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“Antisemitism is the organisation of politics against the Jews” — Ruth Wisse

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The United Kingdom has a plethora of small political parties which often only have a handful of supporters. We do not have the ability to research them exhaustively, but when we do become aware of allegations of antisemitism, we do report on them.




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Istiaq Ahmed

Former councillor, Manningham Ward, Bradford, Respect Party


On 10th May 2014, Mr Ahmed tweeted a link to Nazi film, “The Eternal Jew” on 10th May, 2014. The film was commissioned by Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels with the purpose of winning public support for antisemitic violence. The opening segment, posted by Mr Ahmed from the “HitlerMyFührer” YouTube channel, begins “One of the most illuminating customs of the Jews’ so-called religion, is the slaughter of animals…” On 4th December 2015, he posted an Israel conspiracy theory video alleging that Israel is behind ISIS and caused the Iraq War.

Councillor Ahmed is employed by the Sharing Voices charity, which Labour MP Naz Shah chaired.


Mr Ahmed was suspended by the Respect Party over a matter unrelated to antisemitism and he remained in office as an independent councillor. He then announced that he would step down at the next election and join the Labour Party. He is no longer a councillor.

Dr Andrew Emerson

Patria Leader
2017 Patria parliamentary candidate, Chichester
2015 Patria parliamentary candidate, Chichester
2010 British National Party parliamentary candidate, Watford
2005 British National Party parliamentary candidate, Broxbourne


Dr Andrew Emerson, a former member of the  British National Party, is a co-founder and the current leader of Patria.

In 2015, Dr Emerson published an article on the Patria website deriding UKIP leader Nigel Farage as a “shabbos goy” (a term used for a non-Jew who assists Jews during the Sabbath)  for making an apparent promise to overrule his party’s vote to ban kosher and halal animal slaughter. The article concluded: “Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave the synagogue, Nigel”. In 2016, Dr Emerson used the Patria website to republish a book review by Francis Carr Begbie, a regular contributor to American neo-Nazi websites. The review, to which Emerson gave the headline “Immigration jihad against the English race”, carried the sub-headline “Deception and Jewish ethnic strategising in the creation of multicultural Britain”, and argued that Labour’s immigration policy was driven by “a Jewish desire to extract ethnic retribution”.

Dr Emerson promotes hatred of many ethnic minorities, but takes a special interest in Jews, whom he appears to see as more threatening and powerful. In addition to videos in support of the National Front and alleging that the police withhold resources from cases involving “white lads killed by ethnics”, his personal blog has featured a number of articles about the Jewish community security organisations, Shomrim and Community Security Trust, which Dr Emerson describes as “Jewish vigilante organisations”. These articles, which appeared in 2011, allege that the police provide special treatment for Jews. One article claimed that police were “prioritising the protection of the Jewish localities, over and above the more Gentile neighbourhoods”. Another alleged that the supposed special treatment was given in return for “who knows what favours”. Another described Jews in Britain as “ethnic aliens”.

Dr Emerson has also used his blog to publish a number of articles written by Martin Webster, a former member of the ultra-violent National Front. One of the most blatant articles, published in 2011, asserts that Jews dominate the British establishment, accuses Israel of “genocidal ethnic cleansing”, alleges Jewish backing for the English Defence League, and reiterates the neo-Nazi claim that immigration to Britain is part of a Jewish plot to “promote…race-mixing among the Goyim (non-Jews)”.


As of 11th September 2017, Dr Emerson still remained the leader of Patria.

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