast and Labour Party Conference delegate, who was once nominated for selection as a councillor for Allerton Hunts Cross ward in Garston and Halewood, was sent a letter informing her of her suspension from the Labour Party. Her suspension was for allegedly opposing self-defining transgender women from taking up positions on the Party’s women-only shortlists, using crowdfunding to pursue her case. She claims that her suspension from the Labour Party followed her tweeting: “I’m not afraid to say women don’t have dicks”.

Whilst the Labour Party was quick to round on Ms James for her stance on transgender rights, the Party appears to have taken absolutely no action against Ms James over a string of tweets from 2014 which were reported to the Party on 9th December, 2017, long before her stance on gender issues came to light.

In one tweet on 18th July 2014, Ms James claimed: “The holocaust is happening in Gaza now…”. A month later, on 29th August 2014, Ms James tweeted that “…the Zionists use the Holocaust to play victim over and over” before adding two days later: “I’m telling ya, Zionists have hijacked Judaism, the Jewish race and the Holocaust to shield their greed and racism”.

Her comments continued in 2015 and 2016. On 3rd September 2015, she wrote that the Palestinians “will build from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea”, an apparent reference to a future ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel.

Apparently anticipating that she might be called an antisemite, she revealed that she is cynically using her Jewish ancestry as a shield, when on 27th May 2015 she tweeted to notorious antisemite Gilad Atzmon: “I’m technically Jewish but it’s way down the list of what defines me. It’s just useful when arguing with zionists [to be honest]”.

When Campaign Against Antisemitism asked Ms James to comment, she simply sent us a two-word message, one of which was an expletive. Jeremy Corbyn’s office has been asked comment.

Every one of the above statements inverting the Holocaust is in breach of the International Definition of Antisemitism, which the Labour Party adopted.

Ms James’ crowdfunding page was set up on 12th January 2018. According to a report in The Times, it took two days before she was placed on a watchlist held by a closed Facebook group of activists and MPs. It took only eleven more days before she was suspended, demonstrating clearly that when the Labour Party cares about an issue, it is capable of swift action. Ms James’ tweets above were on public show for three-and-a-half years, and she was a prominent activist. A detailed file on Ms James’ views had been in the Labour Party’s possession since 9th December last year, over a month before her views on transgender issues came to the Party’s attention.

At the Labour Party Conference last autumn, much was made of a rule change that would ensure that antisemites would be ejected from the party in the same way as those found guilty of supporting a different political party have been.

It has since been reported that Jeremy Corbyn believes that the transgender issue is one for debate, saying: “People are free to campaign within the party and publicly…and raise these issues and have that discussion”. It is therefore now clear that a debate that is considered legitimate within Labour can prove sufficient to get an individual swiftly suspended, whereas describing “Zionists” as capable of using the deaths of six million of their murdered family members at the hands of the Nazis to further their “greed” and “racism” – which directly breaches Labour’s established rules and definitions – is not.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “The Labour Party takes all allegations of antisemitism extremely seriously and is committed to challenging it in all its forms. All complaints are investigated and acted upon as quickly as possible in line with Labour’s rules and procedures.”

We call on the Labour Party to expel Ms James without delay.

Campaign Against Antisemitism is grateful to the Labour Party activists who provided evidence used in this article.


Man arrested on suspicion of drink driving and antisemitic abuse after Shomrim volunteers intervene

A man aged approximately 30 was arrested in Tottenham yesterday after volunteers from Stamford Hill Shomrim, a Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol intervened. The man was reportedly seen driving erratically before turning down a cul-de-sac where he crashed his car and allegedly shouted “You f***ing Jew” at another motorist.

He was prevented from leaving by Shomrim volunteers until police officers arrived to arrest him on suspicion of drunk driving and antisemitic abuse.

We commend Stamford Hill Shomrim and the Metropolitan Police Service for their fast response.


Alleged antisemitic hawker escapes after overburdened police unable to attend to urgent call from Shomrim in Golders Green

Two door-to-door salesmen, one of whom was alleged by three households to have shouted antisemitic abuse at residents, were detained by Shomrim North West London on Tuesday evening but escaped justice as all police officers in the area were already dealing with other incidents.

The two white males with large rucksacks were surrounded by volunteers from Shomrim North West London, a Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, but eventually Shomrim North West London had to let them leave when police officers were unable to attend.

Shomrim North West London took photographs of the men and will remain vigilant should they return.

Campaign Against Antisemitism is extremely disappointed that police resources were so overburdened that volunteers protecting their community did not receive support from the police on this occasion, and that an alleged antisemite is now unlikely to face justice.


It was deeply inappropriate for Jonathan Dimbleby to use his keynote on Holocaust Memorial Day to claim that antisemitism is being used to silence Israel’s critics

It was deeply inappropriate for Jonathan Dimbleby to have used his keynote address at the main commemoration on Holocaust Memorial Day to claim that allegations of antisemitism are being used to silence Israel’s critics.

As the son of broadcaster Richard Dimbleby, Jonathan was honoured with the keynote address at the ceremony. His father had given the British public their first clear account of the concentration camps after insisting on broadcasting on the BBC what he saw after British troops liberated Bergen-Belsen.

Whilst Mr Dimbleby gave a very moving address, he also decided to use the moment to repeat the smear that allegations of antisemitism are in fact used to silence Israel’s critics, warning against confusing “antisemitism with the right to criticise – even strongly – the policies of the Jewish state to the same degree as one might any other democracy”.

That is not a practice that we have seen any notable evidence of, and the International Definition of Antisemitism, which was adopted by the British Government after a long campaign by Campaign Against Antisemitism, Sir Eric Pickles and others, explicitly states that “criticism of Israel similar to that levelled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic.”

It was deeply inappropriate for Mr Dimbleby to abuse the keynote speech bestowed on him in honour of his father to make a political point on a day that should be dedicated to remembrance and devoid of politics. A key message of Holocaust Memorial Day should have been that allegations of antisemitism must be taken seriously and at face value, rather than being viewed with suspicion as possibly being part of a nefarious political manipulation.


Ken Livingstone appears in Iranian propaganda show debating whether Holocaust commemoration has become an industry “exploited” by “Zionists”

Ken Livingstone, who was investigated but only lightly punished by the Labour Party for his repeated claims that Hitler “was supporting Zionism”, has participated in a special programme on Iranian propaganda station Press TV. Press TV was stripped of its broadcasting licence by Ofcom but Mr Livingstone was invited onto a show disseminated via social media, apparently to coincide with Holocaust commemoration ceremonies.

The programme began with a sickening propaganda introduction by presenter Roshan Muhammed Salih, who asked callers to call in and debate whether the Holocaust has become a weapon used by Israel, “with the accusation of antisemitism regularly thrown at its enemies”, or whether “the memory of the Holocaust has been exploited for political or financial gain” and “corrupted Jewish culture”.

Callers repeatedly claimed that Holocaust commemoration is used as a clever political device to distract from the supposed oppression of the Palestinians and to benefit “Zionists” without being challenged.

One caller from the UK, Maisoon, said that the word “Holocaust” had been “manipulated by the Jews”. She berated Mr Livingstone for talking about antisemitism because she accused him of failing to “mention the fact that Palestinians and Arabs are Semites”. Mr Livingstone only challenged her when she said that she did not distinguish between Jews and Zionists, at which point Mr Livingstone told her about the large number of anti-Zionist Jews that he said he knows.

Asked by Mr Salih why there are so many films about the Holocaust and not about the Palestinians, Mr Livingstone claimed that “anyone doing a film about that is going to be announced [sic] antisemitic”.

In a repetition of his previous claims, Mr Livingstone also said that when he was suspended by the Labour Party for claiming that Hitler “was supporting Zionism”, he “couldn’t walk down the street without Jewish people coming up to [him] and saying ‘We know all this is true, what is all this about? Don’t these MPs read their history?’ It’s not about antisemitism, it’s about political struggle inside the Labour Party.”

The presenter, Mr Salih, continually repeated the message that the Palestinians are being made to pay for the Holocaust and that modern “Zionists” are benefitting from the fact that the Holocaust happened. He also attempted to compare the Vietnam War with the Holocaust but Mr Livingstone took issue with that on the basis that the Vietnam War “was not a genocide”. Mr Livingstone also felt the need to contest Mr Salih’s wondering aloud whether two million, four million or six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, stating that the only “credible” number he had heard was six million.

Mr Salih also appeared to take up a position as an apologist for Hamas when blogger Richard Millett called the show to point out that the Hamas Charter proclaims that “The hour of judgement shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them”. Mr Salih cut Mr Millett off, chuckling incredulously: “Hamas do not call for the death of every single Jew in their charter, that is complete nonsense. They have a problem with Israel and the Jews who have come to that part of the world to take their land.” Mr Livingstone did not interject.

Mr Livingstone was investigated by the Labour Party in April last year over his claims that Hitler “was supporting Zionism”, but his punishment was so extraordinarily light that we branded it the Labour Party’s “final act of brazen, painful betrayal”. 107 Labour MPs subsequently wrote that they “will not allow it to go unchecked” but then they mostly fell silent.

It is despicable that Mr Livingstone participated in such a programme during Holocaust commemorations for the state-run propaganda outlet of a regime that even holds a Holocaust denial cartoon competition and has repeatedly threatened to bring about a new Holocaust. He should not have sat passively whilst the host and callers repeatedly accused Holocaust commemorations of being a means of justifying the supposed oppression of Palestinians. Every day that Mr Livingstone remains a member of the Labour Party is a further disgrace.


Why did CAA and Jewish organisations around the world criticise Jeremy Corbyn for not mentioning Jews in his initial Holocaust memorial message when others did the same?

When Jeremy Corbyn wrote a statement in the Holocaust Educational Trust memorial book which omitted any mention of Jews and antisemitism, Campaign Against Antisemitism and a number of other Jewish organisations around the world, such as the Anti-Defamation League, condemned him.

We were astounded that Mr Corbyn had followed in the footsteps of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2016 and US President Donald Trump in 2017, especially in the light of the chronic antisemitism scandal engulfing the Labour Party.

After we released a statement calling on Mr Corbyn to apologise and issue a new statement, we began to receive other statements written in the Holocaust Educational Trust memorial book which did not mention Jews or antisemitism, including statements by the Chief Rabbi and the Prime Minister. We were asked whether they too should apologise and issue new statements.

Then yesterday, on Holocaust Memorial Day, Mr Corbyn issued a new statement which explicitly spoke of the powerful words of hope by Jewish victims, writing: “As we remember the victims of evil, we salute the power of humanity and solidarity embodied in these words by our Jewish brothers and sisters, which still resonate once the hate-filled banalities of their tormentors are long forgotten.”

Jeremy Corbyn has now made a clear and thoughtful reference to Jews, so the question is now whether we and Jewish organisations around the world overreacted.

Objectively, it is clear that the collective reaction of Jewish organisations to Mr Corbyn’s failure to mention Jews in his message in the memorial book was different to the Chief Rabbi’s or the Prime Minister’s. Diagnosing the reason for that difference is important.

Mr Corbyn has presided over an unprecedented tolerance by a modern British political party for anti-Jewish racism. After action was not taken against numerous antisemites in the Labour Party, he commissioned the Chakrabarti report. The report was a whitewash and its author was reportedly told in advance that she would earn a peerage from it. Now, under conditions of secrecy recommended by the report, we do not know what is being done about the many cases of antisemitism waiting to be heard. However, we do know that Ken Livingstone, who claimed that Hitler “was supporting Zionism”, was not expelled from the Party despite the objections of 107 Labour MPs who said “we will not allow it to go unchecked” before mostly falling silent. Nor has the Party yet dealt with figures such as Jackie Walker. We also know that Mr Corbyn and his allies have been dismissive of allegations of antisemitism for a long time, and have had trouble speaking about the Party’s antisemitism problem without alluding to far less evident issues with Islamophobia and “racism in all its forms”. This is compounded by the fact that Mr Corbyn already sought out and defended antisemites from Raed Salah to Reverend Stephen Sizer, long before he was in the political spotlight.

For these reasons, Campaign Against Antisemitism and other Jewish organisations around the world are particularly concerned about Mr Corbyn. In this instance, Mr Corbyn has a defence that he did just the same thing as others whom we have not criticised, but context is everything and the heightened concern of Jewish organisations worldwide has not sprung from nowhere. However, upon reflection, on this occasion we expressed our concerns in a manner that was open to allegations of double standards, and that was a mistake.


