Antisemitism in Political Parties

“Antisemitism is the organisation of politics against the Jews” — Ruth Wisse

Manifesto for fighting antisemitism in political parties

We call on all political parties to adopt our manifesto for fighting antisemitism in political parties.


1. Antisemitism is a form of racism. It is a key component of extremist ideology espoused by Islamists, the far-right and the far-left alike. Antisemites and their supporters have no place in any political party.


2. Antisemitism will be construed in accordance with the International Definition of Antisemitism, as adopted by the British government. The definition is published on the website of Campaign Against Antisemitism at


3. Allegations of antisemitism by a party member will be investigated within four weeks by an impartial, independent investigator and their report will be published publicly. In the case of corroborated, substantial allegations from a credible source, the member will be suspended from the party pending the outcome of the investigation.

4. An allegation of antisemitism is treated as seriously as any allegation of racism. All allegations will be investigated as soon as possible, and in all events within a period of 4 weeks. Investigations will be carried out by an impartial, independent investigator and their report will be published.

5. A senior party member will be assigned to oversee the handling of each allegation of antisemitism. That party member will make a decision on what action to take against the person complained against pending the results of the investigation. In making that decision the party member will consider: the source of the allegation; the seriousness of the allegation; and the credibility of the allegation (having regard, in particular, to corroboration, publicity and the background and record of the person complained against).

6. There is a presumption of instant suspension pending investigation in the case of a credible, serious allegation from a credible source.

Disciplinary Action

7. Disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the party’s standard procedures where a party member is found on investigation to have made an antisemitic statement or committed an antisemitic act.

8. There is a presumption in favour of suspension for antisemitic speech or action by party members. Except where exceptional mitigating factors exist, those responsible for determining the disciplinary penalty in accordance with party procedures are likely to require suspension, to be rescinded when party officials have been satisfied that the person suspended regrets and publicly apologises for his or her behaviour, and is committed both to not reoffending and to actively fighting antisemitism.

9. In the case of antisemitic speech or action by senior party members (which for this purpose includes any party member holding public office), the presumption in favour of suspension is replaced by a presumption in favour of expulsion.

Ask your MP to back the manifesto

If you think that our manifesto should be adopted by your political party, ask your MP to help! To support your case, you may want to draw their attention to how Jewish people perceive their political party.

In 2017, we asked a nationally representative sample of 2,025 British Jewish adults: “Do you feel that any political parties are too tolerant of antisemitism among their MPs, members and supporters?” This is how they responded.

Labour: 83%
Conservatives: 19%
Lib Dems: 36%
UKIP: 41%
Green: 40%
SNP: 32%
None: 4%
Don’t know: 4%

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