Antisemitism in Political Parties

“Antisemitism is the organisation of politics against the Jews” — Ruth Wisse

United Kingdom Independence Party

It is concerning that four of the five UKIP representatives below have not been publicly and transparently investigated or disciplined by the party. The Party’s approach has been haphazard, sometimes summarily expelling members, while leaving others in post. Others are apparently disciplined but the outcome is left ambiguous. Following repeated requests by Campaign Against Antisemitism, they have failed to confirm whether they accept the International Definition of Antisemitism already adopted by various other parties and the British Government.




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Anna-Marie Crampton

Council candidate, Crowborough, East Sussex


On 20 February 2013, Ms Crampton’s Facebook account reportedly posted a number of comments, under an article titled “Was Pope Benedict fired by the Knights of Malta?”. The comments included a claim that the Second World War was financed by Jewish “banksters” to make the world feel guilty, in order to help the creation of the State of Israel. One comment said: “The Rothschilds are Zionists. There is a difference between Jews and Zionists. These psychopaths hide behind and use the Jews. It was thanks to them that six million Jews were murdered in the war along with 26 million Russians.”


Ms Crampton was suspended by UKIP, but it is not known whether any further action was taken. At the time, Ms Crampton claimed that her account had been “hacked”. A UKIP spokesman said at the time: “We are investigating. If she was hacked, we will apologise for suspending her.”

As of 7th September 2017, there is no further indication of whether or not UKIP disciplined, reinstated or expelled her.

In September 2017, we put this matter to Ms Crampton, who sent us a detailed response. She told us that “this is old news now” and that “Some of the comments were made by me on [social media], others that were much more outlandish, were not”, adding: “There were some bizarre biblical references made in my name which meant nothing to me as were the Holocaust denial comments”. She told us: “I am not a conspiracy theorist. I have a wide following. I am a serious commentator/researcher” She then went on to claim: “I had been hacked, my [social media] cloned, including my photograph, and I was stalked both online and in real life for months…A car drove at me at speed as I was crossing the road only to swerve to avoid me at the last moment, before he sped off. I took that as a warning to stay quiet. Not a chance.” Regarding the handling of the matter by the Party, she wrote that: “The local branch of my constituency continued to support me to the end since they knew that I am not an antisemite nor was I responsible for many of the comments made in my name”. She was critical of then Party leader, Nigel Farage, but said that his behaviour was unsurprising “considering how he appears to be driven by Zionist donations first”. We asked her to provide certain details of the alleged hacking of her Facebook account and she responded to say that her Facebook account had been cloned rather than hacked. We asked her to show us the reports that she claimed she sent to Facebook about the cloned account, but we have not yet received them.

John Hellings

Former Chairman, UKIP London


On 17th December 2015 Mr Hellings is reported to have said to Nigel Sussman, a fellow UKIP member: “F*** you, you North London Jewish c***”. The exchange allegedly took place at a UKIP Christmas party, after which Mr Hellings was removed from the premises.


On 1st April, 2017, it was reported that Mr Hellings had been investigated for his statements by UKIP and expelled from the Party.

Philip Rose

2017 parliamentary candidate, Amber Valley, Derbyshire


On 15th December 2012, Mr Rose tweeted, “Fabians a part of the elite communitarian agenda — Rothschild-Zionist clean sweep. Perhaps real division [is] liberty or [New World Order]?”

In a number of other tweets, Mr Rose expressed support for similar conspiracy theories about “Rothschilds” or “Rothschild Zionists” manipulating world affairs.


When we put this matter to Mr Rose in June 2017, he decried Campaign Against Antisemitism as the real racists, pointing out that his father’s mother was Jewish and that not all Zionists are Jews, so “Rothschild Zionists” is not a racial term. He added: “I am not familiar with the International Definition of Antisemitism but from what you write it looks like a catch-all for anyone who may question anything about Jewish people or institutions.”

As of 17th September 2017, Campaign Against Antisemitism has no evidence that any action has been taken against Mr Rose by UKIP.