Comment: We must not betray Holocaust survivors by allowing supporters of those who seek a new Holocaust to lay wreaths on Holocaust Memorial Day

Across Britain, at respectful ceremonies, we stand silently to remember the victims of the Holocaust. Some are fortunate enough to hear the testimony of the courageous Holocaust survivors who brave their pain to recount their experiences during the Holocaust, day after day at schools around the country so that our children may grow up understanding the barbaric terrors that bigotry can unleash.

The message from Holocaust survivors has always been simple. Evil always lurks just below the surface. It thrives on indifference. We must never forget. We must never again permit evil to come to power. It is a message that drove the decades-long anti-racist campaigns that established the tolerance and equality that underpins Western society.

Yet at Holocaust remembrance ceremonies, we will permit some to go through the motions of commemorating the Holocaust, whilst openly and fiercely supporting those whose goal is to perpetrate a new one.

Take for example Jeremy Corbyn, who, as an avowed “anti-racist” and Leader of the Opposition, has a prominent place at Holocaust remembrance ceremonies. Last year, as in every year, he says the words, this year managing to do so without mentioning Jews or antisemitism: “We should never forget the Holocaust: The millions who died, the millions displaced and cruel hurt their descendants have suffered.”

But whilst Mr Corbyn goes through the motions, I cannot believe that he has learned the lessons that Holocaust survivors have so desperately and resolutely tried to instil. For this same Mr Corbyn spent decades in political obscurity hosting and consorting with antisemites and terrorists. He was not merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, he sought them out, hosting blood-libeller Raed Salah for tea in Parliament after he slipped into the country despite an exclusion order, and writing to the Church of England to defend the notorious Reverend Stephen Sizer, who had claimed that an Israeli conspiracy was behind 9/11.

Now that he has emerged into the political spotlight, Mr Corbyn has not changed his spots. I recall watching David Cameron asking him to condemn Hamas and Hizballah four times at Prime Minister’s Questions, and Mr Corbyn defiantly refusing to do so, having previously called  them “friends” whom he had sought to host in Parliament. We all know that Hamas and Hizballah are terrorist organisations, but in addition to their terrorist activities in the Middle East, both groups aspire to complete the Nazis’ goal by eradicating Jews worldwide. Hamas’ charter is clear that “The hour of judgment shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them” and Hizballah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has been quoted by the New York Times saying: “If Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” These are no idle words; Hizballah has used bombs to murder Jews around the world, even setting off bombs in London.

Mr Corbyn cannot have learned the lessons of the Holocaust if he seeks out the friendship of genocidal antisemitic terrorists. If Mr Corbyn is “friends” with, and will not condemn, organisations that explicitly seek the demise of the Jewish people, then he should have no leadership role on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Mr Corbyn is not alone, or even the worst offender. Some of those who attend public ceremonies on Holocaust Memorial Day seem to think that having done so is a salve against accusations of antisemitism. Ken Livingstone, who has repeatedly and unashamedly claimed that Hitler “was supporting Zionism” used Holocaust Memorial Day as though it were an antidote when he was brought before the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee’s inquiry into antisemitism, responding to allegations by telling the committee that “As London Mayor, I hosted, took part in and promoted events to mark the annual Holocaust Memorial Day.” The problem is also not limited to the Labour Party. It pervades certain sections of our polity. For example, Caroline Lucas, co-leader of the Green Party has said that supporting Hamas is not “intrinsically wrong” whilst penning doubtlessly heartfelt articles articulating her anguish on Holocaust Memorial Day. I cannot imagine her claiming that support for the Nazis was not “intrinsically wrong” if motivated by a desire for German emancipation.

Holocaust Memorial Day must be about the lessons of the Holocaust, not merely an exercise in recounting facts and figures. Holocaust survivors are passing the baton to us now. We must not betray them by allowing supporters of those who seek a new Holocaust to lay wreaths on Holocaust Memorial Day, or even worse use it as a means by which to cynically shield themselves from allegations of antisemitism.

Gideon Falter is Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism


British Government defends against push to fully proscribe genocidal Hizballah terrorist group in win for groups planning to bring London to a standstill again with pro-Hizballah parade this summer

A backbench motion was debated in the House of Commons yesterday urging the British Government to proscribe the entirety of Hizballah as a terrorist organisation, and not just Hizballah’s fictitious “military wing”. The motion was organised and moved by Joan Ryan, the Labour MP for Enfield North and Chair of the Party’s Friends of Israel group. Several MPs questioned the government’s ongoing distinction between Hizballah’s military and political wings.

The full motion stated: “That this House believes that Hizballah is a terrorist organisation driven by an antisemitic ideology that seeks the destruction of Israel; notes that Hizballah declares itself to be one organisation without distinguishable political or military wings; is concerned that the military wing of that organisation is proscribed, but its political wing is not; and calls on the Government to include Hizballah in its entirety on the list of proscribed organisations.”

In March last year, Campaign Against Antisemitism submitted a report to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee in which we called on the the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to drop its opposition to the total proscription of Hizballah under the Terrorism Act, which is enabling Hizballah supporters in the UK to freely fly the Hizballah flag at demonstrations such as the “Al Quds Day” march through central London, and even to fundraise for Hizballah. Whilst the authorities should prevent this, they use the fact that Hizballah is only partially proscribed as a loophole to avoid taking action.

In December last year, we initiated a private prosecution against Nazim Ali, the leader of the “Al Quds Day” march, after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) declined to prosecute him. We allege that Mr Ali bellowed through his megaphone that: “It is the Zionists who give money to the Tory Party to kill people in high-rise blocks.”

Banning all of Hizballah should be non-partisan and it was pleasing to hear sympathetic and passionate speeches from MPs from across the political divide representing Labour, the Conservatives, Democratic Unionist Party and Scottish National Party.

Dr Matthew Offord, the Conservative MP for Hendon and an Honorary Patron of Campaign Against Antisemitism, referenced the ComRes poll for the Jewish News released on Wednesday that found that 81% of the British public wants Hizballah proscribed in its entirety. Sharon Hodgson, the Labour MP for Washington and Sunderland West and Shadow Minister for Public Health said: “the main concern that I wish to raise today concerns its [Hizballah’s] antisemitic language”, citing Hizballah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah’s comment: “If they [Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.”

While we commend Ms Ryan for moving the motion, it is worrying that in a briefing to Labour MPs earlier yesterday, Labour’s leadership reportedly wrote: “There is a balance between making absolutely clear our abhorrence of using violence to achieve political ends and at the same time encouraging organisations down an effective democratic path.” It added: “Full proscription could be a move against dialogue and meaningful peace negotiations in the Middle East.”

This is unsurprising, however, as Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, infamously described Hizballah and another antisemitic genocidal terrorist group, Hamas, as “friends” during a parliamentary meeting in 2009, and refused four times to retract the comment in a 2016 debate with then Prime Minister David Cameron. Yesterday, Mr Corbyn failed to mention Jews or antisemitism in his Holocaust Memorial Day statement.

It is also disappointing that the partial banning of Hizballah was justified by the Rt Hon. Ben Wallace, the Minister of State for Security at the Home Office, who said: “Although the proscription of Hizballah in its entirety is kept under review, our current position maintains a balance.” He urged the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to do more, but they have repeatedly stated that their interpretation of the law is that they are powerless to act until Hizballah is fully proscribed.

The Government’s “balance” is a dangerous attempt to avoid the reality that Hizballah is a terrorist organisation which seeks the annihilation of the Jewish people and has carried out terrorist attacks against Jewish targets worldwide, including in Britain. Even Hizballah’s leader mocks the Government’s pathetic fudge, saying: “The story of military wing and political wing is the work of the British. They always nd such ways out.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism thanks the MPs who spoke so powerfully and eloquently in support of this important motion during the two-hour parliamentary exchange and for putting such strong arguments on the public record. We thank the many backbench MPs from numerous political parties who held both the Government and the Opposition to account.

We hope that this debate will give new impetus to support the proscription of Hizballah in its entirety, but we are appalled by the Government’s persistent defence of the status quo, which makes a mockery of efforts to take action against Islamist extremism.

Campaign Against Antisemitism has raised this matter directly with Downing Street, the Home Secretary, the Solicitor General, the Minister for Countering Extremism and other senior officials, apparently to no avail. We are now considering our next steps.

Jeremy Corbyn must apologise for failing to mention Jews or antisemitism in his Holocaust memorial statement

Update: This article should be read in conjunction with our subsequent article.

Jeremy Corbyn today wrote a statement in the Holocaust Educational Trust memorial book which outrageously omits Jews and antisemitism from his reflections on the message of the Holocaust.

The far-left of the political spectrum, where Mr Corbyn is at home, has a history of diminishing the Holocaust. It is a softcore form of Holocaust denial. On the subject of the Holocaust,  the far-left chips away at the truth rather than denying it outright, and attempts to rob it of its potency. Mr Corbyn’s political ally of old, Ken Livingstone, strives to tie Zionism with Hitler, Nazism and the subsequent fate of the Jews. Jackie Walker, a friend of Mr Corbyn’s and former Vice Chair of his Momentum power base, has been threatened with expulsion for antisemitism a second time after an outburst in which she claimed that marking Holocaust Memorial Day excluded other genocides. A Labour Party conference meeting of the so-called Jewish Voice for Labour group that Mr Corbyn glowingly cites, called for Holocaust denial to be permitted at then Party’s conference. Just this week, when Mr Corbyn spoke in remembrance of the Holocaust in Parliament, one of his most supportive former councillors tweeted to compare the Holocaust with the supposed effects of Conservative cutbacks, just after being told by Labour’s governing committee that he would not be sanctioned for his past antisemitic comments. Now, Mr Corbyn has added himself to the sorry roll-call, subtracting the Jews from a genocide of Jews.

The Holocaust was a genocide in which the Nazis and their collaborators systematically murdered two-thirds of the Jewish population of Europe. This is what we remember. Through studying, teaching and memorialising this disastrous episode in the history of mankind, the world is reminded of what we are capable of if we permit those with evil inclinations to reach power, and indeed Holocaust Memorial Day is now also a day of remembrance of subsequent genocides, including Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

However, to omit the Jews from the remembrance of the Holocaust is a contradiction in terms. For by cutting the Jews and antisemitism out of the story, we remember nothing.

Following the justified outrage that followed statements by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2016 and US President Donald Trump in 2017, which failed to mention the Jews, Mr Corbyn’s failure to even mention Jews and antisemitism, especially considering the antisemitism problem within his own Party, is appalling. We call on Mr Corbyn to apologise and issue a new statement, and we call on all other Jewish community groups and leaders to stand beside us and call this out for what it is: a disgraceful forgetting at a ceremony purposed for remembering.


Christine Shawcroft, Chair of Labour’s Disputes Panel, fails to recuse herself from sitting in judgement of antisemitic “friend”

Last week, Campaign Against Antisemitism was in direct contact with Christine Shawcroft, Momentum’s newly-appointed chair of the Party’s National Executive Committee’s Disputes Panel, requesting that she clarify her position with regard to the case of Tony Greenstein, a notorious antisemite previously expelled from Labour for antisemitism, inexplicably re-admitted, and now re-suspended for antisemitism once more. As chair of the Disputes Panel, Ms Shawcroft has the casting vote in disciplinary matters, such as whether to refer a member of the Party to the National Constitution Committee (NCC) for expulsion from the Party.

In her initial reply to us, Ms Shawcroft confirmed to us that she had indeed elected to be Mr Greenstein’s “silent friend” at his recent disciplinary hearing, and that as such there was a “potential conflict” in her continuing to act in that role. However, she failed, after two requests, to confirm whether or not she would be recusing herself from any future case in which Mr Greenstein was involved, in which she would hold the casting vote.

The Disputes Panel’s behaviour last week in merely issuing a warning to former council candidates Mike Sivier and Billy J Wells, instead of referring their cases to the NCC for potential expulsion, has already brought condemnation. What is more, Mr Sivier’s refusal to countenance taking the antisemitism education the Disputes Panel sent him for has made a laughing stock of National Executive Committee (NEC) member Darren Williams, who interceded on his behalf.

Campaign Against Antisemitism believes that the NCC will be reviewing Mr Greenstein’s case this Friday. Whatever their verdict, it would heap more ridicule on the Labour Party were Ms Shawcroft to chair future NEC panels considering Mr Greenstein’s case, and Campaign Against Antisemitism calls on the Labour Party to immediately confirm that she will not be permitted to chair any such meeting.

Meanwhile, sources within Labour have suggested that it is still possible that Christine Shawcroft could, ex officio, sit on the NCC tomorrow to hear Mr Greenstein’s case. As lists of those who sit on NCC cases are not published, it is impossible to say whether this will happen, but were it to happen it would be damning for the Labour Party.


Man arrested after courageous Shomrim volunteers detain him for allegedly shouting “Heil Hitler” at Jews and shoplifting from a kosher bakery

A man has been arrested in Stamford Hill after allegedly shouting “Heil Hitler” and shoplifting from a kosher bakery.

The incident occurred on Monday evening at 22:30 when a man allegedly shouted “Heil Hitler” at a group of Jewish women, who called Stamford Hill Shomrim, the Jewish volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol. The man then allegedly shouted “Heil Hitler” at them too, before shoplifting from a kosher bakery.

Stamford Hill Shomrim volunteers then stepped in to detain him until the Metropolitan Police Service arrived to arrest him.

Once again, we applaud our brave colleagues at Stamford Hill Shomrim for stepping in to ensure that this man could be arrested.


Shaw Trust opens investigation after worker allegedly tells Jewish man at party “The 1940s called…your shower’s ready”

A leading learning disability and mental health charity has opened an investigation after one of its employees reportedly posted on Facebook an account of how she told a Jewish man: “The 40s called…your shower’s ready”, according to controversial anti-racism group Hope Not Hate.

Julie Brownlee, from Lowestoft, allegedly made the comment, an apparent reference to Nazi gas chambers which were sometimes disguised as showers, to the man, whom she also referred to as a “Jwish [sic] prick” on social media, at a Christmas party in response to him criticising her shirt.

In reply to Ms Brownlee’s Facebook post, former National Front activist, Paul Warburton, replied: “Fire up the ovens”.

Ms Brownlee’s role involves helping people with disabilities and learning difficulties to find employment and independent living. Those she helps would have been murdered under Nazi Germany’s programme to kill those with certain disabilities.

As well as posting her outrageous, antisemitic comments, Ms Brownlee also posted asking for party game ideas for the adults with learning disabilities whom she was assisting. The post attracted some appalling replies which Ms Brownlee commented would not “go down well with the powers that be”.

Ms Brownlee has apparently been associated with far-right groups for some time, including the South East Alliance, North East Infidels, Bishop Auckland against Islam, North West Infidels and the Scottish Defence League. She has reportedly not just attended events organised by these groups but spoken at them. According to Hope Not Hate, she was also expelled from the UK Independence Party for “associating with the English Defence League”.

A spokesperson for Shaw Trust told us: “We are treating these allegations extremely seriously, and our HR team are investigating the allegations fully.”


Labour Party’s shortlisted parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye dropped over Facebook posts claiming Holocaust victims “died with dignity” and Palestine is new Warsaw Ghetto

The Labour Party’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye, Michelle Harris, has been dropped from the local Labour Party’s shortlist of candidates following a furore on Twitter about her social media posts.

Ms Harris, who is a barrister at London-based law firm One Pump Court, is said to have shared a number of offensive posts including an illustration showing a small barbed wire enclave entitled “Palestine” surrounded by Israel with a caricature of Benjamin Netanyahu saying: “It looks like a modern version of the Warsaw Ghetto”. Disturbingly, Ms Harris commented alongside this: “I have often said the Holocaust victims who died with dignity must be turning in their graves at the horrors done in the name of Judaism. Gaza is a ghetto being shelled.”

Ms Harris is also alleged to have shared posts incorrectly claiming that the Israel Defence Force deliberately targets pregnant Palestinian women in order to kill their babies.

Under the International Definition of Antisemitism, “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” and “using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterise Israel or Israelis” is antisemitic.

Mr Harris has also reportedly posted that she would be protesting against what she called “the antisemitic Witch hunt run by the media, Israel Lobby and Traitorous Blairites against Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Livingstone and the Labour left”.

Ms Harris has now deleted a number of tweets and Facebook posts, announcing on a Labour Party supporters’ Facebook page that she was no longer shortlisted to become Labour’s parliamentary candidate following what she described as a “smear campaign” and claiming that the allegations made against her are false and are an attempt to “silence Corbyn supporters”.

As a practising Barrister, Ms Harris is bound by her profession’s Code of Conduct and Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Regulatory Enforcement Unit is now filing a complaint.

At present, there is no record of any disciplinary action being taken against Ms Harris by the Labour Party, however, the circumstances and outcomes of any such action would remain unknown, owing to the conditions of secrecy imposed by the Chakrabarti report into antisemitism in the Labour Party.

Campaign Against Antisemitism is grateful for information provided by anonymous sources and by Labour Against Antisemitism.


Football Association set to investigate claim that Hemel Hempstead player was called “F***ing Jew” by former teammate

The Football Association is expected to open an investigation after Hemel Hempstead player Scott Shulton said that a former teammate called him a “F***ing Jew” during a match this weekend.

Mr Shulton told the Jewish News: “As soon as he said it, I grabbed him by the throat and then other players got involved before the referee came over. He didn’t hear what was said, neither did the assistant referee so it was my word against his. The referee said he would either give us both a card or just speak to us, he did the latter. I then spoke to him afterwards in the changing room, he said he’d put it in his report, which means it will be passed onto the [Football Association].”

We are in contact with the Football Association and will be following its investigation with interest.


Holocaust denier Mark Weber left stranded in Madrid after realising that Theresa May banned him from the UK

Notorious Holocaust denier Mark Weber has reportedly been stranded in Madrid after being refused permission to board a flight to London where he had hoped to take a further flight to Los Angeles, where he runs the so-called Institute for Historical Review.

It emerged that Theresa May had personally made Mr Weber “the subject of an exclusion decision…on Unacceptable Behaviour grounds” when she was Home Secretary, according to a letter drafted—but not sent—in 2015 by the Home Office, which added that Ms May “personally directed that you should be excluded from the United Kingdom on the grounds that your presence here is not conductive to the public good.” The Home Office said that it did not send the letter to Mr Weber at the time because it did not know his address.

Ms May’s decision was taken on 28th April 2015, just over a week after Mail on Sunday investigation exposed a secret meeting of the far-right London Forum at which Mr Weber spoke, telling delegates: “As long as the power of the Jewish lobby remains entrenched, there will be no end to the systematic Jewish distortion of history…no task is more important or pressing than to identify, counter and break this power.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism applauds Ms May for her decision to exclude Mr Weber from our country.


Local Labour Party meeting reportedly totally failed to react to claim that reason “there are prostitutes in this ward is because of the Jews”

A Sunday Times exposé has revealed that a meeting of the Seven Sisters branch of the Labour Party in London failed to react in any way when one of its activists claimed that “The only reason there are prostitutes in this ward is because of the Jews.”

According to the Labour Party member who made the allegation: “No one said a word. No action was taken. Everyone, including him, just carried on with the discussion, and it was one of countless examples, including things like open hate material being shared on the Tottenham Labour Facebook forum. A new set of norms has been created in the Haringey Labour Party.”

Haringey Council, which includes a large Jewish population, is currently expected to fall under the control of Momentum in elections due to be held in May. Momentum is the sub-group within the Labour Party which brought Jeremy Corbyn to power and has long been beset by antisemitism scandals, including when its Vice Chair, Jackie Walker, claimed that Jews were “the chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade”, and whose activists threatened and heckled Haringey Councillors when they voted to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism.

Momentum now also has control over the Labour Party’s Discipline Panel, which rules on allegations of antisemitism within the Party.

This incident ought to have been instantly investigated and swiftly and transparently acted upon, however that appears not to have happened. There is no way for us to find out what has happened due Baroness Chakrabarti’s recommendation that the results of Labour Party disciplinary proceedings be kept secret.


SoundCloud rejects CAA complaint, refusing to act over Kelechi Okafor’s defence of antisemitic stereotyping in podcast

Responding to a complaint made by Campaign Against Antisemitism, SoundCloud, the popular music streaming service, has stated that it can see no problem with the antisemitic comments made by actress and fitness studio owner Kelechi Okafor during an episode of her podcast series, “Say Your Mind”.

Ms Okafor caused outrage when she defended recent comments about Jews made by BBC presenter Reggie Yates in which he claimed it was “great” that the young generation of grime music artists is not “managed by some random fat Jewish guy from north west London, they’re managed by their brethren”. In her defence of Mr Yates, Ms Okafor insisted that his comments were truthful, and asserted that that the whole affair demonstrated “the power of a specific community”.  She went on to make a series of remarks that relied on classic antisemitic conspiracy theories  about Jews and money, as well as Jewish power wielded for the exploitation of others.

Ms Okafor said that black entertainers had been “so short changed by the kind of people Reggie Yates describes”, adding that “all sorts of ethnicities” can be capable of this but “the fact is, these men has dominated the industry for decades” and are “taking most of the profits”. She claimed that black artists “are having to work [their] entire arse off while they’re keeping everything”. According to Ms Okafor, grime, RnB, and hip-hop music have been “diluted” by these supposed Jewish music managers who “like blackness as long as it’s making them money”. She claimed that annual commemorations of the Holocaust are more prominent than any memory of the slave trade, saying that these historical events were part of the “power dynamic” she was discussing.

Ms Okafor then turned her attention to Harvey Weinstein, a Jewish figure in the entertainment industry recently accused of sexual assault. She remarked: “if you offend one of the more powerful sectors of the community, then off be with your head” and that “people are demanding their pound of flesh, and I am very specific about the reference I just made”. Ms Okafor mentions how the phrase is linked to Shakespeare. The “pound of flesh” is a central plot device in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice in which the antagonist Shylock is portrayed as a stereotypical money-grabbing Jew. Shylock has become synonymous with the antisemitic trope that Jews control money and the banks.

Replying to CAA’s complaint, SoundCloud said it would be taking no action against Ms Okafor, stating that it saw “no clear intention to criticise, or demean any individual or group of individuals on the basis of their belonging to a protected group.”

The decision is outrageous and will only encourage antisemites to use the SoundCloud platform to spread their hatred.


British Government to fund cost of sending leaders from all students’ unions to visit Auschwitz and receive antisemitism training

Two senior sabbatical officers from every students’ union at every university and college in Britain will be sent to visit Auschwitz and receive antisemitism training, the Government has announced.

Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, told a Holocaust Educational Trust reception: “We all have a duty to speak out in the memory of those who were murdered during the Holocaust and all those, today, who are the subject of hatred and antisemitism. Holocaust education remains one of the most powerful tools we have to fight bigotry.”

Frequently when speaking to students’ unions we find a lack of understanding of modern antisemitism. With antisemitism at universities at such worrying levels, we commend the Government and the Holocaust Educational Trust for this initiative.


Chelsea Football Club unveils new education project to tackle antisemitism as hatred amongst fans persists

Chelsea Football Club, has announced a new project aimed at tackling antisemitism, involving senior first team players including Eden Hazard, Charly Musonda and Ross Barkley (pictured above). The project, under the Chelsea Foundation’s Building Bridges campaign is supported by Roman Abramovich, the club’s owner.

In its statement the club said: “Everybody at Chelsea is proud to be part of a diverse club. Our players, staff, fans and visitors to the club come from a wide range of backgrounds, including the Jewish community, and we want to ensure everyone feels safe, valued and included.”

The club has undertaken to work alongside a number of individuals and organisations from across the world including the Holocaust Educational Trust, Kick it Out, and the World Jewish Congress. Chelsea’s chairman will additionally be leading a steering committee including several world experts on antisemitism and other prominent figures.

The project will include primary school education on Jewish faith and culture and an incentivised education programme for fans previously banned for their antisemitic behaviour. Educational activities expected to take place over the course of the year include meeting with Holocaust survivors and educational trips for staff, fans and stewards and exhibitions.

This move comes following a string of high profile incidents of antisemitism among Chelsea FC fans in recent years which specifically targeted Tottenham fans and players. In one incident a Chelsea fan was banned from football grounds for three years by a court. In September, the Football Association threatened action should Chelsea fail to act over a chant aimed at their own player, Alvaro Morata, a chant which the player and the club both swiftly and vociferously condemned.

Campaign Against Antisemitism demanded strong action from Chelsea following this incident and the decision to take an educative approach to tackling antisemitism is one that we applaud. This must not, however, come at the expense of zero tolerance action against antisemitism, and whilst these are excellent preventative and rehabilitative efforts they must be coupled with strong enforcement of law, and physical prevention of antisemitism, something that should see signs of significant improvements, with the training that Chelsea’s stewards are set to go through.