Jack Sen

2015 parliamentary candidate for Lancashire West


Mr Sen spoke with the “European Knights Project”, a South African far-right group, in an interview published on 12th January 2015. He described a “genocide” in Europe which he alleged was being perpetrated by then Labour leader Ed Miliband, as well as other Jewish figures and non-Jewish Labour Party members. He associated Mr Miliband with a “shadowy elite bent on our destruction”.

On 30th April 2015, he tweeted: “Protect child benefits? If you had it your way you’d send the £ to Poland/ Israel” to Jewish MP Luciana Berger. He then tweeted: “‘Britain’s youngest Jewish MP, Luciana Berger, is facing criticism over her record of…’ loyalties”. The same day, he also tweeted: “So many top American politicians have dual loyalties. Sad to see someone so important in the Tory party with a dual allegiance” about Grant Schapps, the Jewish then Chairman of the Conservative Party.

On 3rd May 2015, he claimed that Jewish MP Luciana Berger “sells out Liverpool and is allied with London/Israel”.


After Campaign Against Antisemitism exposed Mr Sen, UKIP told us that he had been suspended from the Party. On 21st May 2015 a UKIP spokesman said that Mr Sen had “left the party”. It was further reported that he had joined the British National Party, admitting that he agreed with elements of National Socialism. Following his suspension, it was also reported that he had claimed that UKIP had been subject to a Jewish take-over plot, allegedly saying: “All signs point to the fact…” and further claiming that “UKIP was…already in the pockets of Jewish special interest groups”. On being questioned by reporters, Mr Sen claimed he still worked for the party “incognito.” A UKIP spokesman said that the Party would investigate.

As of 17th September 2017, the outcome of any such investigation is unknown. Mr Sen, meanwhile, has gone on to collaborate with Nick Griffin, the former President of the British National Party.

In September 2017, we sought comment from Mr Sen, but we did not receive a response.

Captain Paddy Singh

2017 parliamentary candidate, Wiltshire North


On 20th July 2014, Captain Singh tweeted: “The Israelis are basically Nazis in mentality. The survivors of the tragic Holacast [sic] learnt from their captors.”

On 30th July 2014 he tweeted: “No hope of a ceasefire with the Nazi Jews like wild dogs on the rampage.”

On 1st August 2014 he tweeted: “Israel pulled out in 2005 but the Gaza still in a vicelike grip. but Nazi Jews provoke Hamas to violence so as to ethnically cleanse them.”

On 2nd August 2014 he tweeted: “At times I ask myself were the Nazis right in herding the Jews into concentration camps.”

On 5th August 2014 he tweeted: “Sinister similarities to what Nazis did when they lost soldiers in occupied territory. Lessons learnt by Jews.”

On 2nd September 2014 he tweeted: “Rogue Nethanyu [sic] and Jews will never allow Palestine to exist. Their goal? Ethnic cleansing. aided by US.”

On 30th July 2015 he tweeted: “The Jews well learnt well from Nazis hence the easy ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. UN impotent as always.”

On 2nd September 2015 he tweeted: “Nazi Jews hammering the last nail in the coffin spelling Palestinian cleansing.”

On 24th December 2015 he tweeted: “Nazi Jews learnt their lessons well.”


In May 2017, we put this matter to Captain Singh, and he admitted that he had sent the tweets. He offered “total apologies” and said that he should not have commented “spontaneously” after reading articles, but had no explanation for why he had made the comments repeatedly over the years. When asked whether he supported the International Definition of Antisemitism, he said that he did but then seemed surprised that he had breached it. He told the BBC that he “did not mean to cause offence” and that he “had never been racist”.

Before the 2017 General Election, UKIP said it would conduct a “full investigation” and was “withdrawing support for his candidacy”. Captain Singh’s name still appeared on the ballot paper on 8th June 2017 because the Party was unable to put forward a different candidate as the deadline for nominations had passed.

As of 24th September 2017, the outcome of UKIP’s investigation, if it has indeed taken place, is unknown.

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