This announcement is timely, with Holocaust Memorial Day taking place on 27th January.


CAA ends 2017 with £31,000 deficit, issues call for monthly donations

Contrary to the imagination of the antisemites who have come to fear us, Campaign Against Antisemitism is not funded by the vast resources of international financiers. Our annual budget is funded by donations by members of the public who support our work, like you. We do not receive any annual grants.

Due to unprecedented demand for our services, for which we do not charge, our costs in 2017 increased by nearly seven times against 2016. Fortunately, more people than ever have stepped forward and signed up to make monthly donations, but despite their generosity, our management accounts show that we ended 2017 with a £31,000 deficit. Part of our funding was lost after a foundation was lobbied by another Jewish community organisation to stop funding us due to our robust challenging of the authorities.

In the past year, our numbers have swelled to 700 volunteers, supported by two outstanding full-time members of staff working from a tiny rented office. The two salaries we pay, our rent, the systems that we use to coordinate our work, and the costs of running our various projects, will come to almost £100,000 this year.

Fortunately we have emergency reserves which we use to fund urgent, unexpected work, and last year we burned through £31,000 of our reserves to cover the shortfall last year. This year, we will continue to work to secure enough funding, but we need your help.

If all of our supporters gave just £5 per month, we would not have to fundraise. From the outset, Campaign Against Antisemitism has been community-led campaign, and we want to remain independent.

We are determined not to let our community down. We will continue to speak truth to power. We will continue to privately prosecute antisemites when the authorities fail to act. We will continue to take the authorities to court and win when they shirk their responsibility to protect British Jews. We will continue to work with social media giants to clean up their act. We will keep raising antisemitism as a national priority in the mainstream media. We will not stop producing research that spotlights antisemitism, its dangers and its effects. We will expand our programme to train volunteers to educate those at risk of being radicalised by antisemites.

But we will only do so with your help. If you want Campaign Against Antisemitism to exist and continue to ensure that antisemites face the consequences of their actions, now is the time to go to antisemitism.uk/donate and sign up to support us with a regular monthly donation.

We are determined to do whatever it takes to defend British Jews, but we can only do it together.


UCL opens investigation into report of secret eugenics conference attended by neo-Nazi-linked white supremacists

University College London (UCL) has told Campaign Against Antisemitism that it is investigating a after London Student revealed that four secret eugenics conferences attended by neo-Nazis and white supremacists have allegedly been held on campus since 2014.

The London Conference on Intelligence (LCI) has been hosted by Professor John Thompson, a senior honourary professor at the university, and according to London Student it has included talks and contributions from a number of high-profile white supremacists and eugenicists including Richard Lynn, president of the Ulster Institute for Social Research (UISR) who has previously advocated the “phasing out” of the “populations of incompetent cultures”.

UISR is funded by the Pioneer Fund, which has been described as a racist organisation founded by Nazi sympathisers.

Other beneficiaries of the fund included Roger Pearson, founder of Institute for the Study of Man, whose work has included editing magazines dedicated to promoting extremism, including one promising to conduct “a responsible but penetrating inquiry into every aspect of the Jewish Question.”

The conference, with its attendance list of 24 invite-only guests last year included Toby Young, who has now resigned from the board of the new universities regulator, the Office for Students, as well as stepping down from his role within the Fulbright Commission, an organisation which oversees scholarships between US and UK students.

Mr Young published an article in The Spectator on Thursday this week claiming he only attended the conference as a journalist and only “popped in for a few hours on a Saturday and sat at the back.” What is curious about Mr Young’s journalistic attendance is that given the explosive newsworthy nature of the event, he failed to publish an exposé on it.

Mr Young remains head of the government-backed New Schools Network.

UCL has told Campaign Against Antisemitism it had no knowledge of the conference and is “investigating a potential breach of its room bookings process for events after being alerted to conferences on intelligence hosted by an honorary senior lecturer at UCL.” The statement noted: “Our records indicate the university was not informed in advance about the speakers and content of the conference series, as it should have been for the event to be allowed to go ahead. The conferences were booked and paid for as an external event and without our officials being told of the details. They were therefore not approved or endorsed by UCL. We are an institution that is committed to free speech but also to combatting racism and sexism in all forms. We have suspended approval for any further conferences of this nature by the honorary lecturer and speakers pending our investigation into the case. As part of that investigation, we will be speaking to the honorary lecturer and seeking an explanation.”


No criminal charges for Hizballah-supporting law graduate Sophie Stephenson, after Police Scotland refuses to act

Edinburgh-based law graduate Sophie Stephenson will not face criminal charges over her support for proscribed terrorist organisation Hizballah, which seeks the annihilation of Jews worldwide.

On 1st July 2017, Ms Stephenson tweeted a photograph of herself wearing a Hizballah t-shirt, explaining: “Went out to dinner with my family tonight wearing a Hizballah t-shirt.” As her tweet began to go viral, a proud Ms Stephenson also added that when her sister had asked what the Hizballah emblem was, Ms Stephenson replied: “A terrorist group”.

As other Twitter users angrily responded, Ms Stephenson was pleased to confirm: “I have a flag too” as well as clarifying that this occurred in the UK.

Ms Stephenson has previously claimed that “Hamas are more the victims of an extremely well-funded propaganda campaign rather than terrorists”, and reportedly tweeted that “Everyone in Ukraine is either a Moscow agent, a homosexual, or a Jew.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism reported Ms Stephenson to the police, alleging that she had committed an offence under section 13 of the Terrorism Act 2000, which applies in Scotland and states that: “A person in a public place commits an offence if he wears an item of clothing, or wears, carries or displays an article, in such a way or in such circumstances as to arouse reasonable suspicion that he is a member or supporter of a proscribed organisation. A constable in Scotland may arrest a person without a warrant if he has reasonable grounds to suspect that the person is guilty of an offence under this section. A person guilty of an offence under this section shall be liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale, or both.”

After Police Scotland declined to act, Campaign Against Antisemitism considered undertaking a private prosecution, however we were unable to secure enough funding to do so. Campaign Against Antisemitism currently does not receive any annual grants and is dependent upon the generosity of the public.

Ms Stephenson will now escape justice as the deadline for bringing a prosecution has expired.

Please consider making a monthly donation to help fund Campaign Against Antisemitism.


CAA witnesses testify against Alison Chabloz in antisemitism trial resulting from private prosecution by CAA

Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Chairman, Gideon Falter, and Director of Investigations and Enforcement, Stephen Silverman, have today testified against Alison Chabloz.

Ms Chabloz faces three charges under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 following a private prosecution brought by Campaign Against Antisemitism after the authorities failed to act. Once we had started the private prosecution and won a judicial review against against a decision not to prosecute a separate case, the Crown Prosecution Service decided to take over our private prosecution of Ms Chabloz. Due to strict deadlines for bringing prosecutions, had Campaign Against Antisemitism not brought a private prosecution, the Crown Prosecution Service would have missed its chance to take action against Ms Chabloz.

In the morning, the court was played Ms Chabloz’s songs which include lyrics such as:

  • “Did the Holocaust ever happen? Was it just a bunch of lies? Seems that some intend to pull the wool over our eyes. Eternal wandering liars haven’t got a clue, and when it comes to usury, victim’s always me and you.”
  • “Now Auschwitz, holy temple, is a theme park just for fools, the gassing zone a proven hoax, indoctrination rules.”
  • “Tell us another, come on, my brother, reap it, the cover, for tribal gain. Safe in our tower, now is the hour, money and power, we have no shame.”
  • “History repeats itself, no limit to our wealth, thanks to your debts we’re bleeding you dry. We control your media, control all your books and TV, with the daily lies we’re feeding, suffering victimisation. Sheeple have no realisation, you shall pay, all the way, until the break of day.”

The songs are partly set to Jewish music such as Hevenu Shalom Aleichem and Hava Nagila. As the songs were played, Ms Chabloz mouthed or sang along to them and her boisterous crowd of supporters cheered and applauded until District Judge John Zani warned that they would be ejected from the public gallery if they continued.

In the afternoon, Mr Falter and Mr Silverman separately gave testimony unpicking Ms Chabloz’s lyrics, explaining their antisemitic references, as well as explaining the International Definition of Antisemitism.

Adrian Davies, Ms Chabloz’s barrister, who also represented the antisemitic Holocaust denier David Irving and himself held leadership positions in two far-right parties, argued that Ms Chabloz was merely expressing an offensive but legitimate opinion on the veracity of the accounts of Holocaust survivors. Both witnesses from Campaign Against Antisemitism, who are the only prosecution witnesses, rebutted any notion that Ms Chabloz was attempting to query or “satirise” history, pointing out that that the songs claimed that Jews have fabricated the Holocaust in order to perpetrate an horrific fraud against mankind, causing many of the world’s ills for their own gain.

Whilst Campaign Against Antisemitism brought its private prosecution because the authorities had failed to act and due to a consistent failure by the Crown Prosecution Service to adequately tackle antisemitic crime, we could not be more satisfied with the professional excellence of the expert prosecuting team from the Crown Prosecution Service.

The trial will continue on 7th March. Until the trial concludes, Campaign Against Antisemitism and the media are limited in what we can report about the case.


JP Morgan develops own algorithms to identify hateful content on YouTube after finding Google’s own filters inadequate

American banking giant, JP Morgan, has embarrassed Google by developing a system for stopping its ads appearing alongside hate video on Google’s YouTube platform that is better than Google’s own solution.

JP Morgan pulled its advertising from YouTube in March 2017 after it discovered that its ads were appearing alongside inappropriate content.

Google-owned video sharing website YouTube has come under criticism from politicians and advertisers after American banking giant JP Morgan develops its own software to remove advertising from questionable material on the platform.

JP Morgan’s Executive Director of Media and Channel Strategy, Jake Davidow, said: “When news broke about ads finding their way next to horrific pieces of content, we paused our efforts and pulled our ads from YouTube.”

The bank has since developed its own algorithms that use YouTube’s own application programming interface (API) to filter channels on the platform based on comments, subscribers, video count, topics, language and more, using seventeen different filters in total.

Since using the algorithms, JP Morgan has identified 3,000 “safe” channels out of a potential five million on YouTube.

Since developing the technology, JP Morgan has reinstated its advertising with YouTube but the matter has generated controversy with journalists questioning why the company had to take matters into its own hands, highlighting the shortcomings of Google’s own safeguarding systems.

Campaign Against Antisemitism is currently collaborating with Google in efforts to clean up antisemitic hatred on YouTube. We are currently looking for a team to help us flag antisemitic videos using special tools provided by Google. If you would like to join the team, please go to antisemitism.uk/volunteer.

Image credit: Gideon Benari


NUS President Shakira Martin issues heartfelt apology to Jewish students after Judaism is again omitted from an NUS survey

The President of the National Union of Students (NUS), Shakira Martin, has apologised to Jewish students for the release of an NUS survey which asked respondents to select their religion from a long list of religions that omitted Judaism. This is not the first time that NUS has missed out its Jewish members and that Ms Martin has apologies: in July 2017, in a different survey of students, Judaism was also notably absent.

However, Ms Martin acknowledged the omission immediately, directly communicating with aggrieved students on Twitter before tweeting a heartfelt apology video, accepting that she was “accountable” and recognising “Jewish students should be pissed”. She assured students that this “would not be happening again”, “actions speak louder than words, when I said I was gonna stamp out all forms of antisemitism I’m not giving no lip service.” She acknowledged that this was a repeated issue, stating that “The first time it happened, I could tweet and say sorry,But the second time, it’s unacceptable, and I just want to reassure the whole Jewish community that I will be dealing with this.”

Ms Martin went on to discuss the context of these incidents, which came following an extremely difficult time for Jewish students under Ms Martin’s predecessor, the widely-scorned Malia Bouattia. Ms Martin was direct, saying: “I totally understand after the years – but especially last year, before my presidency, that Jewish students had – that this type of thing is not acceptable.”You will not not see Judaism on an NUS form again. I will be making sure that we will be reviewing all our forms, and that this is on everyone’s form, and that this [situation] will not happen again.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism thanks Ms Martin for her continued efforts to support Jewish students and rebuild relationships between NUS and the Jewish community. We recognise that Ms Martin has immediately responded to this latest incident with a strong and sincere apology, and we believe her when she says that this will be the last time that she has to apologise for this regrettable omission.


Labour Against the Witch-Hunt expels member over antisemitism, prompting formation of group against antisemitism witch-hunt within Labour Against the Witch-Hunt

In a strange twist of events, a group set up to protest the expulsion of Labour members for alleged antisemitism has begun expelling members for, antisemitism.

Labour Against the Witch-Hunt (LAW) was launched in October 2017 as a group protesting expulsion of Labour party members following antisemitism claims. It swiftly won the support of the Labour Party Marxists group.

However, LAW has now reportedly expelled one of its founders, Gerry Downing, for antisemitism. Mr Downing is planning a protest meeting to coincide with a LAW meeting on Saturday this week in an effort to be readmitted. Both the protest meeting and the LAW meeting will take place in the same pub.

Mr Downing was suspended by Labour in 2016 after he tweeted a link to an article by the far-left group, Socialist Fight, a group he is involved with, which encouraged Marxist Labour members to “address the Jewish question” as well as claiming the “Jewish-Zionist bourgeoisie” had “played a vanguard role for the capitalist offensive against the workers”. Shortly following this, he was expelled from the Labour party after David Cameron quoted a blog by Mr Downing during Prime Minister’s Questions, in which he had written about 9/11, suggesting violence against the United States is “progressive, no matter how distorted its actions are, and must never be ‘condemned’”.

Mr Downing was dismissed from LAW shortly after it was established and told not to attend meetings.

Mr Downing has now set up his own group called Reject Bogus Left Antisemitism, and used its Facebook claim to accuse LAW of wanting a “witch hunt [against] genuine anti-Zionists and revolutionary socialists”.

Some of LAW’s key aims include ending the practice of automatically ending or suspending Labour membership following claims of antisemitism and demanding “the Labour Party rejects the International Definition of Antisemitism, claiming that it “conflates antisemitism with anti-Zionism and support for the rights of the Palestinian people”.

At its meeting this Saturday, LAW will debate a motion demanding that anyone suspended by the Labour Party over claims of antisemitism have their membership reinstated. They will also be motioning that Labour’s own Compliance Unit, which investigates disciplinary matters including antisemitism, be abolished. The meeting will be addressed by Ken Loach, who declared on the BBC during last year’s Labour Party Conference that allegations of antisemitism in the Party were a fallacy “without validation or any evidence” despite the fact that Campaign Against Antisemitism had just published detailed evidence.

Amongst the foremost members of LAW are notorious antisemites including Jackie Walker, and also Tony Greenstein who has organised a petition calling for the Charity Commission to shut down Campaign Against Antisemitism by deregistering it as a charity and is currently crowdfunding in an attempt to sue us for calling him a “notorious antisemite”.


Counter terrorism police arrest six on suspicion of being members of neo-Nazi terrorist group National Action

Counter-terrorism police in the West Midlands arrested six people today on suspicion of being members of the neo-Nazi terrorist organisation, National Action, a group with deep rooted antisemitic ideologies.

National action was proscribed as a terrorist organisation in December 2016 following a long campaign by Campaign Against Antisemitism and others. Under section 11 of the Terrorism Act 2000, membership of a proscribed terrorist organisation is a criminal offence.

The suspects arrested were a 21-year-old man from Banbury, a 24-year-old man from Stockport, two 26-year-old men from Cambridge and Leicester, a 28-year-old man from Wolverhampton and a 37-year-old woman also from Banbury.

A number of properties are being searched in connection with the arrests and all suspects are currently in police custody.

Police have stated that all of the arrests were pre-planned and based on intelligence gathered by West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit in conjunction with other counter-terrorism units around the country, and there was no threat to public safety.

In September last year, police arrested serving soldiers on suspicion of membership of National Action as well as arresting a number of civilians in a nationwide swoop. In November last year a martial arts instructor was dismissed on suspicion of involvement with National Action.


Witnesses sought after passerby asks Jewish man if he is Jewish, then shouts “F***ing Jew” at him

Witnesses are being sought after a Jewish man from Golders Green was verbally abused by another man on Brent Street, Hendon.

On Tuesday, 26th December 2017, at approximately 22:20, a man described as an adult black male approached a Jewish charedi man who was walking with his toddler, and asked him whether he was Jewish. When the victim replied that he was, the suspect said that he himself was Muslim. The victim said: “OK”, at which point the suspect shouted: “F***ing Jew.”

Shomrim North West London, a Jewish community volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol, provided assistance to the victim and reported the incident to the police.

Anybody who witnessed the incident or has information which could aid the investigation should contact the Metropolitan Police Service by dialing 101, citing reference CAD6265/26/12/2017.


Minister for Universities, Jo Johnson, proposes measures to scrap policies designed to stop extremists inciting hatred on campus, without suggesting any new measures against antisemitism

In an extraordinary speech at the Limmud festival on Tuesday, Jo Johnson, the Minister for Universities and Science has urged universities to halt so-called no-platform policies which are used to deny extremists a platform at universities. Mr Johnson said: “However well-intentioned, the proliferation of such safe spaces, the rise of no-platforming, the removal of ‘offensive’ books from libraries and the drawing up of ever more extensive lists of banned ‘trigger’ words are undermining the principle of free speech in our universities.” Whilst we can sympathise, we are very concerned that Mr Johnson is taking action which will make it even harder to ban antisemitic extremists from our campuses.

Mr Johnson intends to enforce his view through the Office for Students (OfS), a new regulatory body for all universities being launched next week and already being touted by Mr Johnson as a body designed to take a strong approach to protecting free speech: “The Office for Students will in turn use its regulatory powers to hold them to account for ensuring that lawful freedom of speech is upheld by their staff and students.”

No-platforming is a policy adopted by the National Union of Students (NUS) to combat fascism and racism in the 1970s. At present only a small list of extreme groups are subject to no-platforming: Al-Muhajiroun, the British National Party, the English Defence League, Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK and National Action. Izzy Lenga, the NUS Vice President for Welfare told The Guardian that “These are the only organisations no-platformed by NUS. No individual person. These dangerous groups seek (and have done before) to threaten, demonise and attack the lives of students on campus. They have absolutely no place in our colleges and universities. We are not censoring free speech; we are protecting groups of students on campus who have as much of a right to be there as any other student from groups that wish to harm us physically and mentally because of our identity.” The Union of Jewish Students also expressed support for no-platforming policies.

At a time when antisemitic speakers are frequently finding a place on campus, Mr Johnson’s stated opposition to no-platforming risks encouraging universities to allow hate speakers to indoctrinate students. Campaign Against Antisemitism has been working with Jewish students across the UK to address that intolerance and hatred on campus.

Mr Johnson made note of the risks, acknowledging the rise in antisemitic hate on campus, saying: “A racist or antisemitic environment is by definition an illiberal one that is completely in opposition the liberal tradition of our universities.” He also cited an NUS study which found that less than half (49%) of the Jewish students surveyed were comfortable with attending NUS events. He warned that “Universities cannot afford to be complacent about complying either with their duties to protect freedom of speech, or anything less than vigilant against hate speech (or other unlawful activity) masquerading as the exercise of the right to freedom of speech.” However no new measures were unveiled to tackle hate speech, with Mr Johnson discussing the past action he has taken, writing to the Chief Executive of Universities UK, setting out the role the International Definition of Antisemitism has to play in countering campus antisemitism.

Whilst Mr Johnson has recognised the potential dangers involved in prioritising free speech without sensible limitations on hate speech, he has unfortunately not announced further measures, without which the message of this speech is likely to produce conditions which are ripe for the proliferation of antisemitic ideology by making it significantly harder for campaigners to ensure that antisemitic speakers are blocked from campuses.

The Office for Students will have a difficult and vital responsibility to clearly define the parameters of free speech and hate speech, and Jewish students and anti-racism campaigners will now look to the regulator to ensure that the issue of the incitement of hatred on campus is finally properly addressed. This cannot take place without a clear and objective guide to what constitutes antisemitic hate speech. Therefore, the regulator’s early endorsement and enforcement of the International Definition of Antisemitism, which we will actively seek, is critical to the success of Mr Johnson’s efforts to unblock free speech whilst more firmly suppressing hate speech.


Google and CAA agree to collaborate on cleaning up YouTube, as CAA starts recruiting volunteers for YouTube cleanup squad

Google and Campaign Against Antisemitism have agreed to collaborate on cleaning up antisemitic hatred on YouTube, with Google granting us access to special content flagging features.

Videos that we report to Google will go through a fast-track reviewing process, following which Google may take the video off YouTube or place a number of limitations on it, such as removing it from video suggestions and making it harder to find. Once a video has been identified as promoting antisemitism, Google will use its algorithms to recognise the video if it is uploaded to YouTube again using a different user account.

Whilst we have not always agreed with Google about what should be on YouTube, this is a very promising collaboration which we hope will enable us to work with Google to reduce the amount of antisemitic material appearing on YouTube.

We are now building a volunteer team to help us to flag videos which should be reported using the special reporting features provided to us by Google. If you would like to join the team, please go to antisemitism.uk/volunteer.


Jewish Voice for Labour activist Beverly Krell posts death threats to former Labour Friends of Israel Chair and threats of violence to Jews

Beverly Krell, a Labour Party member based in Cheadle, and a prolific anti-Israel activist, has threatened Jews she has described as “Zio Nazis” with violence, called Israel a “leisure park based on killing Palestinians” and described Zionists as Nazis in recent social media comments, however she has told the Mail on Sunday that her social media accounts were “hacked”.

Ms Krell, who is Jewish herself but publicly shuns Judaism, lives in Manchester, a city with a large Jewish population that she described in one post as a “Zionist version of Hell’s Corner”. She is thought to be a member a group calling itself Jewish Voice for Labour which has been instrumental in disseminating antisemitic discourse and she has posted a series of antisemitic and threatening comments.

In Facebook posts circulated on Twitter by activists, screenshots show Ms Krell claiming that all Jews are bad as there was “zero difference” between Judaism and Zionism, adding, “Israel and America are the evil incarnate costing millions of lives for another coloniser project.” In a further post Ms Krell claimed that Jews see themselves as “chosen people” with a “superiority complex” and “elitism”, who treat Palestinians “appallingly” because of “white superiority”. She later claimed that both Judaism and Zionism are “white supremacist”.

Following Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry’s speech at the Labour Friends of Israel annual lunch at the end of November in which she urged the Palestinian Authority to end “officially sanctioned antisemitic incitement”, Ms Krell commented that “this message holds true for Zionists who built a leisure park based on killing Palestinians”. Ms Krell went on to imply that Emily Thornberry was forced under duress to show pro-Israel sentiment by making comparisons with the fate of Robin Cook, the Labour MP who opposed the Iraq war, and who died of a heart attack two years after resigning. Ms Krell wrote: “Ask yourself why did Robin Cook have a heart attack condemning Blair and speaking out for an ethical foreign policy. It is very easy to kill someone and make it look like a heart attack.” Ms Krell’s logic suggests that Jews orchestrate conflicts in the Middle East, and are able to assassinate politicians such as Robin Cook for their anti-war stance.

In early 2017, Ms Krell compared the Holocaust with the “Naqba”, the Arabic name for the the Arab defeat and subsequent refugee crisis in the war to obliterate the nascent State of Israel in 1948. She wrote: “I’ve had enough of the regurgitated Holocaust. Is it a singular event for us Jews, or does the extermination of American natives count, or the black holocaust when millions were wrenched from their land and sold into slavery? I guess the Naqba doesn’t count.”

Ms Krell also alarmingly, threatens violence against Jews. When some her comments were shared publicly, she changed her profile name to Sophie Golding and posted: “How do you deal with Zio Nazis other than deactivate the main account and find my AK47?”

Further evidence of her propensity for making violent threats was evidenced by her comments regarding Joan Ryan MP, in which she suggested lynching her, writing: “If anyone has rope and a tree, I’m free”. Ms Ryan was once the Chair of Labour Friends of Israel, and although not Jewish, is a prominent supporter of the Jewish Labour Movement, and a common subject of attack by Ms Krell and those with whom she identifies.

Ms Krell appears to be a member of Jewish Voice for Labour, a group founded and affiliated to the Labour Party in September this year. In a number of open letters she has signed herself as a member of the Cheadle Labour constituency branch. The Jewish Voice for Labour group was formed to contest claims of antisemitism in the Labour Party, deriding the claims as a “myth”. It takes particular umbrage at Labour’s adoption of the International Definition of Antisemitism, claiming that it restricts criticism of Israel, despite the definition specifically stating that criticism of Israel does not engage the definition. At its infamous inaugural meeting at the recent Labour Party Conference, speakers voiced the opinion that Holocaust denial should be tolerated and that the Jewish Labour Movement should be expelled from the Party, A leaflet quoting leading Nazi Reinhard Heydrich was even circulated. Jewish Voice for Labour received support from Len McClusky, leader of the Unite union and ally of Ken Livingstone, who later described accusations of antisemitism in the Labour Party as “mood music” created to “undermine” Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour Party must act immediately to expel Ms Krell from the Party and make a statement clearly distancing itself from groups such as Jewish Voice for Labour that have been instrumental in disseminating antisemitic discourse.

Ms Krell has not yet responded to Campaign Against Antisemitism’s request for comment.


Van driver shouts “Hitler was a great man, he knew what he was doing” at Jewish motorist in London

Stamford Hill Shomrim has reported a van driver to the police after they were passed a video of an antisemitic road rage incident.

In the video, a man with a Caribbean accent can be heard shouting at a Jewish motorist: “Hitler was a great man, he knew what he was doing” before adding “You think you own the world? You don’t own the world. This is Stamford Hill, it’s not Israel”.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon in Stamford Hill in London.

Anybody who witnessed the incident or believes they may know the man should call the Metropolitan Police Service on 101 citing reference CAD6289/23/12/17.


Jewish Leadership Council CEO must stop sniping and apologise for claiming CAA’s private prosecution of pro-Hizballah march leader will “make yet more fear”

The CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council, Simon Johnson, has once again launched an attack on Campaign Against Antisemitism, this time berating us for privately prosecuting the leader of this summer’s pro-Hizballah “Al Quds Day” procession through London after the Crown Prosecution Service failed to act.

Mr Johnson, who claims to represent the British Jewish community, used Twitter to publicly decry our private prosecution, saying that it “risks making things worse” and we will “make yet more fear”, which he claimed is “par for the course” for Campaign Against Antisemitism.

Ironically, Mr Johnson, whose salary is double Campaign Against Antisemitism’s annual operating budget, claimed that our private prosecution, which is being conducted by expert lawyers who are donating their time pro bono, is a “waste of money”.

Mr Johnson was rounded on by Twitter users who fiercely defended Campaign Against Antisemitism and its volunteers, with one activist even setting up a petition demanding that Mr Johnson apologise or resign. We are very grateful to the many people who have spoken out in our support.

In August, Mr Johnson humiliated himself by making a video claiming that our volunteers engage in “hyperbolic scaremongering” as part of an “attempt to grab attention and appearances on television”. Sharing the video through the Jewish Leadership Council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, he admonished us for highlighting antisemitism, which he said was an attempt to “create a situation of panic in this community”, and for daring to criticise the authorities for failing to take sufficient action.

At the time, we did all that we could to resolve the matter behind the scenes to avoid embarrassing the Jewish Leadership Council and they deleted the video, which had provoked revulsion within the Jewish community and won the praise of antisemites. That should have been the end of the matter, but instead, despite an agreement that neither side would comment, a day later the Jewish Leadership Council said that it stood by the video that it had deleted.

Mr Johnson, who is a former solicitor, should have realised that his repeated efforts to impugn our motives will likely be seized upon by defendants whom we privately prosecute. Other than that, what does his sniping achieve?

Yet despite repeatedly humiliating himself with his ill-conceived attacks, Mr Johnson has a long track record of publicly attacking Campaign Against Antisemitism. In February 2015 he gave his word that he would offer any criticism privately rather than engaging in public sniping. When he broke his word months later, we asked whether his word was worthless. His reply: “Well, so it was. I admit.” That is not Jewish leadership.

Antisemitic crime and the inadequate response to it by the authorities is a very serious concern that should be seen as an urgent priority for British society and our law enforcement authorities. Mr Johnson’s highly-personal attacks on our volunteers suggest that far from trying to address the situation by raising awareness and taking legal action when the authorities fail to act, we are in fact trying to “make yet more fear” so that we can “grab attention and appearances on television”.

Campaign Against Antisemitism has a longstanding policy of refusing to engage in Jewish community politics. Our focus is on countering antisemites. However, Mr Johnson’s shameful interventions have become too persistent to ignore. Enough is enough.

The Jewish community has many enemies to contend with, and this public sniping by Mr Johnson at those of us trying to tackle antisemitism must now end. Campaign Against Antisemitism has done all that it can behind the scenes to try to stop Mr Johnson’s damaging smears, but since he will not honour his word and does not heed the opinion of our community, it now falls to the trustees of the Jewish Leadership Council to insist that he apologises and then falls silent.


Actress and fitness studio owner Kelechi Okafor claims Reggie Yates’ comments about Jews were “the truth”

Actress and fitness studio owner, Kelechi Okafor, has defended recent comments about Jews made by BBC presenter Reggie Yates in which he claimed it was “great” that the young generation of grime music artists is not “managed by some random fat Jewish guy from north west London, they’re managed by their brethren”. Ms Okafor argued that Mr Yates was wrong to apologise for the comments and to step down as a host of the BBC’s Top of the Pops programme.

In her new 24-minute podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud, Ms Okafor addressed Yates’ comments, remarking that she “had a huge problem with people apologising for things that they meant”, adding that Yates’ apology statement was “well-manicured”. She remarked that Yates’ comments were “not problematic”, that he was speaking “the truth”, and that the whole affair demonstrated “the power of a specific community”. Ms Okafor challenged whether these Jewish music managers really are from North West London, adding “I just want to know where the fallacy is”, and that “stereotypes are based on an element on truth”.

Ms Okafor began describing how black entertainers had been “so short changed by the kind of people Reggie Yates describes”. She comments that “all sorts of ethnicities” can be capable of this but adds “the fact is, these men has dominated the industry for decades” and are “taking most of the profits”. She claimed that black artists “are having to work [their] entire arse off while they’re keeping everything”.

Ms Okafor remarks near the end of the podcast that grime, RnB, and hip-hop music have been “diluted” by these supposed Jewish music managers who “like blackness as long as it’s making them money”.

Ms Okafor appears to take umbrage at how the Holocaust receives public attention each year, but that the legacy of slave trade is seemingly ignored. She described how these historical events are responsible for the “power dynamic” she is discussing.

Ms Okafor then turned her attention to Harvey Weinstein, a Jewish figure in the entertainment industry recently accused of sexual assault. She remarks how accusations of inappropriate behaviour from the black actress Lupita Nyong’o were not taken seriously, but that “if you offend one of the more powerful sectors of the community, then off be with your head”. Ms Okafor claimed that what’s happening now is that “people are demanding their pound of flesh, and I am very specific about the reference I just made”. Ms Okafor mentions how the phrase is linked to Shakespeare. The “pound of flesh” is a central plot device in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice in which the antagonist Shylock is portrayed as a stereotypical money-grabbing Jew. Shylock has become synonymous with the antisemitic trope that Jews control money and the banks.

It is not likely that Ms Okafor will be apologising for the remarks. Towards the end of the podcast she says that “if people don’t like what I said, they can drink some water and go to sleep”.

When approached privately by Rosa Doherty, a journalist for the JC, who first discovered the podcast, Ms Okafor responded via Twitter: “Hi @Rosa_Doherty thank you for your email regarding my podcast. I appreciate the time you took to reach out to me. What does the Jewish Chronicle do to tackle anti-blackness?”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has now filed a complaint with iTunes, which carries Ms Okafor’s podcast.


Burglar with antisemitism conviction jailed for 14 days over synagogue burglary and ordered to pay £115

Mark Zahra has pleaded guilty to burgling a synagogue after being identified on CCTV by Stamford Hill Shomrim, a Jewish community volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol.

Last week he was convicted at Thames Magistrates’ Court and sentenced to 14 days in prison. He was also ordered to pay £115 to fund services for victims.

Mr Zahra has a previous conviction for an antisemitic hate crime, however since this burglary cannot said to be motivated by antisemitism with any certainty, we will not add this conviction to our log of prosecutions for antisemitism.

We commend Stamford Hill Shomrim and the Metropolitan Police Service for their vigilance.


Comment: The CPS has let us down again, so we have to act ourselves

In the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, conspiracy theorists busied themselves pinning the inferno on Jews or Zionists.

Tahra Ahmed, a volunteer coordinator for those helping the survivors of the fire, told her Facebook followers that the inferno was a “Jewish ritual sacrifice” by a scheming Jewish property developer. In June, days after the fire, Nazim Ali, the leader of the Al Quds Day march through London, bellowed through his megaphone that “It is the Zionists who give money to the Tory Party to kill people in high-rise blocks”.

The Britain that we know and love, where we can live proudly as Jews, is slipping slowly away as antisemitic crime surges. Future generations will not forgive us if we enjoyed the golden era for British Jews but watched complacently as it ended.

But how does one turn the tide?

Read more


Fitness First denies swastika gym mat arrangement and WhatsApp messages were antisemitic

Fitness First has denied that messages including a photograph of gym mats arranged in a swastika were motivated by antisemitism. David Amroon, a Jewish member of the sports chain told Campaign Against Antisemitism of his shock upon being sent a picture of his local gym’s training mats arranged into a swastika, together with jokes about Nazis from members via their WhatsApp group.

Mr Amroon, a martial arts instructor who trained in Jiu-Jitsu twice weekly at Fitness First’s branch in Ilford, told Campaign Against Antisemitism that he will not use the gym again.

According to Mr Amroon, it was common knowledge amongst members that he is Jewish. He told us that he had previously had to challenge antisemitic comments from other members at the health club including alleged statements about Jews ruling the world, “Zionists” being responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, all Jews being wealthy, and even being told by an instructor that “Jews killed Jesus”. However, Mr Amroon told us that he did not report these incidents to the club’s management, preferring to deal with them himself, but he felt that he could not stay silent after the latest incident, which occurred after he missed a training session through illness.

Upon receiving the WhatsApp messages, Mr Amroon said that he immediately sent a message of complaint to the group’s instructor, who apologised and said he had spoken with the perpetrators and that they had just been joking, before allegedly advising Mr Amroon to “move on”. Mr Amroon says that he then wrote a letter to the instructor in which he requested a meeting with the individuals involved in the incident to explain that it was not a joke, and the impact it had on him, only to be told that he should have a quiet word with the perpetrators himself. When he did so, he says that he was again informed that he “needed to get over it”.

Mr Amroon waited a further nine days for a satisfactory resolution, after which he wrote to Fitness First. A meeting was organised with the club’s manager, the Fitness Manager and the Area Manager. Despite being told that they oppose racism, Mr Amroon said that there was a complete failure to engage with the issue and that his request for disciplinary action against those involved was dismissed. When Mr Amroon threatened to go to the police, he alleges that the gym chain’s staff again told him to move on and told him that speaking to the police was not the right thing to do.

Mr Amroon, whose grandfather served in the RAF and lost his life fighting Nazi Germany, says he was shocked by the incident and that he was made to feel as though he had no voice and that he was invisible to the staff he met. He has now cancelled his membership, having been a loyal customer for sixteen years.

When we asked Fitness First to comment on Mr Amroon’s allegations, a spokesman emphasised the organisation’s pride in being a multicultural company and stated that it does not tolerate any form of discrimination. He said that the swastika created with the mats was intended to be a “Buddhist peace symbol”, not a Nazi swastika: “Fitness First took these allegations extremely seriously as soon as they were relayed and launched an immediate inquiry. Fitness First met with Mr Amroon and spoke to him several times. The class regularly made different shapes and symbols with the mats at the beginning of each class. The room was regularly hired by a third party to conduct a Jiu-Jitsu class and it was not connected with Fitness First. The class is no longer held at Fitness First. As it was a private hire, we advised that if Mr Amroon wanted to take the matter to the authorities, we would assist them in any way we could, including providing the CCTV footage of the mats being laid out. The police did look into the matter after they were contacted by Fitness First but dismissed Mr Amroon’s claims. We have been assured that the remarks on the WhatsApp group, specifically ‘Nazi salutes are great opportunities for hip toss’ refer to grabbing a Nazi’s arm as they salute and throwing them to the ground. The people you have highlighted in the Whatsapp group conversation were never members of Fitness First.”

Fitness First is owned by Dave Whelan, the owner of Wigan Athletic Football Club who was fined £50,000 by the Football Association and banned from football for six weeks for declaring that “Jewish people chase money more than everybody else”.

This is a very regrettable incident in which a Jewish man has felt hounded out of his local gym community. Nobody can be sure of the motives of those involved apart from those who did this.

Anybody experiencing antisemitism is encouraged to contact us at investigations@antisemitism.uk or on 0330 822 0321 as soon as possible after the incident if they would like advice.


Former UKIP MEP, Godfrey Bloom, rails against Goldman Sachs as an “international Jewish bank”

The former prominent UKIP MEP, Godfrey Bloom, has taken to Twitter to condemn Goldman Sachs as an “international Jewish bank” over its CEO’s opposition to Brexit.

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, had suggested that the UK should hold a second referendum on Brexit, to which Mr Bloom responded: “International Jewish bank recommends second vote & we should vote Remain. mmmmmmmmmmmm.” As hundreds of Twitter users condemned him, Mr Bloom replied: “Pointing out Goldman Sachs is a Jewish bank as confirmed by Wikipedia makes me a NAZIS [sic] apparently. Funny old world.”

Goldman Sachs is a publicly-traded company and Mr Bloom’s suggestion that it is a “Jewish bank” engages what the International Definition of  Antisemitism refers to as “Making mendacious, dehumanising, demonising, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.”

Mr Bloom left UKIP in disgrace after a series of comments including referring to countries receiving aid from Britain as “Bongo Bongon Land” and calling a female audience “sluts”.

This incident reaffirms that Mr Bloom should be an utterly unpalatable associate for any politician or political party, or indeed any decent person.


Investigation opened into Tommy Sheppard MP over allegations that Jewish people were deliberately excluded from event at House of Commons

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards has opened an investigation into an event hosted by Tommy Sheppard MP, from the Scottish National Party, at the House of Commons, in which it is alleged that Jewish people were deliberately excluded.

The event in question was hosted by EuroPal two weeks ago and was billed as a lecture about Palestinian political aspirations and opposition to Israel. When a number of Jewish pro-Israel activists sought to attend, according to an article in Christian Today, they were denied admission, except for one activist, named Ambrosine Shitrite, who had booked under a Muslim-sounding name instead of a Christian-sounding name and was admitted. Christian Today also claimed that Manuel Hassassian, the Palestinian Authority representative in the UK, said of the British approach towards Israel: “They are still doing trade relations and still sympathising with the Jews as being the victims of the Holocaust. Enough of this rhetoric. We have made and paid for this historic concession when we have agreed to give 78 per cent of this historic Palestine on a golden platter…” Professor Hassassian told Christian Today that he had not intended to suggest that sympathy for Jewish Holocaust victims should end, but that “it should not be used to continue the relentless victimisation of the Palestinian people.”

While EuroPal did not respond when we approached them, Mr Sheppard told Campaign Against Antisemitism: “Invitations to the event were issued by Europal and, as with most events of this kind, they would have encouraged their supporters and members to attend. I know they also offered a limited number of tickets to the public through Eventbrite. These were issued on a first come, first served basis. When it became necessary to move to a smaller room (due to the House authorities displacing the booking for a committee) some tickets were withdrawn. I understand that the organisation wrote to them apologising and saying that they hoped they would come to future events. An allegation has been made that the distribution of tickets involved discriminating against people on the basis of their faith. I have checked with Europal and they completely refute this allegation and are alarmed that anyone would suggest it. I have fought against antisemitism all my life and I used the opportunity of [the] meeting to state unequivocally the need to resist it as a virulent form of racism.”

However, the activists concerned have disagreed with Mr Sheppard’s account, claiming that it was only those with Jewish-sounding names who were told that they could no longer attend, and that the room was far from full.

The allegations made are extremely disturbing and we await the conclusion of the investigation with interest.


Brighton and Hove City Council forced to ban public from Chanukah celebration over security threat from “anti-Israel” protesters

Brighton and Hove City Council has been forced to ban members of the public from its Chanukah celebration over security fears. The celebration at Hove Town Hall had been due to be a public event, but it had to be held behind closed doors, reportedly due to threats from “anti-Israel” protesters.

The event was held behind closed doors just before the start of a Council meeting and the public gallery was kept closed. According to The Argus there was a security presence from Sussex Police but the ceremony was not interrupted and there was no demonstration.

It is extremely sad that the celebration of Chanukah, a festival which commemorates victory over antisemitism and is especially supposed to be celebrated publicly, had to be held in private.


No arrests after 25 far-left thugs reportedly storm nightclub and order “Jews and wealthy people” and “Tory Rothschild scum” to be silent “for Grenfell”

A gang of 25 far-left thugs reportedly stormed a birthday party at a nightclub last night in London’s Notting Hill, declaring that there were “Jews and wealthy people inside”. The hooded gang is said to have begun by hurling bottles and eggs at people talking outside before overwhelming security. They then reportedly “threw out” the DJ and demanded that those gathered, who they allegedly referred to as “Tory Rothschild scum”, observe a one-minute silence “for Grenfell”.

The incident reportedly took place at the Maxilla Social Club, which has repeatedly held benefit evenings for the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, and was a food distribution centre for survivors of the fire which killed 71 people.

This incident graphically shows the consequences of incitement and conspiracy theories targeting Jews being permitted to proliferate.

In the immediate aftermath of the fire, it was repeatedly claimed that the fire was a Jewish or “Zionist” conspiracy, including by Grenfell Tower volunteer coordinator Tahra Ahmed and allegedly by the leader of the pro-Hizballah “Al Quds Day” march through London, Nazim Ali, who is now subject to a private prosecution by Campaign Against Antisemitism.

The Metropolitan Police Service told the Daily Mail that its officers were called but made no arrests. Campaign Against Antisemitism is seeking clarification as to why no arrests were made. Those responsible must not escape the consequences of their actions. Britain must not tolerate this antisemitic thuggery.

Image credit: Duncan C


CAA launches private prosecution against leader of Al Quds Day march who we allege blamed “Zionists” for Grenfell, after CPS fails British Jews once again

Campaign Against Antisemitism has today laid an information before magistrates to initiate a private prosecution against Nazim Ali, the leader of the “Al Quds Day” march through central London, after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) declined to prosecute him.

Our information alleges: “On the 18th day of June 2017, between Duchess Street and Grosvenor Square in London, Nazim Hussain Ali used threatening or abusive words or behaviour, within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby.”

We allege that during the march, Mr Ali used a portable public address system to make various statements, including:

  • “Some of the biggest corporations who are supporting the Conservative Party are Zionists. They are responsible for the murder of the people in Grenfell, in those towers in Grenfell. The Zionist supporters of the Tory Party. Free, Free, Palestine…It is the Zionists who give money to the Tory Party to kill people in high-rise blocks. Free, Free, Palestine. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”
  • “Careful of those Rabbis who belong to the Board of Deputies, who have got blood on their hands, who agree with the killing of British soldiers. Do not allow them in your centres.”

In addition to this private prosecution, we have made a complaint about Mr Ali, who is the managing partner of a pharmacy, to the General Pharmaceutical Council and we have submitted a complaint about the charity that organised the march, the self-proclaimed Islamic Human Rights Commission, to the Charity Commission.

Last year was the worst year for antisemitic crime on record. Crime targeting Jews has surged by rising by 45% since 2014, however of the 14,480 hate crimes prosecuted by the CPS last year, only 20 are known to be cases of antisemitic hate crime.

Campaign Against Antisemitism is represented by Jonathan Goldberg QC, Jeffrey Israel and Senghin Kong (leading and junior counsel) and solicitor David Sonn.

Gideon Falter, Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “We have called for zero tolerance enforcement of the law against antisemitism and that is what politicians have promised. After reporting Mr Ali to the police, we waited to see whether the Crown Prosecution Service would prosecute him, but they declined to do so. Campaign Against Antisemitism has been left with no choice but to expend its resources bringing a private prosecution. We do not know of any other minority which is being repeatedly abandoned by the Crown Prosecution Service and left alone to defend itself.”


CAA calls for Wales Green Party’s Deputy Leader, Pippa Bartolotti, to be expelled after claiming Israel “only interested in the final solution” and has trapped Palestinians in “open air concentration camp”

The Deputy Leader of the Wales Green Party, Pippa Bartolotti, has claimed in a Facebook post that Palestinians are “effectively trapped in an open air concentration camp” and that “the government of Israel is only interested in the final solution”. The comments followed a previous post in which she claimed that US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would “appease the wealthy Zionist backers who paid for Trump’s election campaign”.

Writing on 7th December, Ms Bartolotti posted an aerial view of Jerusalem’s Old City, commenting: “I think it’s important to explain that Jerusalem is not a Jewish city – any more than Israel is a Jewish country. Israel is in fact a western state, taken by force in 1948, in bloodshed and massacres of the unarmed and innocent indigenous population.” In the post to her almost 5,000 followers, Ms Bartolotti peddled the conspiracy that Israel is a “Western puppet state” and that wealthy Arab oil states are “in cahoots” with the British and western governments to to legitimise Israel’s claims to the land.

Ms Bartolotti went on to explicitly level two accusations at Israel of behaving like Nazis against towards the Palestinians. She wrote: “Palestinians in Gaza are effectively trapped in an open air concentration camp from which there is only slim means of escape”. She then invokes the Nazi language of the Holocaust in her claim that “The government of Israel is only interested in the final solution”. The Final Solution (Die Endloesung) is the name given by the Nazis to their programme to exterminate six million Jews during the Holocaust. Ms Barolotti’s statements qualify as antisemitic discourse under the terms of the International Definition of Antisemitism by “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis”. When confronted on Facebook with the notion that “Comparing the Israeli government to the Nazis is grotesquely offensive and antisemitic”, she responded: “The Roma and disabled were similarly targeted by the Nazi regime, but they have not gone around demanding a state of their own”.

Ms Bartolotti, who stood as a Green Party parliamentary candidate in 2010 and then as an Assembly Member a year later, was once a leadership contender for the national Green Party. She seems to glory in her words, having said: “Some might call me antisemitic, but I don’t care”. Ms Bartolotti was arrested at Ben Gurion Airport and detained overnight at Givon Prison when participating in the ‘flytilla’ of activists attempting to enter Bethlehem in 2011. She objected to being represented by a UK diplomatic staff member who had a Jewish name, and questioned the loyalty of the UK ambassador to Israel (Britain’s first Jewish ambassador to the country). She said at the time: “The vice -consul was called Levi. From the university of life I have learned that Jews often have a conflict of interest in matters relating to Palestine.” In doing so, she was “Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations”. In claiming Israel is “in cahoots” as part of a suggested international plot, and that “wealthy Zionists” determined President Trump’s presidential campaign pledges, she is making “stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as…the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.”

Ms Bartolotti has appeared on Channel 4’s culinary show Come Dine with Me, where she was described as a “peace activist”, but has appeared in photographs posing with the flag of the Syrian National Socialist Party, which bears an emblem resembling a Swastika and has been described as the the oldest terrorist organisation in existence today. The SNSP aspires to gain control of a Greater Syria including what is now Israel, and has been accused of having links to fascism.

Having clearly breached the International Definition of Antisemitism on multiple counts, Campaign Against Antisemitism now looks to the Green Party to expel Ms Bartolotti from the Party.

Image credit: Stand for Peace


Tahra Ahmed, a Grenfell Tower volunteer coordinator, reportedly claimed the victims were “burnt alive in a Jewish sacrifice”

Tahra Ahmed, who holds a prominent role as a Grenfell Tower volunteer coordinator, reportedly claimed the victims were “burnt alive in a Jewish sacrifice.” The Times has today reported about Ms Ahmed’s many alleged antisemitic outbursts.

After the tragic fire that left 71 dead, Ms Ahmed said that she had been coordinating the work of volunteers, coaching them and running workshops with the aim of empowering them. She has reportedly discussed her beliefs with some of the people she has helped. When The Times confronted her about her views, she said that she did not care about other people’s opinions.

According to the paper, she reportedly said: “Watch the live footage of people trapped in the inferno with flames behind them. They were burnt alive in a Jewish sacrifice. Grenfell is owned by a private Jewish property developer just like the twin towers. I wonder how much Goldman [Goldman Sachs, a bank often targeted by antisemites] is standing to make in the world’s most expensive real estate location [Kensington].”

Attending a town hall protest two days after the fire, she told reporters there that the fire was a “holocaust.” She has allegedly previously described the Holocaust as the “holohoax” and posted on Facebook: “Hitler and the Germans were the victims of the Jewish conspiracy to destroy Germany.” She is also a proponent of the antisemitic conspiracy theory that the 9/11 terror attacks were faked by Jews. In one Facebook comment found by Campaign Against Antisemitism after The Times published its article, she wrote: “All the leadership of ISIS is directly recruited by CIA and the leadership are all Arab Jews, trained by Mossad.”

Councillors in Kensington and Chelsea are reportedly so worried about unchecked volunteers’ involvement with Grenfell Tower survivors that they have written to the Secretary of State to complain.

Campaign Against Antisemitism calls for Ms Ahmed to be immediately stood down in her role assisting volunteers. To blame the unspeakable tragedy of Grenfell on a historically persecuted people is to let down those victims she claims to represent and support and exacerbate social division in Britain.

We have also revealed that Councillor Beinazir Lasharie, who reportedly said that “I’ve seen compelling evidence that links Zionists to ISIS”, was appointed Deputy Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea “to help the Council rebuild trust with residents following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower.”


“Victory to the intifada” chant protesters outside US Embassy in London

“Victory to the intifada” was chanted by protesters at a “Do not move the US Embassy to Jerusalem Trump!” rally outside the US Embassy in central London this afternoon.

A small crowd of about 40 demonstrators gathered in the snow to oppose US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announce plans to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The event page on Facebook listed Bashar Zeedan as the host.

Volunteers from our Demonstration and Event Monitoring Unit captured alarming footage of demonstrators chanting: “Victory to the intifada”, referring to violent Palestinian campaigns which included suicide bombings targeting Israeli Jewish civilians.

We also took video recordings of demonstrators chanting: “From the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea, Palestine will be free”, a chant that only makes sense as a call for the destruction of the Jewish state and its replacement with a Palestinian state. Under the International Definition of Antisemitism adopted by the UK Government, “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination” is antisemitic.

Today’s rally follows on from the “Hands off Jerusalem” protest held at the same location on Friday evening where demonstrators chanted: “Khaybar Khaybar, ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad, sa yahud” translated in English as “Jews, remember the battle of Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is returning.”




“Jews, remember the battle of Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is returning” chant protesters outside US Embassy in London

“Khaybar Khaybar, ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad, sa yahud” translated in English as “Jews, remember the battle of Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is returning” was chanted at an “emergency” protest outside the US Embassy in central London on Friday evening where thousands rallied against US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The “Hands off Jerusalem” protest was organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Friends of Al Aqsa, Stop the War Coalition and Muslim Association of Britain and supported by Muslim Voices, Stand up to Trump, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, War on Want, Association of Palestinian Communities in the UK, Olive and Europal Forum, some of which have been found to have antisemites amongst their supporters.

The “Khaybar” chant is a classic Arabic battle cry and taunt and reference to the Muslim massacre and expulsion of the Jews of the town of Khaybar in northwestern Arabia, now Saudi Arabia, in the year 628 CE. The political blog, Harry’s Place, captured the disturbing footage of the chant, which was then followed by cries of “Death to America, death to Israel”.

Volunteers from our Demonstration and Event Monitoring Unit went into the thick of the protesters to gather evidence.

Campaign Against Antisemitism took video recordings of demonstrators chanting: “From the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea, Palestine will be free”, a chant that only makes sense as a call for the destruction of the Jewish state and its replacement with a Palestinian state. This chant was heard repeatedly during the protest. Under the International Definition of Antisemitism adopted by the UK Government, “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination” is antisemitic.

The widespread and blatant antisemitic chanting at the protest is a cause for considerable concern. Other “Hands off Jerusalem” demonstrations were held in Manchester, Nottingham and Cardiff.


Labour campaigner Daniel Harris reportedly suspended after posting video of councillors wearing Jewish prayer shawls and hats

Daniel Harris, a Labour Party housing campaigner in Brighton and Hove, has reportedly been suspended from the party pending an investigation after posting a Chanukah video on Facebook into which he allegedly added the faces of council leader Warren Morgan and his colleagues, Anne Meadows and Caroline Penn. They are seen wearing the tallit, the Jewish prayer shawl, and the black hats of charedi Jews, while animated Stars of David hang in the background and are visible on floor.

Former Hove MP Ivor Caplin told the Brighton and Hove News: “I was appalled that any member of the Labour Party could think that this is any way you could treat Labour councillors.” He said that two of the three councillors in question had significant Jewish connections, adding that this was a time for the Party to show zero tolerance “to this kind of antisemitism.”

After being accused of antisemitism, Mr Harris reportedly described the video as “a bit of fun”. He shared the news of his suspension in a Facebook post and reportedly said that he would fight his suspension.

A Labour Party spokeman reportedly told the JC: “The Party takes all complaints extremely seriously. A Labour Party member has been suspended from the Party pending an investigation.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism awaits to find out more details about Mr Harris’ apparent suspension and what further disciplinary action, if any, will be taken by Labour following the investigation. Following Baroness Chakrabarti’s whitewash report on antisemitism in the Labour Party, most disciplinary proceedings have been conducted in secrecy.


WH Smith apologises again after second international outlet found selling Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf

WH Smith’s CEO has apologised to Campaign Against Antisemitism a second time after another of its international outlets was found selling Adolf Hitler’s antisemitic diatribe, Mein Kampf.

WH Smith CEO Steve Clarke has instructed all ten WH Smith outlets in Singapore to immediately remove Mein Kampf, after a traveller passing through Singapore’s Changi Airport was shocked to discover a stack of Chinese translations of Adolf Hitler’s text amongst self-help books and light holiday reading.

In December 2015, WH Smith promised us firm action after Mein Kampf was found to be selling in the “Bestseller” shelves at WH Smith at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan. That Mein Kampf is a bestseller in many Arab countries is a sad reminder of the deep-rooted antisemitism across the Middle East, but we were nonetheless shocked to find WH Smith apparently catering to demand. In that case the branch was operated by a franchised affiliate. At the time, we were told that ranging policies, which already prohibited sale of such books, were being reviewed.

This time, it is one of WH Smith’s wholly-owned outlets which has been found stocking Mein Kampf.

We immediately contacted Mr Clarke who explained that the shop in the airport was the first WH Smith to open in Singapore two weeks ago, and that, being a new operation in the country, WH Smith had relied on the local distributor to provide the initial range to the company’s newly-employed book buyers. The books were immediately removed from sale and none had in fact been sold yet. Mr Clarke has committed to reiterate in writing to all owned and franchised international stores that Mein Kampf must not be stocked under any circumstances.

We are grateful to those who wrote to us alerting us to this matter.


Alleged thief with prior conviction for antisemitism remains at liberty despite reportedly targeting three synagogues in Stamford Hill in under three months

A burglar who has allegedly targeted multiple synagogues allegedly struck again on Saturday, according to Stamford Hill Shomrim, a Jewish community volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol.

The man, who Stamford Hill Shomrim says has committed burglary and theft at three synagogues in Stamford Hill, remains at liberty although he is known to the police and has a prior conviction for an antisemitic public order offence.

Saturday’s burglary, in which valuable items were stolen, is the third incident alleged to have been perpetrated by the same individual in the last two-and-a-half months. Stamford Hill Shomrim has notified the police. As yet no arrest has been made.

We commend Stamford Hill Shomrim for its vigilance and urge the Metropolitan Police Service to investigate this report urgently.


Jews participating in a Torah parade in Hackney told to celebrate in Israel, not in London

While participating in a parade welcoming the arrival of a new Torah scroll at a synagogue in Hackney, a gathering of Jews from the local charedi community was verbally abused by a passing motorist who wound down his window and shouted: “This parade should take place in Israel, not in London.”

The incident took place at approximately 19:30 on Saturday evening in Amhurst Park, Hackney. The perpetrator is described as an Asian man.

Stamford Hill Shomrim, a Jewish community volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol, attended and provided assistance.

The incident has been reported to the police. Anyone with information that might aid the investigation, should contact the Metropolitan Police by calling 101, citing reference CAD7119/02/12/2017



Success for CAA as Reggie Yates resigns from hosting Top of the Pops and BBC admits it must “take these issues very seriously”, but his future may be saved

The BBC’s fallen star, Reggie Yates, has resigned from hosting special editions of the BBC’s flagship music programme, Top of the Pops, on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Mr Yates resigned following following pressure from Campaign Against Antisemitism and others after he remarked that it is “great” that the young generation is not “managed by some random fat Jewish guy from north west London, they’re managed by their brethren”, adding that they were “idiots”, “dickheads” and not “your people”.

In a statement today, Mr Yates wrote: “On a recent podcast, during a discussion about grime artists, I made some ill-considered remarks which have hurt many people. I can see clearly that the words I used reinforced offensive stereotypes, and that there is no context which would justify such remarks. My comments are no reflection on how I truly feel, and I would like to apologise unreservedly to the Jewish community, people in the music industry and anyone else I have offended. This has been, and continues to be a huge learning experience for me, and on reflection I have taken the decision to step down from hosting Top of the Pops this year.”

A BBC spokesman added: “We take these issues very seriously and Reggie is in no doubt about the BBC’s view of his comments.”

This resignation is a major improvement on his previous apology for what he termed a “flippant comment” which “could have been interpreted” as being offensive. We had also criticised the BBC’s comment when Mr Yates’ remarks were exposed, after the BBC said that “we do not believe this is a matter for the BBC”.

The comments which caused such controversy came during a programme about grime music artists, which was recorded a month ago. He had said: “Like I said it’s about perspective. The thing that makes it great about this new generation of artists is that they ain’t signing to majors. They’re independent, they’re not managed by some random fat Jewish guy from north west London, they’re managed by their brethren. Wretch, Stormzy, Skepta, its all – you know what I mean – these are all people that we’ve all known, that we’ve all come up with, from time. So it’s amazing to see now the example isn’t get hot and then give all of your publishing to these idiots. Or go and give all of your rights to these dickheads over here. It’s now get hot, bring the family in, keep the family close, and win with your people. That’s the example now in music.” For many, Mr Yates’ comments will evoke the ugly stereotype of Jews as untrustworthy and money-grabbing. The comment was brought to light by Telegraph journalist Camilla Turner.

It is unclear whether Mr Yates will simply miss out on two holiday special editions of Top of the Pops, or whether the BBC will now act to remove him from programmes such as his forthcoming documentary on the Grenfell Fire tragedy. Clearly someone who sees fit to voice such views and only apologises when caught out should not be presented by the BBC as a role model for young people.


Labour activist Laura Stuart reportedly suspended over posts attributed to her, including “Jews love money and are a bunch of crooks”

Labour Party activist, Laura Stuart, a member of the Hendon Labour Party in north west London, has reportedly been suspended from the party pending an investigation after a local councillor linked her to antisemitic posts on Twitter and Facebook, including “All Jews are above the law.”

Adam Langleben, a Labour councillor for West Hendon, tweeted that he had complained about Ms Stuart in July but no action had been taken.

Ms Stuart has been accused of running the “Gaza Boat Convoy” Twitter account. Some of the appalling antisemitic tweets from the Gaza Boat Convoy account include: “Hear it from a Jewish grandmother how Jews love money and are a bunch of crooks”, “Must still be plenty shekels to be wrung out of the memory of the Holocaust. #HolocaustIndustry” and “All Jews are above the law – as in, they cheat the laws of Moses etc. G-d gives edicts, they set their Rabbis to find ways around them.”

However, the Gaza Boat Convoy account, which attempts to block Campaign Against Antisemitism from seeing its tweets, posted a message claiming that it is a “group account.” Its description reads: “We are a group of driven individuals working within the UK. We work with many different charities all with the same aim and goal. To free Palestine!” According to a report in the Times, tweets from the account have sometimes been signed “Laura” and encouraged donations to Ms Stuart’s bank account, to be distributed in Gaza.

A spokesperson for the Labour Party reportedly told the JC: “Laura Stuart has been suspended from Labour Party pending an investigation.” The Party then attempted to retract the identification of Ms Stuart and amended the statement to refer only to “A Labour Party member”. The Hendon branch of the Labour Party tweeted: “Our party should and will have no truck with any member, and their apologists, who peddle this poisonous antisemitic bile”.

Campaign Against Antisemitism commends Councillor Langleben for his principled stand in exposing these virulently antisemitic comments. We await to find out more details about Ms Stuart’s apparent suspension and what further disciplinary action, if any, will be taken following the investigation.

If true, it is utterly unacceptable that this matter was reported in July, but only acted upon now due to the pressure that Mr Langleben was able to create.

Justice, justice, you shall pursue - צדק צדק תרדף
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